Sunday, October 14, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Teens and Dystopias: @scottwesterfeld

1 writer's position on fanfic: @ceciliatan

The Stephen King Guide to Marketing: @storyrally

Crafting Truly Bad Villains: @FaceAPStylebook

After The First Draft: Attitude Is Everything: @petersalomon @angelaackerman

Weaknesses–Our Hidden Strengths: @Rllafevers

Creating Two-Word Characters: @nickthacker

12 Tips for Communicating Criticism: @12most

13 Desktop Wallpapers To Kickstart Your Creativity:

The Struggle for Ideas: @janice_hardy

List of Writing Resources: @woodwardkaren

Desk exercises for writers:

Twitter networking tips:

The Problem with Fantasy Maps: @LBGale

The benefit of free writing: @joe_bunting

Why Amazon Publishing? @thezombiebible @passivevoiceblg

7 ways to build a platform through blogging:

10 things 1 writer learned about the publishing process: @UndeadClay

12 reasons to write poetry: @kdbelmonte
Caring about your story and characters..but keeping yourself detached: @mkinberg

Using the Present to Inspire Your Dystopian: @GenniferAlbin

How To Get Amazon's Top Customer Reviewers To Review Your Book: @thecreativepenn
Impact Characters:  @camillelaguire

How Do Writers Get Their Ideas? Neil Gaiman, Seth Godin & Stephen King: @woodwardkaren

1 successful self-pubbed author's recommendations for ebook pricing: @deanwesleysmith

An editor with a list of don'ts for anthology submissions:

How To Outline a Book with Trello: @mediabistro
5 Ways to Convey a Sense of Place:  @LeFrenchBook

What Picasso Can Teach You As A Screenwriter: @jacobkrueger

Tricking Yourself Into Creativity: @thinkjar_

5 Reasons Writers Aren't the Only Authority About Their Books: @Care2Causes @passivevoiceblg

Fantasy As Escapism: Avoiding Boredom or Uncertainty? @erchristensen

Creativity and IQ: @iqmindware

Tips for pitching: @rachellegardner

Finding the Best Place to Write: @howtowriteshop

6 Things To Do When Your Song Is Finished:

In Media Res: An Ancient Secret for Beginning Your Novel: @glencstrathy

8 Non-writing Apps for Writers: @problogger

Our Storytelling Minds: Do We Ever Really Know What's Going on Inside? @mkonnikova

Writers Conferences: Are they Relevant in the E-age? @annerallen

Plotting with index cards: @glencstrathy

Article Marketing Reprint Strategy – Pros and Cons: @karencv

Character Arc: The Hero's Journey:

Use Article Writing To Discover What You Value: @thewritermama

What Unexpected Thunderstorms Can Teach About Protecting the Work (avoiding publishing ind. negativity): @jan_ohara

Explaining your story's world while avoiding exposition: @dirtywhitecandy

5 bad habits of good writers: @AliciaRasley

How to Write so Google Finds You:

Why Your Story's Conflict Isn't Working: @KMWeiland

Why 1 agent goes to writers' conferences: @rachellegardner

11 factors for enhancing blog readership: @HeidiCohen

2 Unbreakable Laws of Self-Publishing: @jamesscottbell @livewritethrive

Writing For Non-Paying Markets:

Choosing Your Main Character and His/Her Counterpart: @glencstrathy

Authorial Words Containing "WIP": @Jan_Ohara

Online Writing Resources: @danyelleleafty

Voice, Tone, and Costuming:

Enrich Your Writing By Keeping It Simple: @sophie_novak

Motivating Stimulus and its Importance to Your Novel: @AimeeLSalter

Top 10 things freelance writers should check before turning in a story: @michellerafter

5 Tips to Overcome Fear of Rejection: @lafreeland

The Theology of Screenwriting: Sin: @gointothestory

Tips for better dialogue: @mooderino

Tips for writing humor:

"Emotional glue"--what it is, and how to include it in your story:

When Do Clauses Need Commas ( a Review): @noveleditor

The value of a great ending: @79SemiFinalist

3 Steps to Creating Your Own Writing Luck: @writeitsideways

How To Know If You've "Made It" As a Writer: @krissybrady

Tips for getting to know your protagonist: @DeeWhiteAuthor

8 Secrets Of Successful Indie Romance Writing: @woodwardkaren

3 Tips For Getting Your Music In A Commercial:

Preparing for a Conference:

