Sunday, September 16, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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Do Your Characters Fail Enough? @ava_jae

Island settings in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Different Ways to Take Notes on the Go:

Making Amazon Forums Work For You: @TexasDruids

Escaping the Darling Hitman: @TaliaVance

Ending the self-pub stigma: @duolit

5 lessons writers can learn from director Tony Scott: @MichelleRafter

An apostrophe review:

Why 1 reader no longer trusts Kindle ebook samples: @farmlanebooks

Beautifully written book with no plot or character changes? Beware of reader boredom: @DonMaass @Porter_Anderson

How to Create a Character: @hollylisle

Research Resources for Fantasy Writing: @HP4Writers

Why we keep getting the same old ideas: @MichaelMichalko

The Clash of Characters: @susannelakin

Top 10 Middle Grade Novel Agents: @fictionnotes

A free directory of #ebook pros--for covers, editing, formatting, & more: #epub

When to Ask for Evaluations of Your Novel: @AdriennedeWolfe

The death of the novel will presage a rebirth of writing: @guardianbooks

Why wasting time helps you stay sane and productive: @criticalmargins

10 Myths About Space Travel That Make Science Fiction Better: @io9

All We Needed To Know About Social Media Success, We Learned in Kindergarten: @kristenlambtx

How to Write a Sentence: @Hal_Duncan

The Uncomfortable Pantser: When Your Method Doesn't Fit Your Personality: @roniloren

3 Skills Every Successful Freelance Writer Should Have: @writersdigest

How to Write an Omniscient Narrator: @io9

Tips for writing scenes:

Pacing for Power--Increasing Tension & Suspense: @jodierennered

13 ways to write with urgency: @chadrallen

8 Ways To Become A Better Writer: @woodwardkaren

The End of the Unprofessional Writer: @kristinerusch

The First/Last sentence experiment: @juliettewade

Top 10 cozy catastrophes: @guardianbooks

How to Decide How to Monetize Your Blog or Blogged Book: @NinaAmir

Second Time the Charm? (Or How Not to Reinvent the Sequel): @4YALit @tommygreenwald

Writing With Passion and Purpose: @thecreativepenn @middlereaders

Romance in YA: @tara25fuller

The Practice of Writing: @TrueFactBarFact

The Business of Screenwriting: Hip pocket representation: @gits

Rejection vs. failure: @AimeeLSalter

Criticism as Fantasia and Inquiry: @sfsignal

Bookstores vs. Backlist: @jamigold

Making Your Book Spreadable: @authorems

The Indian Kindle Store Isn't The Real Deal… Yet: @davidgaughran

Obstacles in Stories: 3 Ways to Turn Hills Into Mountains: @jodyhedlund

5 Great Reasons to Build Your Writer's Platform Yourself: @emergentpublish

Why the Best Kids Books Are Written in Blood: @wsjspeakeasy

The story of English spelling: @guardianbooks

7 Sets of Doublet and Triplet Verbs: @writing_tips

9 Wonder Woman Villains (That Explain Why Nobody Talks About Wonder Woman's Villains):

Hey, Author, About My $4 Coffee: @Liz_Mc2

Should Self-Published Authors Use Author Solutions? @galleycat

Writing Conventions and How to Survive: @traciewelser

How to create a media list to promote your new book: @sandrabeckwith

The New World of Publishing: The Myths Are Still Strong: @deanwesleysmith

More on cranky authors: @justinelavaworm

How to lose an audience (more on Weird Tales debacle): @millism

How to Make Unlikeable Characters Likeable: @writeangleblog

Instant Transitions:

Lessons from Drawing for Writers: @BTMargins

Anthropological Science Fiction as a Sub-Genre: @tordotcom

5 Quick Fixes to Make Readers Love Your Villains: @sdwriter

Revising to Raise the Stakes: @AimeeLSalter

What to do if you can't afford professional editing: @nicolamorgan

Making readers cry: @EmmieDark

Books Need Both Vertical and Horizontal Moments:

Adding Google Analytics Tracking Code to WordPress: @JFBookman

A list of late-blooming, successful writers: @randysusanmeyer

Rules involving numbers: @livewritethrive

Tips for increasing your book's Amazon rank: @bookbuzzr

Do you really know who your audience is? @danblank

12 Lessons Learned from 12 Years of Writing: @copyblogger

Making the Time to Write, Blog, Do Social Media, Finish School and Parent: @duolit @yeseniavargas32

