Sunday, October 7, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Ebook authors shouldn't put all their eggs in one basket: @camillelaguire

Tips for writing tense action scenes: @JodieRennerEd @stacygreen26

The use of incorrect first impressions in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Finger pointing between publishers and libraries: @Porter_Anderson @JDGsaid

10 Excuses for Not Writing - and How to Smash Them: @KMWeiland

Fantasy Influences: Ancient Greek Mythology: @fantasyfaction

Thoughts on chapter breaks:

The Writer's Block Myth: @kkuseklewis

Chart a course to your dream: @sarahahoyt

Entries in the character trait thesaurus: just-- and modest-- @angelaackerman

Conflict is Key: @heidiwriter

A free directory of #ebook pros--for covers, editing, formatting, & more: #epub

5 Sentences That Should Save the Best Until Last: @writing_tips

Writing For Real: @AmySueNathan

Write what you don't know you know: @thebookslut

On Genre Categorization: @literaticat

Are you selling your book to the wrong readers? @rule17

Pitching your potential: @rachellegardner

Using all the senses while writing: @noveleditor

Build A Fulltime Writing Career Slowly: @goblinwriter @thecreativepenn

How to Write an Author Bio When You Don't Feel Like an Author…Yet : @annerallen

Serialising a novel--what to do when the show is over: @dirtywhitecandy

10 Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Fight Settings: @lbgale

3 Reasons Why Coercing Readers Into Newsletter Subscriptions Is a Bad Idea: @roniloren

Ebook Publishing Platforms:“They’re a Joke”: @Porter_Anderson @fakebaldur

Character Development: Exploiting Weaknesses: @ava_jae

The Influence Of History On Epic Fantasy: @fantasybookcrit

A writer talks about his experience dealing with depression: @chrisbrogan

How to Write Great Sales Copy for Your Ebook: @LauraHoward78

The Struggle for Ideas: @janice_hardy

How to Be a Writer: 201 Tips:

An Indie Author's Up and Down Publishing Journey: @author54 @livewritethrive

Lessons Learned at the Killer Nashville Conference: @kelseybrowning

The Internet: seducer, scapegoat or serendipity stall? @annerooney

A useful resource for describing settings, emotions, shapes, textures, and more: @AngelaAckerman

What Is An Author Platform and How Do You Create It? @karencv

Allowing Your Blogging Voice to Evolve: @PatrickRwrites

The most shocking part of the sock-puppet scandal? @thefuturebook

A Writer's Colony Lesson You Can Apply to You Career: @alexisgrant

Switching Point-of-View Characters Mid-Paragraph: @LindaGray_

A WordPerfect World: @bookviewcafe

10 Bright Beginnings and their Promises:

The Impact Equation for Platform Building: @chrisbrogan

Making the Most of Ideas—The Quest: @davidbcoe

Charting Your Story's Rising Action: @JulieEshbaugh

Characters who are impartial observers: @kid_lit

Google’s Digitizing: Settled at Last: @jeffjohnroberts @EdNawotka @philipdsjones @porter_anderson

Don't Leave Your Characters in Limbo: @melissatydell

How to Meet Your Writing Deadlines (Every Time): @krissybrady

How to Weave a Story to Captivate Your Audience: @SeandSouza

Why we really must kill our darlings: @kristenlambTX

Change Begets Growth: @BeccaPuglisi

Every Character is Important: @ava_jae

It's a Great Day to Be a Writer: @susankayequinn

Refresh And Reboot Yourself In 12 Easy Steps: @ollinmorales

A therapist gives YA writers insight into teens: @jeanniecampbell

5 Beatles Songwriting Tricks: @usasongs

Mobile apps for writers: @DIYMFA @AndGeeks

Dialogue that speaks to you:

The trend of intellectual romantic heroes: @ebarrettwrites

Good Endings Are Hard To Find: @mooderino

Finding a Mentor-writer—and What to Do Once You Have: @carlosinho

Should author photos match reader expectations? @AnnieNeugebauer

A Blogger Looks at Book Reviews: @threeguys1book

Dialogue attribution tips:

Include Live Contact Information in Your eBook: @jimhbs

Recent Amazon accomplishments and innovations show how they've become an industry leader: @MikeShatzkin

