Sunday, October 21, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.
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Han Versus Luke – Who's the Better Hero? @tiffanyreisz

7 Tricks to Add Variety to Your Dialogue:

6 ways to avoid becoming a literary mimic:

Getting Superheroines Right: @79SemiFinalist

John Cleese: The Top 5 Things You Need For Creativity: @jacobkrueger

Writing a Novel: Chapter Breaks: @writersdigest

How often should you blog? @NinaAmir

Blogging a book--making the most of your material: @JFBookman

There is no secret handshake:

To fix your story's 3rd act, go all the way back to the 1st act:

Eating Your Way to a Healthier Writer Brain: @AugstMcLaughlin

Why 1 reader's ebook conversion only goes so far: @ImogenRW

The Theology of Screenwriting: Predestination: @gointothestory

A Different Kind of Format Issue: @theresastevens

How to Keep Your Book in a Top 100 Category: @TweetTheBook

Building Your Agent List: @BretBallou

Forms of fantasy: @fantasyfaction

Plotting Your Novel Conceptually: @Janice_Hardy

Dealing with Criticism: @msheatherwebb

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog's SEO for Writers: @jeanoram

16 Observations About Real Dialogue: @joebunting

Tips for reading your work aloud:

The Theology of Screenwriting: Doubt: @gointothestory

How Great Writers Change the World: @KristenLambTX

5 reasons to self-publish your book: @beth_barany

Use Adverbs to Create Music for Your Readers' Ears: @NealAbbott

An explanation of "small presses": @KarenGowen @cleemckenzie

Tomatoes and the Writing Habit:

Waiting is the Hardest Part: @Anna_Elliott

Facebook vs. Twitter: Where The Readers Are: @roniloren

Tips for better dialogue: @mooderino

3 steps to a daily writing habit: @beth_barany

The 5 Best Literary TED Talks: @BooksAreMyBFs

A brief history of the vampire novel: @andrewliptak

6 failing blogging personalities: @UndeadClay

Why Story Beginnings and Endings Must Be Linked: @KMWeiland

How to Stay Motivated to Finish Your Writing: @writerscoach @womenwriters

Top 10 Self-Sabotaging Mistakes of Author-Bloggers: @annerallen

The Sensual Writer: Touch vs. Feel:

Why You Should Edit Your First Draft for Captain Obvious: @haikumoedee

6 Benefits of Writing Every Day: @LyndaRYoung

Literary versus genre fiction – what's the difference? @dirtywhitecandy

Historically accurate fantasy: @fantasyfaction

Principles of Integrated Marketing:

Food in fantasy: @fantasyfaction

The Whys and Hows of Paraphrasing: @writing_tips

Books for brushing up on grammar: @MorganMandel

3 More Ways Google Supercharges Your Searches: @JFBookman

Frontloaded Characters: @stevenpiziks

37 Negotiation Tactics for Every Freelance Writer: @copyblogger

How to Use Music as Writing Inspiration: @write_practice

4 Tips for Increasing Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog:  @SMExaminer

9 Frequently Asked Questions About Query Letters: @ChuckSambuchino

5 tips for successful self-pubbing: @DeniseMSwank @LauraHoward78

3 Classic Strategies for Writing a Bestseller: @yeomanis

Guilt-Free Creativity: Stop Kicking Yourself & Start Producing: @99u

Are Your Characters' Body Parts Acting on Their Own? @janice_hardy

A closer look at story structure: @KristenLambTX

Cliffhangers For Unscrupulous Writers: @mooderino

The Theology of Screenwriting: Guilt: @gointothestory

Tips for being creative on demand: @DIYMFA

What the Way You Retweet Says about You: @AnnieNeugebauer

Affect vs. Effect: @howtowriteshop

Top 10 YA Agents: 72 Deals: @fictionnotes

The strange and unpleasant world of the sock puppet: @cathinnorway

How to Find the Perfect Niche Audience for Your Blog: @nickthacker

The Value of a Good Book: Is the Reading Public Cheap? @ninabadzin

A Tip for Writing More: @threekingsbooks

Want Help With Editing? Try Free Editing Programs: @woodwardkaren

What Helen Keller Taught Us about Creative Thinking: @MichaelMichalko

On Editors and Revisions: @davidbcoe

(Most) Characters Can't Read Minds: @noveleditor

Tips for book signings: @jodyhedlund

10 Topics Writers Should Talk About When Promoting Their Book Online: @bubblecow

Building Deep Conflict into Novel Structure: @4YALit

Turning Inspiration into a Plot: @susanjmorris

Why time travel stories should be messy: @i09

10 worst mistakes bloggers make when using photos: @copyrightLaws @PublicityHound

Free Riding, Free Expression, and Familiarity in Genre Fiction: @redrobinreader

Show versus Tell: Macro-, Micro-, and When to Use It: @stdennard

How You Can Use Headphones To Improve Your Writing: @fuelyourwriting

Sagging Middle Syndrome: How To Rescue Your Novel: @glencstrathy

On Cultivating Instinct: {lang}

Can Amazon Turn Out-of-Print Books Into Gold? @smartmoney

8 Epic Heroes Who Committed Mass Murder: @i09

The New Adult Genre: Here To Stay This Time? @roniloren

Who v. Whom: @brianklems

10 Creative Block Breakers: @thecreativitypost

Why A Break From Writing Will Kill Your Spirit:

How Fake Reviews Hurt Everyone: @jamigold

Ebook Pricing Strategy for a Stand Alone Novel: @goblinwriter

Pinterest: The Best New Source of Traffic: @HeidiCohen

Who You Know Can Make a Difference: @rachellegardner

Secondary Characters Have a Life of Their Own: @livewritethrive

7 Point Plot System: @juliemusil