Sunday, November 11, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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The Art Of Creating Believable Characters: No Mr. Nice Guy: @woodwardkaren

Is Reading the Genre You're Currently Writing Dangerous? @roniloren

How To Add Up Your E-Book Sales In A Snap: @JennyHansenCA

12 Writing Insights from Famous Authors: @susan_silver

How to Write a Romance Novel: The Keys to Conflict: @writersdigest

How publishers can stay in the game: @janefriedman @nztaylor

Develop Any Idea Into a Great Story: The BADS Technique Illustrated: @writersdigest

Building a Local Readership:

1 writer's favorite books on writing:

The Myth of a ‘Book Market’: @rebecsmart @MikeShatzkin @Porter_Anderson


5 Tips to Making Your Cover Look Professional: @bubblecow

8 Eroding Inflectional Endings: @writing_tips

Screenwriting--montages: @gointothestory

Big 'A' Little 'a': Writing Between the Concrete and Abstract: @litreactor

Your IQ Doesn't Matter & Other Lessons About Creativity From Children: @SeanBlanda

Selling Our Books on Social Media–Don't Be a Personal Space Invader: @kristenlambtx

The Humble eBook Bundles and Authors: @Scalzi

Fifty Shades of Black-on-Grey: The unfortunate design limitations of e-books: @teleread

Launching an author career after 50: @DonnaGalanti

Are Blog Tours Losing Their Promotional Power? @CreepyQueryGirl

How to Keep Your Fight Scenes Interesting: @KMWeiland

Physical Therapy For Your Writing–Keeping Your Manuscript In Balance: @jhansenwrites

Common Writing Mistakes: @noveleditor

Techniques for planning a series:

An agent on foreshadowing: @rachellegardner

8 Myths to Squelch During Story Critiques: @adriennedewolfe

Your Amazon Author Rank: Boon or Bane? @fictionnotes

How Do You Write When The Thrill Is Gone? @curiosityquills

Series or Stand-Alone? How to Decide: @novelrocket

Why Writers Disappear (Part Two): @kristinerusch

Anti-Heroes/Heroines & Villains Need Love Too—12 Tips: @DonnaGalanti @jordandane

Cultivating an Email List for your Blog: @JulieBMack

The 6th Sense: Is Your Idea Good Enough? @jacobkrueger

Tips for Self-Editing: @pegeditors

Organize Your Novel With Hiveword: @woodwardkaren @hiveword

Is Cutting More Important than Adding? @sechintower

Writers Are Fearless: @MermaidHel

Amazon Author Rankings and Who They Actually Benefit: @Scalzi

5 observations from the big marketing world: @junglereds

How 1 Writer Learned to Stop Worrying and Love His Goals:

Authors suggest Q&A topics for book events: @bookriot

Tips for historical fiction writers: @jodyhedlund @marcykennedy

A trad. published writer on her self-pubbing experience: @TamaraLeighAuth

How Children's Authors Can Profit from School Visits: @BookMarketer

Using the 5 Senses to Make Our Stories Jump Off the Page: @jodyhedlund

4 tips for writing a quick 1st draft: @rachellegardner

Creating An Imaginary Panel to Get Unstuck: @Jess_Keating

The 5 Keys to Pain-Free Book Promotion: @JFBookman

Jane Friedman on the empowered author: @JaneFriedman @Porter_Anderson

3 Steps to Creating a Beautiful Book Site for Less than $100: @jeffgoins

5 tips for creating a great character: @4YALit @wordforteens

Non-Writing Spouses: @kaitlin_ward

Twitter: 12 Guidelines to Engage & Build Your Following: @heidicohen

The importance of connecting with the right editor: @LesannBerry

Tips for writing a thrilling climax: @tessgerritsen

Why does "The Princess Bride" work as a romance? @laurie_gold

Tips For Writing Story Beginnings: @writersdigest

Situations that might require writing a longer scene: @LynnetteLabelle

Creating story flow: the secret power of cause and effect: @karenschrav

Putting Emotion In Story: @mooderino

10 Questions You Need To Answer Honestly If You Want To Sell More Books: @thecreativepenn

Pros and cons of Goodreads giveaways:

5 ways to increase conflict: @EileenWriter

10 ways to save the publishing industry: @guardianbooks @orbooks

Is it still considered necessary for writers to blog? @VeronicaSicoe

6 Steps To Choosing Your Next Writing Project: @joebunting

Revising Your Book: Do's and Don'ts: @kmweiland @wiseink

8 Tips To Bring Your Readers Along For The Ride:

7 Stages of Publishing Grief: @RLLAfevers

Similes and metaphors:

An avid reader has feedback for indie writers: @jamesscottbell

Self-discovery: @BretBallou

Agent Michael Larsen on Why We Should Self-Publish 1st: @chrisrobley

9 Tactics To Create Content on Two Week Schedule: @heidicohen

Making Orange Juice From Life's Lemons as a Writer: @JessBaverstock

Want to be a writer? Have a literary parent:

Amazon's Author Ranking And Why It Means So Little: @VeronicaSicoe

Why Agent/Editor Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee, Ice Cream, Cupcake and Drink Dates Are Important: @bostonbookgirl

Don't Fancy Up Your Manuscript Formatting: @RC_Lewis

Stop Worrying About Book Deals & Write: @galleycat

Want to get the creative juices flowing? Let your mind wander: @sianbeilock

Screenwriters and Novelists – what's the difference? @thecreativepenn

Networking for Authors: 5 Survival Tips: @diymfa

Twitter fiction: 21 authors try their hand at 140-character novels: @guardianbooks

The Sensual Writer: Listening vs. Hearing:

What's Your Writing Personality? @KMWeiland

The Screenplay Method of Storytelling: @NaAlleyBlog

The publishing industry shouldn’t get special treatment: @NathanBransford @MikeShatzkin @Porter_Anderson

Long-Haul Writing Career: What It Takes To Succeed:

Booksellers Resisting Amazon’s Disruption: @NYTimes


Tips for writing strong characters: @JKagawa

Publishing schedule for indie writers – who to hire and when: @dirtywhitecandy

Licensing for Authors: @beth_barany

How to Write a Script: Push Your Protagonist to the Edge: @writersdigest

In Defense of Real Fairy Tales: @wsj

Never Can Say Good-Bye: Good-Byes in Romance Novels: @smexys_sidekick

The Evolution of Sexuality, Homosexuality and Gender in SFF: @fantasyfaction

5 Ways for Writers to Blast Through Self-Doubt:

Maybe the success of your ebook isn't due to promo...maybe you wrote a good book: @deanwesleysmith

Q&A on Copyright With an Attorney: @janefriedman

What's stopping you from that rewrite?

5 Facts About Publishing That Could Change Your Writing Career: @jeffgoins

Debunking Myths about Writing: @howtowriteshop

Trust your instincts as a writer: @Jan_Ohara

Can journalists write novels? @guardianbooks

The Slippery Slope of E-Originals: @DBW @PassiveVoiceBlg

7 Been-There-Done-That Tips on Formatting, Taxes, Amazon, Reviews and More: @duolit @YasminSelena

Common Manuscript Mistakes and the Writers Who Make Them: @AimeeLSalter

6 Ways Your Protagonist Should Be Like Jack Reacher: @fuelyourwriting

11 Riffs on Creativity & Time: @JeffreyDavis108

Testifying for Fan-Fiction: @peterdamien

Immediacy – Writing in Real Time: @PBRWriter

How to know a good agent from a bad one: @breeogden

Amazon, Popularity, and a List that We Really Don't Need: @davidbcoe

Tips for achieving our goals: @JWhite

Writing food into your story: @HP4Writers

Are There Downsides to Giving Away Free Ebooks? @goblinwriter

Successful Self-Publishing:

Writing The Short Query Novel Pitch: @BryanThomasS

7 Reasons Why Your Book Should Also Be An Audiobook: @authormedia

Do Agents and Editors Expect Novelists to Blog? @jodyhedlund

5 Literary Journals Born of the Digital Age: @EmilyWenstrom

Unnecessary Words, Blah Words, and Just Plain Wrong Words: @susanjmorris

Are you a traditionally-published author with out of print books? Some facts about rights reversion: @DonnaFaz


The Best Way To Build A Writer's Platform Is To Write: @woodwardkaren @deanwesleysmith

Gluing Plot to Theme and Character to Fuel Your Story: @4YALit

Structure–Getting Primal and Staying Simple: @kristenlambTX

Characters Should Think Progressively: @mooderino

Improve credibility of your fiction by identifying silly dialogue and unrealistic action:

10 Tips for Writing Impactful Dialogue: @cemckenzie1

The Killer Three-Headed Story Beast: @storyfix

The appeal of deadlines: @angelaackerman @janetgurtler

How To Design A Great Looking Book Cover: @woodwardkaren

Should Writers pay for Professional Services? @bubblecow

10 Ways to Syndicate Your Online Writing: @galleycat

7 Scientific Facts That Will Ruin Movies for You: @i09

The 'Fifty Shades' effect on book covers: @roniloren

Turns Out You Don't Really Need a Plot: @GeoffreyCubbage

Inspiration for Writers: How to Be More Creative: @writersdigest

Does the Random House-Penguin merger mean a pub. that can take on Amazon? @robeagar @JosephJEsposito @Porter_Anderson

When to ignore critiques: @rebeccaberto

Pros and Cons of Entering Writing Contests: @writeitsideways

Handling adoption in fiction, part 2: @LauraDennisCA