Sunday, November 18, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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I'm also on the Wordpreneur blog today, talking about how I started self-publishing and became a hybrid writer.  Hope you'll pop by.

The secret to writing fiction--emotional manipulation: @authorterryo @WHammondAuthor

Plot Motivates, Character Complicates: @CockeyedCaravan

Publishing has never been an agile industry. And book products are not MVPs: @Porter_Anderson @bsandusky

The Value of QR Codes for Authors: @wherewriterswin

Defining sexual tension and 4 areas to consider when creating it in our stories: @authorterryo @SavvyAuthors

Crime fiction--a look at country house mysteries: @mkinberg

Keeping Your Name in Readers’ Minds with a Newsletter: @carol_kilgore @mpax1

Secondary branding in publishing? @Porter_Anderson @MikeShatzkin

Collaboration & Lessons Learned From Improv:

What are Best Practices for KDP Select? @passivevoiceblg

Publishing Short Stories:

Too Smart?: Intelligence in Romance Novels: @heroesnhearts

Literature as Societal Reflection: @sarahahoyt

4 Ways to Revise as You Write: @writersdigest

Writing lessons learned from "Unending Devotion": @juliemusil @jodyhedlund

4 steps to using mind mapping for story ideas, blog topics: @michellerafter

Publishing's "open" future: @jwikert

Malapropisms: the Pineapple of Linguistic Errors: @salon

A Typeface Just for Dyslexics? @jfbookman

Little Fixes: @maryannwrites

10 Things You Don't Know About Sherlock Holmes: @junglereds @bakerstbabes

1 romance editor's pet peeves:

How Do Your Characters Fight? @bookemdonna

25 Things Writers Should Know About Conferences And Conventions: {lang.}

10 Strategies to Keep You Afloat in the Treacherous Social Media Waters: @JanalynVoigt

What does a book edit look like? @rachellegardner

A look at Amazon Author Rank: @woodwardkaren

How to Hustle Your Readers in 3 Easy Steps:

Balancing Beauty, Language, and Story: @KgElfland2ndCuz

13 Steps to Getting an Agent: @4YALit

Avoiding Digital Eye Strain: 7 Easy Tips:

Emotion Behind Story: @StinaLL

Is Your Author Website Doing Its Job? 6 Things to Check: @laurapepwu

Blog tour basics:

Using Twitter to (Effectively) Market Your Book: @duolit

Networking for Writers: Conference Etiquette: @adriennedewolfe

Grammar refresher--possessives:

6 Tips for Creating and Selling Your First ebook: @alexisgrant

Wikis for Writers:

How to Kill Characters With Impact: @avajae

Critique Groups…a Blessing and a Curse: @howtowriteshop

Setting Boundaries in a World with No Borders: @KristenLambTX

Plurals and Apostrophes (Mostly) Don't Mix: @writing_tips

Check Your Writing For Adverbs And Other Problem Words: MS Word Macros: @woodwardkaren

Subtext in your screenplay: @UnkScreenwriter

Licensing for Authors: @beth_barany

Common Writing Mistakes: @noveleditor

When Should You Launch Your Author Website? @authormedia

Writing, Creativity, And The Empowerment Of The Author In Publishing: @thecreativepenn

The Only 2 Things Authors Ought to be Doing: @JFBookman

Subtext in Your Screenplay's Dialogue: and @UnkScreenwriter

How to create a 25-word pitch: @nicolamorgan @victoriastrauss

The Dangling Carrot and Character Development: @behlerpublish

Indie Authors & Amazon Author Page:

17 Phrases That Crush Creativity Every Time: @lifehackorg

Dialogue Spacing: @kid_lit

Transportation in SF: @sfsignal

Flexible eBook Price Advice for Authors: @jasonboog @jasonashlock

1 writer's experience with using music for inspiration: @guineapig66 @byrozmorris

Bookshout: Managing Bookshelves, Not Books: @publisherswkly

How Long Should a Paragraph Be? @writing_tips

Freelancers--5 Simple Questions To Ask Before Choosing a Writing Mentor: @museinks

What's The Itch Your Character Can't Scratch? @jacobkrueger

A site that lists book reviewing blogs: @blog_nation

5 Essential Elements of Getting from Blog to Book Deal:

Why writers disappear (part 3): @kristinerusch

Fill The Shelves – A New Initiative To Help Underfunded School Libraries: @DavidGaughran