Tips for writing visceral reactions: @stacygreen26 @MargieLawson

Develop Your Antagonist: @juliettewade

Concept Begins from Line One -- What's the Point of Your Novel? @4YALit

Pitfalls of writing tight: @bluemaven

Changing Genres and Genre-Blending: @stacygreen26 @vickihinze

4 simple steps writers can take to become better proofreaders: @michellerafter

Why Is There a Surge in Memoir? Is It a Good Thing? @shirleyhs

12 Greatest Science Fiction War Stories: @i09

Going Toe-to-Toe with Rejection (And How to Keep Writing): @krissybrady

5 Critical Elements of Successful Work-At-Home Productivity: @lifehackorg

9 Things Authors Do That Irritate Their Facebook Fans: @chrisrobley

The writer's life: What are you afraid of? @gits

Why Writing is Like Laying Bricks: @selfpubreview

Encountering Wannabee Writers: @bookviewcafe

Can Your Day Job Lead to Better Writing? @jessicastrawser

Publish Your Shorts: Now Is the Time: @yaminacollins

Why Do Thrillers Outsell Science Fiction? @KgElfland2ndCuz

What makes fiction good?

Action sentencing: @aliciarasley

3 Great Hashtags for Writers: @jemifraser @writeangleblog

A second book deal – the REAL celebration: @SaraMegibow

Why books sell: @JFBookman

7 Steps to Writing a Story in Scenes: @novelrocket

Reasons for having pen names and tips for choosing one:

Tips for Using Apostrophes: @mesummerbooks

When is a story done? @emergentpublish

25 Rules For Writing And Telling Stories {lang}:

Dealing with Burn Out: @booklifenow

7 Surprising Pinterest Insights Every Marketer Needs: @HeidiCohen

Tips for freelancers for building a portfolio: @KarenCV

Top 10 Myths of Journalism School: @speechwriterguy

How To Choose A Copyeditor: @livewritethrive

6 steps to developing a writing habit:

2 tips for getting started as a writer: @bookviewcafe

Writing Suspense: Meet Them in the Middle and They Will Come: @DonnaGalanti

Words for Your Writing Toolbox: Get Rid of "Get": @SharlaWrites

Science Fiction's Greatest Failures (And How They Saved Us All): @i09

List of Writing Resources: @woodwardkaren

Is the Cliffhanger Ending Overrated? @KMWeiland

How to add your ebook to Goodreads:

Things Pros Wish New Authors Knew About Publishing And Don't: @BryanThomasS

7 Reasons Why New Blogs Fail: @AdriennedeWolfe

Different approaches to getting an agent: @thecreativepenn

The Writer You Want To Be: @kristinerusch

The Importance of Clothing in Novels: @wordforteens

Frequently confused words:

The Definition of Action: @kid_lit

Publishers Warming To Cross-Genre Novels:

Creating a Successful App Without Programming Skills: @Jasonanthebeast

Waterstones bookseller found trolling self-published author: @guardianbooks

Freewriting: Discover Your Inner Voice & Find Inspiration to Write: @writersdigest

A checklist for determining if profanity fits your story:

Why Social Media Isn't The Holy Grail (& Neither is Content Marketing): @heidicohen

4 parts of a book review: @kimthedork

Piracy, pricing, and ebook hoarding: @jwikert

B&N not carrying Amazon titles? @laurahazardowen @Porter_Anderson

Quality Over Gender In Noir: @keithr34

The Deadliest Poisons in History (And Why People Stopped Using Them): @i09

Tips for writing body language: @kalayna

Soon you'll be able to go to the pharmacy and print a book: @paidcontent

Desk exercises for writers:

Think outside the box with your settings: @emergentpublish

6 ways to get your query noticed:

Tips for pitching: @rachellegardner

The importance of story: @LisaCron

8 ways to protect your blog from hackers: @MarcyKennedy

9 Unfinished Novels by Great Writers: @PWxyz

Using silence effectively in our writing: @diymfa

10 Great Chase Scenes in Science Fiction and Fantasy: @lbgale

The Best Space-Travel Science Fiction Novels:

Fairy-Tales: The New "Thing" in Fantasy Entertainment: @fantasyfaction
Best Opening Poetry Lines: @robertleebrewer

5 Tools for Outlining Your Novel: @galleycat

The Weird Side Of Literary Tourism: 5 Bizarre Book-Inspired Experiences: @kimber_regator

Treating Backlist Like Frontlist: @DavidGaughran

Story outline in relation to a series: @glencstrathy

How a Blog Creates Visibility for Your Book: @NinaAmir