Strengthen Your Writing by Listening to Pet Peeves: @KMWeiland @danasitar

How to Write For Any Medium: @JoeBerkowitz @fastcompany

Fact vs. Fantasy in Memoir and Nonfiction: @grubwriters

10 Things to Do to Achieve Freelance Success: @bob_brooke

Should You Preschedule Tweets? @meghancward

17 Reasons to Write Something Now: @joebunting

Optimizing the Query Process with Fewer Mistakes: @catewoods

Finding Comparables for Your Novel: @AnnieNeugebauer

6 Reasons For Using An Epilogue: @writersdigest

Walk-On and Secondary Characters:

Vanity publishing--turning the label around: @victoriastrauss

Romance in books that aren't romances: @sarahlapolla

The Do-It-Yourself Writing Retreat: @MuseInks

The importance of external conflict to a story: @storyfix

20 words for 'cry': @writing_tips

Top 10 mistakes in science fiction movies: @tordotcom

Layers of Reality: @fantasyfaction

4 ways to get magazine or newspaper interviews: @GLeeBurgett

Fail Faster (So You Can Become a Better Writer): @jeffgoins

'Social' Media: Author Ignorance: @Porter_Anderson

Are You Writing The Right Book? 5 Ways To Find Out: @woodwardkaren

Fan fiction vs reality: @EvaWiseman

Believing in yourself as a writer: @jamesscottbell

Gaining Momentum In Your WIP:

Fantasy Influences: Ancient Greek Mythology: @VickyThinks

Editors answer questions about editing: @RuthHarrisBooks

5 Ways You're Preventing Readers From Suspending Disbelief: @KMWeiland

An editor with advice for aspiring writers (and an explanation why writers find it hard to self-edit): @theresastevens

Konrath's defense of sock puppetry: @Porter_Anderson @JAKonrath @RickGualtieri @DoraMcAlpin @plwinkler @rezendi

10 things to know about speakers bureaus: @rachellegardner

An editor on what to read and how to read it for ideas: @ruthharrisbooks @annerallen

A first year of Kindle Daily Deal – facts, tips, and commentary: @ebookfriendly

Novel Structure: James Scott Bell's LOCK System: @jamesscottbell

Thoughts on making up your own words as a writer: @kcraftwriter

How Self-Publishers Reach Readers:

Quick scene exercise:

The future of the book: is it in apps? @criticalmargins

Literary Fiction vs. Genre – what's the difference?

When Worlds Collide: SciFi and Horror Themes:

Arming Your Villains While Maintaining Your Credibility: An AK Rifle Primer for Authors:

11 Kinds of WordPress Blog Pages: @JFBookman

Amazon's new Kindle Serials (and a few serialization concerns): @Porter_Anderson @ByRozMorris @jasonashlock

The Lazy Way To Be A Great Writer: @karencv

10 Grammar Mistakes that Can Keep Your Content from Spreading: @alexisgrant @copyblogger

Writing Realistic Love Relationships: @CMKaufman

Writing Lapses: 5 Tips to Get You Back on Track: @serbaughman

Finding Solid Names for Your Unique Characters: @writersdigest

On leaving the world for a novel (and making it back alive): @internspills

Things to consider as the digital book revolution gains global steam: @MikeShatzkin

Libraries and Ebooks: @ursulaleguin

Conflict begins on page 1: @fictionnotes

4 Songwriting Tips For Scoring Film and TV Placements: @usasong

Can self-publishing buy respect? @salon

The 10 best contemporary African books: @guardianbooks

Wrestling with reader expectations and cliché: @juliettewade

Tips for coming up with story ideas: @DeeWhiteauthor

13 Top Books on How to Freelance as a Writer:

7 Reasons to Publish a Blog: @writing_tips

Tips for building an author platform: @louise_wise

When Your Character Doesn't Speak English:

A King Named Sue: Picking Perfect (Character) Names: @susanjmorris

The surprises that pull our stories together: @ManMartin1

Why 1 reader no longer trusts Kindle ebook samples: @farmlanebooks

Post DoJ maneuvers begin (and some trad. published ebooks' prices fall): @Porter_Anderson @sarahw @juliebosman

Villains Need Love Too—12 Tips: @DonnaGalanti @JordanDane

3 myths that are keeping you from writing short stories: @Yaminatoday @womenwriters

Make it easy for readers to suspend disbelief--here's how: @DonnaGalanti