Sunday, November 4, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Instances that might require writing a longer scene: @LynnetteLabelle

Beginnings: Action and Change: @jodimeadows

Pros and cons of 1st person POV and 3rd person close: @JudgeHopkins

Write Fiction that Grabs Readers from Page 1: @writersdigest

5 observations from the big marketing world: @junglereds

Where were all the publishers at #WDCW12? @Porter_Anderson @jamesscottbell @jpfine

Using diaries as clues in crime fiction: @mkinberg
The fifteen professions that drink the most coffee. Yes, writers made the list. @i09

Tips for writers approaching a transmedia future: @Porter_Anderson @Jeff_Gomez

Tips for setting up a novel series:

Knowing when your script is finished: @gointothestory

10 ways to use a writer's conference to market your work: @michellerafter

3 Ways To Create Incredible Characters: @woodwardkaren @thecreativepenn

How to Mind Map in 3 Small Steps: @lifehackorg

Make Your Own NaNoWriMo Survival Kit: @LauraHoward78 @WriteNowCoach

Demystifying Science Fictional Terms: @KirkusReviews @sfsignal

The 15-Minute Writer: Building Your Platform:

The Fundamentals of Verbs: @writing_tips

Making an emotional connection:

Tips for writers approaching a transmedia future: @Porter_Anderson @Jeff_Gomez

Kitchen Sink That First Draft: @janefriedman

Create Key Moments with Secondary Characters: @livewritethrive

Is It Worth Converting an Old Book Into an eBook? @jfbookman

Are you world building or world recycling? @WriterLor

Thoughts on Narrative Framing Devices: @KgElfland2ndCuz

25 Ways To Get Your Creative Groove Back As A Writer: {lang}

12 Signs Your Blog Is a Social Media Ghost Town (& Actionable Tips to Fix Them): @heidicohen

Empathizing With Literary Agents: @passivevoiceblg

How Professional Writers Avoid Distractions: @thecreativepenn

6 Ways to Make Researching Easier: @janice_hardy @AmieKaufman

Writing Historical Romance, Not History Lessons: @TexasDruids

Why Evernote is Great for Writers: @ava_jae

Tips for uncluttered prose: @JodieRennerEd @angelaackerman

Tips for email mailing lists:|+Duolit%29&utm_content=Google+Reader @duolit

Using Life's Disasters to Add Authenticity to Your Writing: @CMKaufman

Neil Gaiman's 8 Rules of Writing: @brainpicker

Promote your writing business through your email signature: @michellerafter

Scoring the Book Review, Guest Post or Interview: @KristenLambTX

The Importance of Undisciplined Thinking: @creativitypost

How to Fascinate Others...and Why Authors Should Take Note: @jeanniecampbell

When Not to Show the Action: @KMWeiland

9 Point Checklist for Book Manuscripts: @AdriennedeWolfe

Creating story flow: the secret power of cause and effect: @karenschrav

E-books in Libraries: They Still Don't Get It: @JAKonrath

Screenwriting--Why "The Princess Bride" should not work as a movie: @gointothestory

10 Tips for Launching your Steampunk Project on Kickstarter: @Julia_Brannon

Want to benefit from criticism? Approach it like a scientist: @AlexLickerman

The Balance Between Authenticity and Creativity: @PatrickRwrites

The Future is Bright for Writers:

10 frequently-confused words: @writerscramp1

Learning to Improve Your Writing: @4YALit

Tips for getting exposure for your book: @LauraHoward78

Ebooks as native apps vs. web apps: @jwikert

Don't Stop Writing in the Ugly Middle: @joebunting

A No Stress Guide to World Building: @howtowriteshop

Stuck for a word? @emergentpublish

Co-Authoring: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: @rachellegardner

Why You Need an Author Platform – and How to Get One:

Chapter One Analysis: The Casual Vacancy: @mooderino

How To Write Every Day: Jerry Seinfeld And The Chain Method: @woodwardkaren

3 Steps to Living an Authentic Life Online: @geofftalbot

Testing Your Idea–Is it Strong Enough to Make an Interesting Novel? @KristenLambTX

40 Tips to Boost Your Writing Skills to Master Level: @lifehackorg

How to Conquer Self Doubt And Just Write: @writersdigest

An agent makes a case for the importance of agents: @passivevoiceblg

Analyst less optimistic that publishers will adapt to changing industry: @brianoleary @kevin2kelly @Porter_Anderson