How to Write a Han Solo Hero in 6 Easy Steps: @tiffanyreisz @janice_hardy

Does Your Dialogue Deserve to Exist? @marcykennedy

Character reactions: @angelaackerman @davidfarland

Refresher on semicolons: @fictionnotes

31 Blog Design Tips: @HeidiCohen

Creating Your Literary Foundation: @TheLitCoach

How To Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Writers:

Why We Need To Write With A Purpose In Mind: @fuelyourwriting

The Hidden Powers of Book Marketers: @threeguys1book

Frightening Fantasy? @rmriegel

When You Feel Like the Worst Writer in the World: @jodyhedlund

Is "literary citizenship" just a nice way of saying "hype?" @daycathy

5 Tips for Using Google+ to Boost Your Marketing: @smexaminer

Writer Igniter: The Story Behind the Web App: @diymfa

Expanding your story's setting into a larger container:

Conflicting Your Reader:

3 More Protocol Tips for Attending a Writing Conference:

5 Ways to Silence Your Internal Editor: @jeanoram

Emotion in The Three Acts: @aliciarasley

What writers can learn from Barry Eisler:

Two Tips That Will Make Plotting Easier: @janice_hardy

Writing a Romance Novel? Try this Exercise & Develop Your Characters: @writersdigest

Writing a Romance Novel? Try this Exercise & Develop Your Characters: @writersdigest

How to Hustle Your Readers in 3 Easy Steps:

Revealing your novel's theme:

Are You Hiding Your Contact Information From Your Readers? @selfpubreview

Struggling with a story? Test its architecture: @storyfix

How to write a book in 30 days: @guardianbooks

Recapture Your Creative Groove:

Unsolicited Evaluation Is the Enemy of Creativity:

Book Review Blogs That Accept Self-Published Work: @woodwardkaren

Writers' most common submission mistakes — and how to avoid them: @midgeraymond

Online Thesaurus Gives Shorter Alternatives To Big Words: @chris_shultz81

Exploding the Perfect Writer Myth: @Anna_Elliott

In Medias Res: An Ancient Secret for Beginning Your Novel: @glencstrathy

Reorganize Files to Get Yourself Back on Track for Big Projects: @lifehacker

The Hero's Goals Can't Be A Mystery: @CockeyedCaravan

Setting Up Your Author Central Page: @WhereWritersWin

Don't be afraid of telling your story: @kcraftwriter

Tips for writing middle-grade: @theheraldryang

Should Authors Use Different Names for Different Genres? @annerallen

Intimate POV and show v. tell: @BryanThomasS

5 Ways to Make Your Novel Inescapable: @victoriamixon

How to Tell if Your Book Is a Success: @KMWeiland

Baloney Advice Writers Should Ignore: @jamesscottbell

How to Avoid Wet Blanket Phenomena In Creative Collaborations: @thinkjar_

Think Like A Writer Every Day, Even If You Can't Write Every Day: @thecreativepenn @midgeraymond

3 Types of Humor ~ Getting Them On The Page:

Hooking the Reader With a Quieter Beginning: @janice_hardy

An agent on whether authors should blog: @rachellegardner

Reach New Readers with New Genres, Story Elements and Categories: @ddscottromcom

The Upside of Writing Fast: @RuthHarrisBooks

The Click Moment. Embracing Randomness For Authors: @thecreativepenn @Frans_Johansson

Should writers change their story to suit an editor?

5 Podcast Sites for Authors: @wherewriterswin

Advice From Authors on Avoiding Online Distractions: @nickbilton

Working With World Building Backstory: @janice_hardy

Understanding Metadata for Authors: @badredheadmedia @LauraHoward78

6 Ways to Shake Up Your Storytelling Style: @write_practice

3 Steps for Using Prompts to Write Better & Get Published: @diymfa

Mindfulness for the Writer: @CherylRWrites

The New Path to Writing Success: @CBIClubhouse

7 tips to advertise your book: @badreadheadmedia

Consumers may pay more for DRM-free products they can use as they please: @Porter_Anderson @joshgans @jwikert

Putting free bonus material in our ebooks: @duolit @NealAbbott

Your Publishing Journey—An Obstacle Course: @livewritethrive

A list of spooky words: @SharlaWrites

10 top romances in Stephen King books: @heroesnhearts

A book launch marketing plan: @socialmouths

Hooks: Fly-Fishing for Writers: @writersherry

The future is bright for ebook prices and formats: @jwikert

Bring Your Blogging Muse Back to Life: @blogussion

Writing Life: Turn Your Dreams into Reality:

Always Write Terrible First Drafts: @CMKaufman

Agents Share Conference Tips: @diymfa

Secondary branding in publishing? @Porter_Anderson @MikeShatzkin