Sunday, August 26, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Thanks for coming by everyone! It’s nice to be back after my days away from the blog last week. And thanks so much for all the nice comments. Have a great week!

The Possible Cost of Segregating Stories by Gender: @btmargins

Tips for writer's conferences: @novelrocket

Using LinkedIn to Find Readers:

Getting past perfectionism with free writing: @karenschrav

Writing Third Person Omniscient:

Guide to social media scheduling: @lifehackorg

The step outline:

What is an agent's/editor's responsibility to a querying writer? @Porter_Anderson @jurgenwolff

Color coded revision: @ava_jae

Fifty Shades of Grey matter: the psychology of sexual arousal: @garwboy

What's not to like about 'like'?

Improve Your Character Instantly: Just Add a Ghost: @KMWeiland

Psychology Q&A: Schizophrenia & Police Work? @CMKaufman

Taking Responsibility as a Writer: @ginarosati

6 Laws for Becoming a Career Author: @duolit

Tips for social media automation: @nickthacker

5 Things to Track on Google Analytics: @karencv

Getting to the Core of Your Characters: @livewritethrive

7 secrets about editors every freelance writer should know: @MichelleRafter

Renew Your Love Affair with Pinterest: @kristenlambtx

Get creative on demand: @diymfa

The Philosophical Roots of Science Fiction: @charliejane

Transition as metaphor: @cdrosales

POV in genre fic: @sfsignal

Contract deal-breakers--the agent clause: @KristineRusch

How POV Works: @KgElfland2ndCuz

What Killed the Thriller Writer: Your Attention Span: @mrichtel

The influence of MR James on the horror genre: @ThisIsHorror

Sales--don't shoot yourself in the foot (5 tips): @deanwesleysmith

The Point of Process Porn: @JustineLavaworm

8 Ways Haiku Helps Fiction Writers:

Tips for beginners on getting published: @howtowriteshop

100 Best-Ever Teen Novels: @nprbooks

Pros and Cons of Small Presses: @JessicaKnauss

Ebook Best-Sellers: Where Are the ‘Indies’? @MikeShatzkin @Porter_Anderson @sarahw

Create a Writing Schedule that Fits Your Life: @authorems

Don't lose faith in yourself--strive to do what you love: @jodyhedlund

The Importance of Rising Tension in Your Story:

Go ahead, tell people about your book:

How to Legally Use Your Own Photos on Your Blog: @MarcyKennedy @MelindaVan

Indie Writers: 10 Things Not To Do: @woodwardkaren

Bookstores vs. Amazon – A Publisher's View: @behlerpublish

Author platform tips from NYT bestseller Rebecca Skloot: @danblank

Electronically Autograph Books: @adriennedewolfe

Should Writers Rethink Butt-In-Chair Mentality? @writeitsideways

Synopsis Writing - 101:

Tips for making your own business cards: @JillKemerer

The Right Way and Wrong Way to Let Your Mind Wander: @i09

The Waiting Game: Analyzing the Library Hold List: @kimthedork

Character Questionnaire: How Would Your Character Handle These Situations?

Why 1 writer reads all his reviews:

On being a submissions editor:

What Your Favorite YA Series Says About You: @flavorpill

Never Happier Than When Writing: @passivevoiceblg

Storyboarding – Not Just for Plotting Anymore: @joanswan

How Plugins Can Take Your Author Website from Okay to Outstanding: @jfbookman

Find Your Voice, Find Your Power: @RLLaFevers

What writers get from social networking:

When to italicize: @livewritethrive

Self Publishing Your Poetry – A Primer: @magdalenaball

Fixing broken characters with fusion:

How to Journal: 6 Tips to Boost Creativity and Polish Your Writing:

5 Common Writer Scams: @duolit

Why Use Multiple POVs? @ava_jae

5 must-have creativity apps: @tannerc

Shameless Self-Promotion vs. Shameful Self-Promotion: @goblinwriter

8 Easy Ways To Grow Your Social Media Footprint: @jhansenwrites

The Most Common Pitch Meeting Mistake (That You Don't Know You're Making):

Keep connected words/phrases together without intervening elements:

What Every Author Needs To Know About Alt Text: @authormedia

Relax while writing: @howtowriteshop

What to do with Defeat: @EmilyWenstrom

How Often Should You Blog? @problogger

The demise of books has been predicted for decades: @NYTimes

Religion in Worldbuilding: @BryanThomasS

When does a DRM become a nightmare?

Types of plots: @writing_tips

Proofread for Consistency and Convenience:

What to do When Your Word Count is Too Low: @joebunting

Authors Guild v. Google: @dearauthor

5 things to do when you're between projects: @YAHighway

5 Things Bruce Lee Taught 1 Writer About the Art of Writing: @writersdigest

How Much Can You Achieve In 4 Years? @thecreativepenn

A scientific explanation of Harry Potter's "wizarding gene": @io9

Why 1 writer is self-publishing: @litreactor

The motivation to write: @beth_barany

Write to the emotion: @sarahahoyt

Pet Peeves of a Professional Editor:

Are fan fiction and fan art legal? @i09

Thoughts on running a free book promo for a debut author: @annerallen

6 Ways to Pull off Dual Timelines in Your Novel: @KMWeiland

Make it happen IN the scene: @theresastevens

Be multi-directional to your approaches to setting and character:

Getting "too quiet and midlist" as a reason for rejection: @nicolamorgan

Writing Your First Novel: 6 Pieces of Advice: @sraichlen

Real vs. fictional settings: @junglereds

What is indie publishing? @passivevoiceblg

The evolution of sexuality in SFF: @fantasyfaction

Grounded in a scene? A critique of an opening scene: @janice_hardy

Stop, Look, and Listen for Better Book Marketing: @writersdigest

5 Types of Modifying Mistakes: @writing_tips

What To Do About Cranky Authors: @JustineLavaworm

Copyright: Or Creditright? @Porter_Anderson @jeffjarvis

What Offer Does Your Author Blog Make? @jfbookman

The Polarisation of Publishing: @danielsm1

The Fear of Being Scooped: @davidbcoe

Use of Adjectives and Adverbs:

How to Outline a Story: @LyndaRYoung

Correcting Problems with Pacing: @JulieEshbaugh

The Red Flags of Writing Contests: @victoriastrauss

5 Ways to Respect Your Writing: @krissybrady

What to Tell Agents While on Submission: @Kid_Lit

The Zen of Backstory: @ashkrafton

Can Readers Trust Book Reviews Online? @NinaBadzin

Ebook Formats: A Quick Guide For Self-Publishers: @bubblecow

The Typography of Authority — Do Fonts Affect How People Accept Information? @scholarlykitchn

Amanda Hocking's Unusual Writing Schedule: @woodwardkaren

2 ways to hook readers:

Digital Self-Publishing Checklist: @LoriDevoti

Why Something Has to Happen in Your Story: @joebunting

Heating back up after a burn out: @writerstephanie

Why Writers Should Let Their Manuscripts Cool: @ava_jae

Copyright: Or Creditright? @Porter_Anderson @jeffjarvis

When a Character Lacks Social Skills: @jeanniecampbell

When Critique Partners Disagree: @juliemusil @lisagailgreen