Sunday, September 9, 2012


Twitter_buttonby Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Real Time in Fiction: @authorterryo

Disgrace: End of the Lehrer Line ([plagiarism scandal): @Porter_Anderson @cgseife @evanatwired @juliemmoos

A useful resource for describing settings, emotions, shapes, textures, and more: @AngelaAckerman

1 writer lists benefits of a self-pubbed writer retaining an agent: @hughhowey

Why 1 writer rarely rates or reviews books online: @juliecross1980

6 Ways to Pull off Dual Timelines in Your Novel: @KMWeiland

LendInk, Author Activism, and the Need for Critical Thinking: @victoriastrauss

The Killer One-Two Punch that Launches Dramatic Tension in Your Story: @storyfix

Quick Tips for the Writing Freelancer: @howtowriteshop

4 Free Photo Editing Tools: @authormedia

Should we all be blogging less frequently? @michaelhyatt

Things Readers Need To Know When Meeting An Author: @juliecross1980

1 writer's list of 10 things needed in a writer's life:

Why Obstacles May Be a Writer's Best Friends:

Showing, Telling, and Hooking the Reader: @Janice_Hardy

Avoid sprawling sentences:

5 Ways Freelance Writers Benefit from Blogging: @KrissyBrady

Style vs content? Novelists should approach their art with an eye to what the story asks: @guardianbooks

How Should an Author Respond When a Student Complains About His Book? @CassandraNeace

251 Movies About Writers & The Writing Life: @thewritermama

What if an agent is ready to say I do, and you can't?

Why Character And Plot Are Inseparable: @jammer0501

Why promoting can be good for creative writing: @joebunting

10 Practical, Everyday Money Saving Tips For (Starving) Writers: @BryanThomasS

Google Analytics for Authors: @TracyRAtkins @JFbookman @Porter_Anderson

Right-Brain / Left-Brain - Which Controls Your Writing? @Shirl_Corder

What SF Writers In 1987 Thought The World Of 2012 Would Look Like: @GFRobot

13 simple tips for a better blog: @rachellegardner

Calculate Your Average Sentence Length: @writing_tips

AP Stylebook moves faster than Merriam-Webster as linguistic authority:

How to write a bad review: @salon

Types of fraudulent reviews and their effect: @Porter_Anderson @Suw @jane_l @jeremyduns

We're all storytellers: @JFBookman

A site where writers can upload their scripts to hear and see it performed by computer actors:

Self-publishing--all about independence: @JAKonrath

What 1 blogger learned from his Pinterest experiment: @problogger

How To Get Your Book Reviewed: A Practical Lesson: @cathryanhoward

1 writer reports on leaving KDP Select: @mlouisalocke

Hybrid Fantasy: @fantasyfaction

Pacing For Power: @JodieRennerEd

Add Muscle to Your Fiction With Unity and Contrast: @KMWeiland

How To Sell Books With Social Media: @thecreativepenn

When and How to Tell, Not Show:

What kind of convention/conference is right for you? @thejordache

A Successful Indie Author Gives Tips for Introverts: @livewritethrive

Sue Grafton and the Self-Publishing Blowback: @jamesscottbell

5 Reasons Why Writers Should Read At Least One HP Lovecraft Story: @thisishorror

Are Paper Books Sacrosanct? @dearauthor

Screenwriting--Character On The Screen: @GITS

Dressing--and undressing--your characters: @RuthHarrisBooks

Is there such a thing as a national literature? @guardianbooks

Great Character, Part 2: Juno MacGuff ("Juno"): @GITS

Later Bloomer Alex Haley: College Dropout to Pulitzer Prizewinner: @DebraEve

You Can't Teach Someone to Write (Except You Can): @BooksAreMyBFs

5 Keys to Getting the Most Out of Your Book Marketing: @nickthacker

Amish fiction: Put a bonnet on it: @salon

Using Humor To Understand Creativity: @creativitypost

Unpacking Criticism: @AimeeLSalter

Got Writer's Block? You just need to care less: @howtowriteshop

Should Self-Published Authors Use Author Solutions? @galleycat

12 Most Engaging Presenter Behaviors to Keep Your Audience Awake: @12most

Guides for Using Inner Conflict That Make Sense: @Janice_Hardy

4 Tips to Avoid Having Your Short Story Rejected by a Literary Magazine: @joebunting

How can you tell if you're really meant to be a writer? @krissybrady

14 Free Alternatives To Microsoft Word: @bubblecow

Ghostwriting: Content Rewriting: @karencv

Worried about being influenced by other writers of your genre? @SarahAHoyt

Hey, Author, About My $4 Coffee: @Liz_Mc2

Style vs content? Understanding what your story asks: @guardianbooks

Ebooks and the Personal Library: @scholarlykitchn

Can Fiction Ignore History? @2bwriters

When's the Best Time to Send Email to Your List? @copyblogger

When to stop fine tuning: @lisagailgreen

The Best Backup Solution? @lifehackorg

Tips for collaborative writing: @indie_jane

Writing Conventions and How to Survive: @traciewelser

6 Ways to Pull off Dual Timelines in Your Novel: @KMWeiland

Examining your writing dream:

DBW lets us look at ebook bestsellers by price (resulting in revelations): @mikeshatzkin

Good Story Requires Incomplete Exposition: @mooderino

What 1 Writer Learned About Blogging from 1st Graders: @JudyLeeDunn

4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Writing Scenes: @writersdigest

How To Be A Writer: @woodwardkaren

Tips for creating a book proposal:

Commas before quotes:

25 ways to generate better online book sales: @thefuturebook

Beware of burnout: @jodyhedlund

5 Reasons Your Opening Scene is Like a Blind Date: @4YALit

6 Deadly Don'ts (and Dos) for Dealing with Editors: @susanjmorris

5 Tips for Writing Historical Fiction: @drgillham

When writing, make the story choice that best fits your character:

Racism, Revealing Eden and STGRB: @fozmeadows

5 Pairs of Prepositional Idioms: @writing_tips

Keep getting rejected? Work on your craft: @novelrocket

Social Media Suicide: @MJRose

Not Who You Think They Are: A Character-Building Exercise: @YAHighway

What's Your Log Line? @luannschindler

Character Personalities as Story Forces: @juliettewade

Subjects and Predicates: Breaking Down Sentences: @write_practice

Tweak the opening or re-write it? @juliemusil

How to create a media list to promote your new book: @sandrabeckwith

Combining Emotional Journeys and External Plots: @jamigold

2 Deadly Sins of Memoir Writing: @serendipitylit

12 Most Essential SEO Factors Bloggers Don't Know: @12most

Self-Publishing Basics: Where To Upload Your eBook (Besides Amazon): @goblinwriter

Tips for Query Letters, Synopses, and Samples: @erikaholt

The Death of the Literary Recluse: @robwhart

Word Counts in a Magazine Query? @BrianKlems

9 Wonder Woman Villains (That Explain Why Nobody Talks About Wonder Woman's Villains): @i09

Add Muscle to Your Fiction With Unity and Contrast: @KMWeiland

Writing for the long haul:

On writers being kind to each other: @writeangleblog

How to Get More (and Better) Press: @DanaSitar

A simple rule of plotting:

Character as the most important element of your action scene:

3 Really Good Self-Publishing Ideas and 5 Hilariously Bad Ones: @JFBookman

Writers should welcome a future where readers remix our books: @guardianbooks

The importance of patience for writers: @rachellegardner

Viewpoint characters who drop into the story too late: @p2p_editor

The New World of Publishing: The Myths Are Still Strong: @deanwesleysmith

YA's Hottest New Trend: Mermaids: @i09

The billion dollar question--what is journalism for? @paidcontent @mathewi

We've oversold the virtues of subjectivity: @dearauthor

Writing Styles: Is technology changing the way we write? @khyiahangel

Are You What You Tweet? @authorems

How to Determine Your Author Fee: @JoSVolpe

The power of original description:

Text and Images -- The Perfect Combination: @karencv

How to Use Foreshadowing to Jazz up Slow Scenes: @KMWeiland

Ill-fitting subplots?

A Quick Reminder About Motivation: @kid_lit

Writing about relationships--good and bad relationship traits: @jeanniecampbell

Overtelling, Overshowing, Overselling: @janelebak

Making a five year plan for our writing: @susankayequinn

Set up Your Story in the First Paragraphs: @JodieRennerEd

Write Like an Architect: Description by Design: @slwrites