Why 1 writer is proud of her chick-lit novel: @salon

Can Posting Stories on Wattpad Help You Sell Books? @goblinwriter @cj_archer

Startups and Publishers: It Ain't Easy: @hughmcguire

Screenwriting: Why "The Princess Bride" should not work as a movie: Part 3: @gointothestory

Priming your Creativity: @MichaelMichalko

A beat sheet for a popular song:

Why You Need an Author Platform – and How to Get One:

The strength of female characterization: @Riduna

What It Really Takes to Get Published: @jeffgoins @MichaelHyatt

15 Familial Terms and Their Other Meanings: @writing_tips

How to Make Writing More Like a Real Job:

Physical Attributes Entry: Knees: @angelaackerman

7 Completely Insane Golden and Silver Age Superhero Origins: @ToplessRobot

The One Thing Holding You Back From Becoming a Successful Writer: @krissybrady

How to speak publisher: F is for Facebook: @annerooney

Jim Butcher On Writing: @woodwardkaren

Fantasy in the short form: @VickyThinks

How to Beat 7 Common Self-Publishing Fears: @aliventure

Writing, Creativity, And The Empowerment Of The Author In Publishing: @thecreativepenn

In praise of bad boys' books: @guardianbooks

How Writers Should Die: @jamesscottbell

3 Types of Accidental Writing to Avoid: @writing_tips

A No Stress Guide to World Building: @howtowriteshop

3 Obstacles to Writing an Ebook: Too Overwhelming, Lacking Motivation, and Too Technical: @KarenCV

Are Self-Published Books the New Query Letter? @LauraHoward78

Writers' Conference Tips:

A Smart 8-Point Content Marketing Strategy From a Failed TV Writer: @copyblogger

Build Your Readership by Simplifying Your Menu: @writeitsideways

World Building Techniques — Keep Your Reader Grounded In Your Story: @FaeRowen

The Only 2 Things Authors Ought to be Doing: @JFBookman

Build Your Backlist Quicker with Shorter-Length Novels:

Tips for writing sexual tension: @laurahoward78

Freelancers--everything you wanted to know about word counts: @michellerafter

How to Ask for a Blurb (Even When You're Intimidated): @SarahPinneo

Great reasons to self-publish: 7 case histories:

Keeping Focused & Nailing the Pitch–Understand Your "Seed Idea": @kristenlambTX

7 Things You Should Never Do After Getting Revision Notes From An Editor: @BryanThomasS

About Alliteration: @WriterSherry

Screenwriters: Set Pieces: Spin the plot: @gointothestory

Indie publishing on the cheap: @sarahahoyt

4 Out Of 5 Publishers Now Produce eBooks: Infographic: @galleycat

One Reason to Write Fantasy:

Read the Way You Write: Classify It, Deconstruct It, Play with It: @susanjmorris

Apostrophe Placement in Proper Names: @writing_tips

3 Unexpected Ways to Quickly Find Your Next Blog Post Idea:

Why 1 reader enjoys reading YA: @janine_ballard

6 Tests of a Solid Story Premise and 8 Ways to Write One: @4YALit

12 tips for mastering the press release: @NatalieHartford

Different types of writer platforms: @woodwardkaren

7 Tips to Selling to a Stranger at a Book Event: @SouthrnWritrMag

When Should I Launch My Author Website? @authormedia
Analyst less optimistic that publishers will adapt to changing industry: @kevin2kelly @Porter_Anderson

Is Blogging a Time-Suck for Writers? @jodyhedlund

10 Productivity Tips for Writers: @thecreativepenn @b3n3llis

The New World of Publishing: Promotion: @deanwesleysmith

Plots ~ Bigger Is Better: @livewritethrive

Quick Tips for Promo Contests & Giveaways: @jfbookman

Why horror should be its own genre: @AnnieNeugebauer

What motives are behind the Penguin-Random House merger? What does it mean for writers? @dansabbagh @Porter_Anderson @jwikert

How to get published? Finish the story: @chuckwendig

Writing lesson learned from "A Lesson Before Dying": @juliemusil

The importance of file backup: @behlerpublish

Bring on the digital overthrow of publishing: @passivevoiceblg

12 Gmail Plugins to Boost Productivity: @lifehackorg

Raise vs. Rise: @writersdigest

The Social Media 'Train Wreck' That All Authors Must Avoid: @jonathangunson

Creating momentum in writing:

Working with publishers is "soul-crushingly tough and terminally slow": @gunzalis @Porter_Anderson

An agent with submission suggestions: @SaraMegibow