Sunday, October 28, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.
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Nook's entry into UK off to a bad start: @Porter_Anderson @eoinpurcell @mattwarman @philipdsjones

Would Hemingway Blog? @kristenlambtx

Another Pitfall of Multi-POV Stories: @KMWeiland

Unexpected murderers in crime fiction: @mkinberg

How to Avoid Distractions and Create a Career in Fiction: @joebunting

A Checklist for Self-Publishing: @susankayequinn

7 Steps To Writing An Author Business Plan: @SusanSpann

Social media--don't put all your eggs in one basket: @StinaLL

Back To Smashwords After KDP Select: @Derek_Haines

3 more Twitter hashtags for writers: @writeangleblog

Are books the new business cards? E-publishing makes it easier than ever to buy credibility: @popcultini

Why sidekicks are useful: @juliettewade

Science Fiction Themes and Metal Music: @mithrilwisdom @AlexJCavanaugh

Demystifying Science Fictional Terms: @KirkusReviews @sfsignal

No More Excuses—Write That Novel: @noveleditor

On Being an Unpublished Writer: Enjoy it While You Can: @ava_jae

To NaNo or Not? NaNoWriMo Decoded: @EdieMelson #nanoprep

Campbell, Vogler, the Hero's Journey, The Writer's Journey and Narrative Structure Cheat Sheet: @AlexSokoloff #nanoprep

How much Worldbuilding before you write? (especially for NaNo folk): @juliettewade #nanoprep

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes: NaNoWriMo: @joebunting #nanoprep

Make Your Own NaNoWriMo Survival Kit: @LauraHoward78 @WriteNowCoach

NaNoWriMo 2012: Choosing Your Story: #nanoprep

A good scare for a good cause: @joannelessner

NaNoWriMo: 5 Tips for Getting Ready: @woodwardkaren #nanoprep

90+ Published Novels Began as NaNoWriMo Projects: @galleycat @jasonboog

How (Not) to Be a NaNoWriMo Champ: @ava_jae

Hold your fire: reporters sometimes overly-eager to bash Amazon: @Porter_Anderson

Fear of NaNoWriMo: @cjtreggett #nanoprep

#Nanoprep: Novel Creation: @ivinviljoen

7 reasons to use writing prompts: @DIYMFA

Nail NaNoWriMo –3 old hands share their tips: @dirtywhitecandy #nanoprep

4 Tips for Writing a Quick First Draft: @rachellegardner #nanoprep

NaNoWriMo – The Pitfalls and How to Deftly Avoid Them: @LisaCron

Nanowrimo Prep: What's Your Premise? @alexsokoloff #nanoprep

NaNoWriMo Cometh: A Terribleminds Primer: @chuckwendig #nanoprep

How to outline your story for National Novel-Writing Month – checklist: @dirtywhitecandy #nanoprep

Nanowrimo Prep: First, you need an idea: @alexokoloff #nanoprep

Pre-Plot for NaNoWriMo: @plotwhisperer #nanoprep

Nanowrimo Prep: The Index Card Method and Structure Grid: @alexsokoloff #nanoprep

What's in your NaNo survival kit? #nanoprep

#NaNoWriMo Comic Archives: @inkyelbows

NaNoWriMo Prep: Story Elements Checklist: @alexsokoloff #nanoprep

How to Fake Confidence for Creatives: @denisedesigns @EmilyWenstrom

Horror and Thriller: Walking the Fine Line Between Similar Genres: @YAHighway

Write Or Die: @marcykennedy

What You, J.K. Rowling And George Lucas Have In Common: @fuelyourwriting

Tips N Tricks: Using HTML to Guest Post: @susankayequinn

The Perils and Pitfalls of Writing with a Partner;

Tips for self-pubbed writers--giveaways:

The Art of the Content Edit: 10 Ways To Make Sure You're Doing It Right: @robwhart

How To Add Subtitles To Your Book Trailer On YouTube: @galleycat

Self-Publishing:--4 Writers Share Their Experiences:

"Strong Female" Fallacies: @sjaejones

How Writers Can Reach Readers Without Self-Promotion:

Self-Publishing And Marketing Tips: @cathryanhoward @thecreativepenn

Conflict and Suspense Belong in Every Kind of Novel: @jamesscottbell

Enough with "Us vs. Them": @AimeeLSalter

The Theology of Screenwriting: Hell: @gointothestory

Ax Your Cliches: Why and How: @margielawson

How to Get the Most Out of a Writing Conference: @writersdigest

Leaving an Agent and Choosing to Self-Publish: @KendraHighley @goblinwriter

The Theology of Screenwriting: Redemption: @gointothestory

How to Mind Map in 3 Small Steps: @lifehackorg

Your Memoir Is Too Much About You: @ethanfreak

Structure–Plot Problems: @kristenlambtx

2 common writing errors: @instntcheckmate @nickthacker

Is KDP Select a Long-Term Answer?

