Sunday, September 30, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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Bad Habits of Good Writers (Beyond Coffee): @TheresaStevens @Porter_Anderson

Examples of childhood memories as plot elements in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Why writing with a book deal is a whole different game: @internspills

3 Tips for Writing When Life is Chaotic and Crazy: @jodyhedlund

"Mirror scenes" and how to avoid them: @juliettewade

Self-Publishing Basics: Where to Publish: @susankayequinn

The challenge of discoverabilty in a flooded ebook market (DBW con report): @Porter_Anderson @richfahle @rickjoyce @clintonk

A Writer's Reasons For Falling In Love: @mooderino

What You Need To Know About Writing Video Games: @booklifenow

When to Hire a Freelance Editor: @womenwriters

Characterization Skills and Sources:

Alcohol and the Creative Process: @sianbeilock

6 tips for successful networking: @rachellegardner

It's Not Just about the Writing: @4YALit

Writing Mistake: Are Your Characters Invincible? @ava_jae

Ch. 1 Analyses: @mooderino

Creative Power Tool: Words: @diymfa

How To Create A Writing Schedule That Works For You: @authormedia

Full-service publishers are rethinking what they can offer: @passivevoiceblg

7 Freelance Writing Scams and How to Fight Them: @victoriastrauss @patrickicasas

7 Steps to Get Your Groove Back When You've Lost Your Writing Rhythm: @originalimpulse

Watching out for the "wrong" emotion in a secondary world: @juliettewade

7 More Ways to Prepare for NaNoWriMo: @PYOEbooks

Automated grammar programs: @TheresaStevens

The Sensual Writer - Sight:

10 Tips for Getting a Staff Writing Job: @writing_tips

How not to get an agent:

25 Apps to Help You Hack Productivity: @lifehackorg

Phases of editing during book production: @bigblackcat97

Juicing (fraud in book reviewing):

Sidekicks do NOT need their own stupid sidekicks: @speechwriterguy

10 Most Epic Love Stories in All of Science Fiction: @i09

Make your stress work for you: @rachellegardner

A writer vows never to read a 5-star ebook again: @BarrBielinski

5 Creepy Social Media Marketing Tactics: @KristenLambTX

Keeping Characters True to Themselves: @stdennard @4YALit

Social Media Will Not Sell Your Book: @hilarydavidson

15 grammatical errors to avoid: @bubblecow

What moves you to write?

The Influence Of History On Epic Fantasy: @fantasybookcrit

How to Overcome Distractions: @lifehackorg

Write big or go home: @4YALit @nikkiloftin

Create your own writing retreat:

History as Mystery: @livewritethrive

How to Become A Literary Agent in 2 Easy Steps: @mandyhubbard

Rivet Your Readers with Deep POV: @JillElizNelson

3 Free Photo Tools for Author Bloggers: @jfbookman

Elements of Fantasy: Zombies: @fantasyfaction

Using religion to add depth to your fiction:

"Setting" the Stage for Storytelling: @novelrocket

A writer talks about his experience dealing with depression: @chrisbrogan

Changing senses: @emergentpublish

Working with Startups: 5 Tips for Publishers: @pubperspectives

Using hooks for your scene breaks: @KMWeiland

Places for finding character names: @karencv

Why Amazon Must Light a Fire Under the Kindle Fire: @passivevoiceblg

Subjects you might have avoided in school that could be useful to your writing now: @BTMargins @gripemaster

How to Write a Short Story No One Else Can Write: @d_lazarin @joebunting

Character Development: Exploiting Weaknesses: @ava_jae

The 5 Key Personality Traits of Successful Indie Authors: @duolit

Ebook Formatting - The Easy Way: @susankayequinn

Step by Step Guide to Building an Ebook with Calibre: @howtowriteshop

How to Keep The Reader Hooked: The Dan Brown Secret: @yeomanis

3 Reasons Why Coercing Readers Into Newsletter Subscriptions Is a Bad Idea: @roniloren

The Writing Life: The point of the long and winding sentence: @LATimes

Animating Songwriting: Making Music That Moves: @usasong

Can Our Social Media Behaviors Destroy Our Social Environment? @kristenlambTX

Screenwriting--there's no right way to write: @gits

Email accounts for your identity as a writer: @kit_lit

How caffeine affects your creativity: @tannerc

Thoughts and Tips for Writing About Sex: @wickerkat

Would You Let Readers Watch as You Write Your Book? @galleycat

Should you write with a collaborator? @nickdaws

Does Publishing A Novel Change Your Life? @NicholeBernier

Horror--the era of the found footage horror film:

A Writing Taboo: Never Begin Your Story With Weather: @woodwardkaren

Why Creativity Blocks Happen (and How to Overcome Them): @lifehacker

How to speak publisher: E is for editor: @annerooney

Pros and cons of pen names: @deanwesleysmith

James Bond and the Perils of Product Placement: @davidgaughran

The elements of a successful pitch: @novelrocket

10 non-writing-related ways to become a better writer: @rachellegardner

10 Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Fight Settings: @lbgale

What to Do When People Don't Get Your Story: @jodyhedlund

How to Show (Not Tell) Paranoia, Hope, and Other Moods: @joebunting

Explaining your story's world… and avoiding exposition: @dirtywhitecandy

Use Setting and Background to Meet Reader Expectations: @beth_barany

Ebook Formatting - The Hard Way: @susankayequinn

6 Essential Tips for Getting Your Guest Posts Accepted:

Horror in video games:

Konrath's Self-Pub Sales Report: @jakonrath

The Death Of Genre: Drifting Toward A Post-Genre Future: @chuckwendig

The business-savvy writer has a good offense: @kristinerusch

How Many Spaces After a Period? @writersdigest

Using folklore to create a story: @genelempp

TMI Sentences: @aliciarasley

Writing Tip: Action! @threekingsbooks

Have writer's block? Try something different: @emergentpublish

Should You Use A Pen Name? @woodwardkaren

Ethical Roulette: @JAKonrath

6 Necessities for Your Blogged Book: @ninaamir

How One Writer's Social Hestitations Led to Something Great: @khaledcallen

Advice on Writing Mentors:

How to write comics: agreements and collaboration: @79SemiFinalist

Serialising a novel--what to do when the show is over: @dirtywhitecandy

5 Things to Consider During Revisions:

Every Writer Needs a Bio: @novelrocket

Engaging Readers Using Social Commentary in Ebooks: @ddscottromcom

Intellectual Property Considerations for Writers: @thecreativepenn

Are You Making These 7 Book Marketing Mistakes? @JFBookman

10 Inspirational Disabled Characters From Sci-Fi And Fantasy: @sfxmagazine

How to Take on Writer's Block like a Pro: @emilywenstrom

How to Choose When to Use Dialogue (and What Kind) in Your Fiction and Nonfiction:

What's the best way to cover a speech? @michellerafter

Are "sock puppets" really that bad for the book business? @paidcontent

There's no right way to write: @gits

Less Distractions, More Writing:

Applying Picture Book Wisdom to Longer Fiction: @annastanisz

4 tips for writing your personal story: @rachellegardner

Self-Publishing Basics - Publishing to iTunes: @susankayequinn

Why Write Blog Posts Consistently? @ava_jae

5 Tips To Help Improve Your Story's Pacing:

Dominate Your Personal Brand On Google With This 14 Point Checklist:

10 Best Closing Lines Of Novels: @xymarla

Writers Be-Wary: Electronic Distribution and Control of Creative Material: @victoriastrauss

Writing in a child's voice: @SW_Messenger @angelaackerman

A legal blog for writers--publishing law and copyright counsel: @SheilaJLevine

When Do Writers Need Multiple Blogs? @kristenlambTX

An editor reviews common manuscript issues she comes across: @behlerpublish

YA readers tell authors what they like to read:

30 Synonyms for "Meeting": @writing_tips

The 11 Biggest Lies Ever Told By Favorite Heroes and Villains: @i09

Is Your Work Day Filled With Unwanted Obligation or a Burning Desire to Improve? @danblank

Novelists Seek Help Fighting Internet Addiction: @_thefix

What Should Indie Publishers Be Called? @deanwesleysmith

A closer look at new commercial models for publishing: @MikeShatzkin @Porter_Anderson

10 Excuses for Not Writing - and How to Smash Them: @KMWeiland

Fantasy Influences: Ancient Greek Mythology: @fantasyfaction

Thoughts on chapter breaks:

The Writer's Block Myth: @kkuseklewis

Chart a course to your dream: @sarahahoyt

Entries in the character trait thesaurus: just-- and modest-- @angelaackerman

Conflict is Key: @heidiwriter

5 Sentences That Should Save the Best Until Last: @writing_tips