10 Novels That Deserve a Prequel: @flavorpill

Need Inspiration? Expand Your Horizons:

1 writer's editing process: @authorterryo

How to Define a Bulletproof Work-at-Home Mindset: @JWhite

60 Affirmations for Authors, Writers, and Poets:

Interview with Writer/Illustrator Debbie Ohi: @inkyelbows

The High Bar of Finding an Agent or Publisher: @jamigold

The Power of Story: @lisaunger @junglereds

Building Your First Website: Resource List: @janefriedman

Wrangling Long Sentences: @theresastevens

When Should a Writer Stop Marketing a Book? @jodyhedlund

Facebook vs. Twitter: Where The Readers Are: @roniloren

How writers can use Evernote to get organized, be more productive: @michellerafter

Focus Your Creativity Using Visual Methods: @originalimpulse

Ebook pricing & Extending Pottermore concepts to other brands: @Porter_Anderson @philipdsjones @charliered66

Find and Replace with Word, Using Wildcards (helpful when formatting): via @woodwardkaren

Let your characters be wrong: @juliettewade

How To Format A Word Document For Amazon's KDP Publishing Program: @woodwardkaren

Character motivation: belief or disbelief in a genetic predisposition to violence:

On Perfection and Painting: @nadinekenney

Covert bullying in YA: @Word_Tapestry @jeanniecampbell

Resisting the 3 Steps to Embracing Your Muse: @PatrickRwrites

A technique for networking on Twitter: @alexisgrant

Writing Fictional Curses: @chihuahuazero

5 Free Services That Help You Build an Author Platform: @janefriedman @turndog_million

The heroine's journey:

2 subcategories of heroes and villains: @SophieMasson1

So you've got an agent. Now what?

Generating Suspense in Fiction: @luannschindler

The Power of Reaction: @kid_lit

Why the Adverb Isn't as Dead as Mark Twain Would Like: @KMWeiland

Revision: Six Steps to Story Strength: @howtowriteshop

31 Book Marketing Ideas: @duolit

Tips for Sideloading Ebooks: @susankayequinn

How To Find the Top Customer Reviewers on Amazon: @galleycat

What to Bring to a Book Fair to Sell Your Books: @beth_barany

3 Ways to Make a Good Story Great: @yeomanis

Frankfurt Book Fair: "Mr. Bezos, tear down this wall!": @Porter_Anderson @jwikert

5 Ways to Deal With Down Days: @ajackwriting

Increase Sales by Writing for the Web More Effectively: @KarenCV

Why 1 Writer Volunteers for Writing Festivals (and Why We Should, Too): @writerscramp1

Why Do Books Have Chapters? @ClarionUCSD

Using Distant and Tight Third Person: @susanjmorris

Craft: 3 Tips From an Agent: @Porter_Anderson @JennyBent

Query writing tips: @amandaccarlson

3 Ways to Make a Good Story Great: @yeomanis

Do You Believe These 3 Publishing Myths? @JFBookman

5 Steps to Yes: Make a Good Impression with Your Cover Letter: @ClarionUCSD

How to Choose Critique Partners: @ava_jae

Content is King: @kristinerusch

Where is Urban Fantasy Headed? @sfsignal

The conference prowl: @LAGilman

Tips for Writing A Great Duel Scene:

12 Imaginary Places: @writing_tips

Your Facebook Page May Be Blocking Your Fans: @roniloren

hree Ways to End a Horror Story: @ClarionUCSD

MFA Programs: A Peacemaker's Viewpoint: @ZanyLetters @Porter_Anderson

When the protagonist becomes worse than the antagonist: @glencstrathy

The Power of "I" in Your Blog: @PatrickRwrites

Structure vs. Strategy: @storyfix

6 Ways to Make Your Readers Hate You: @write_practice

First Line to Last Line: A Fine Balance: @randysusanmeyer

Elements of YA:

7 Ways Twitter Sharpens Your Writing:

How to Write Proficiently About Things You Don't Know: @jodyhedlund