Prioritizing prepositions: @aliciarasley

Collective Nouns And Impracticality (Word Choice Matters): @BryanThomasS

10 of the Creepiest Ghosts in Literature: @flavorpill

5 Best Practices for Fresh Freelancers: @elanalancer

Great Character: Alex DeLarge ("A Clockwork Orange"): @gointothestory

Don't Create a Cliché: @ava_jae

35 Synonyms for "Look": @writing_tips

6 Clever Tricks for a Better To-Do List: @JWhite

Starting Off With a Bang: Is This Opening Working? @janice_hardy

Rebounding from Roadblocks:

Likable protagonists: @wordforteens

Physical Attribute Thesaurus: Hands: @beccapuglisi @angelaackerman

Tips for more effective guest posting: @problogger

4 ways to never outgrow poetry: @Woozie_M

10 Inspirational Disabled Characters From Sci-Fi And Fantasy: @sfxmagazine

Libraries and ebooks--do they own them or license them? @Porter_Anderson @naypinya @mmasnick

Characterization Tools:

How Nonfiction Authors Can Build Niche Authority through Content Marketing: @BookMarketer

Tips for long sentence wrangling: @theresastevens

Skip the Paris Cafés And Get a Good Pen: @wsj

7 Things That Make the Chronic Finisher Put Down a Book: @roniloren

5 reasons to consider audiobooks: @rachellegardner

Getting Agented in Multiple Categories: @kid_lit

3 Reasons Why You Should Write When You're Tired: @krissybrady

10 Queries in 10 Tweets recap: @literaticat

7 things 1 writer has learned so far: @writersdigest

Brainstorm Somebody Else's Problems: @kaitnolan

6 mysteries that could be solved with time travel: @i09

The Importance Of Sympathetic Heroes: @woodwardkaren

The Role of Suspense in Stories and Music: @SamMcNerney

7 Effective Steps to Taking Action When You Don't Know What to Do: @JWhite

Professional Resources for Writers: @KMWeiland

12 Signs Your Blog Is a Social Media Ghost Town (& Actionable Tips to Fix Them): @heidicohen

Editors Support the Author's Voice: @IlieRuby

Why you shouldn't rush your writing: @juliettewade

How to Become a Writer:

How to create creepy characters: @p2p_editor

Essential Characteristics of a Thriller Hero: @JodieRennerEd

An editor's tips for writing horror: @aliciarasley

The 10 Most Mentioned Songs in Books: @publisherswkly

Tips for blogging more consistently: @michellerafter

A Proven Method That Helps Writers to Research Their Books: @bubblecow

17 tips for marketing your book online: @emergentpublish

Tips for self-pubbing your poetry: @karencv @magdalenaball

Writing Retreat Lessons:

The strength of female characterization: @Riduna

If the Muse is Late for Work, Start Without Her: @AimeeLSalter

Rockin' That Steampunk: @TheKJA @tordotcom

Genres are artificial distinctions: @johnottinger

Things that Scare Writers: @rileymagnus

Stay motivated after rejection:

Our characters shouldn't live in a void: @dirtywhitecandy

Why Writers Disappear: @kristinerusch

Cowardice, Laziness and Irony: How Science Fiction Lost the Future: @RuthlessCult

3 Tests to Determine Readiness for Publication: @jodyhedlund

How to build your Sci-Fi world: @louise_wise

9 Easily Preventable Mistakes Writers Make with Dialogue: @aliventure @thecreativepenn

Your Book Publicity Timeline: @SarahPinneo

5 Obnoxious Marketing Techniques Writers Should Avoid: @jodyhedlund

Is Marketing the Writer's Enemy?

Self-pubbing mistake--not understanding your target markets: @BookMarketer

Mad, Glad, Sad? Show, Don't Tell. @angelaackerman @MarileeB

How Writing can Change the World:

Non-Writing Spouses: @kaitlin_ward

A writer's relationship to his publisher or agent is not a marriage: @sarahahoyt

How To Compose A Steampunk Musical: @steampunkopera

Conquer the Synopsis Summit: @juliemusil

Characters--it's the motivation that counts: @AimeeLSalter

Do you fit the Profile of a Successful Self-Published Writer? @bubblecow

Should publishers enhance ebooks? @philipjones

Consider breaking complex sentences in two: @aliciarasley

Why Publishers Don't Like Working With Start-ups: @passivevoiceblg