Sunday, August 19, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Have a great week!

Science Fiction Is Here, It's Just Not Evenly Distributed: @timmaughan @worldsf

Goal, Motivation, and Conflict: @stdennard

Market the author or market the book? @nicolamorgan

Writing from the discomfort zone: @writerunboxed

Tips for avoiding passive voice construction: @LauraHoward78

Plan a D.I.Y. Writing Fellowship: @grubwriters

The Possessive Apostrophe: @mesummerbooks

5 Things You Shouldn't Say To The Librarian Who Is Also A Writer: @mistymassey

The joys of private writing: @MarkCN @UKTor

The importance of reading to writers: @jodyhedlund

5 ways writers can minimize essential writing tasks:

A post on using 99 Designs to find a cover artist: @woodwardkaren

Tips to Prevent and Overcome Writers Block:

Plot and Story Structure – More Lessons from ThrillerFest: @DiyMfa

A Facebook Optimization Tip: @authormedia

Women Writers in the Republic of Congo: @womenwriters @Victoria_Writes

Hacking Creativity:

Publisher as bully: @Porter_Anderson @philipdsjones @doctorow

Setting as character: @fantasyfaction

5 Secrets to Help You Stay Busy AND Sane as a Writer: @NickThacker

How to Promote Your Book with Social Media: @womenwriters @ZimblerMiller

What readers want in a heroine: @wordforteens

What if your inciting incident is a coincidence? @glencstrathy

Is Kickstarter a viable tool for writers? @litreactor @robwhart

3 Easy Tricks for Better Dialogue: @tiffanyreisz @janice_hardy

It's not all about the writing--skills that modern writers need:

Promoting Your Book Starts with Your Query: @4YaLit

Weave subplots around your main plot:

Big follower numbers don't necessarily equal big sales: @courtneymilan @adrienehill @Porter_Anderson

1 writer talks about the biggest mistake of her career:

4 tips for writing a book that will hold teens' attention: @sarahmussi

Why 1 blogger stopped using Feedburner: @janefriedman

Loyalty as a theme in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Do agents represent freelancers? @writersdigest

Is Omniscient POV Dying? @MarcyKennedy

How To Write For The Promotional Items Industry: @karencv

Who vs. that:

Can sympathy purchasing save bookstores?Should it? @Porter_Anderson @sarahrcallender@Victoria_Noe

10 Reasons Authors Should Format Old Novels as eBooks: @AdriennedeWolfe

Pre-release marketing key to promo success: @duolit

How To Get Great Photos For Your Blog Without Breaking Copyright Laws: @KristinNador

Social isn't a magic bullet, but it can sell books: @thefuturebook @thecreativepenn

Tips for getting your Facebook page noticed:

11 tips for writing a book: @NYTimes @colsonwhitehead

4 ways to plan surprises in your novel: @donmaass

Don't Forget the Dialogue: @kmweiland

The hybrid career of a popular author: @cjlyonswriter @thecreativepenn

Make-or-Break Verbs: @sinandsyntax

A free directory of #ebook pros--for covers, editing, formatting, & more: #epub

Publishers don't realize they already have social media expertise: @dennisyu @porter_anderson

Finding the right place to set your story: @KayKeppler

How One Editor Learned to Edit Herself: @emilywenstrom @janice_hardy

Varieties of Female Villains: @LBardugo

Learning Writing Skills from the film Hancock:

A Myth Studies Reading List for Fantasy Writers: @LBGale

How To Use A Camera To Bring Your Fiction Into Focus: @fuelyourwriting

The fantasy feminist: @fantasyfaction

What's Life Really Like as a Published Author? @JodyHedlund

Tips for faster writing: @sinandsyntax

5 Ways to Boost Creativity: @manon_eileen

Create a Freelance Writing Resume:

Tips for pitching book bloggers: @YAHighway

Save Your Creative Life In One Hour Or Less--Back Up Your Work:

Basic Writing : From Pre-Writing to Editing:

Tips for writing great sentences:

Learning the craft takes time--enjoy the process: @livewritethrive

Omniscient POV:

LendInk--legit e-lending, not a pirate site: @Porter_Anderson @markcoker @mathewi

Tips for writing book reviews:

Crafting effective heroes: @storyfix

Tips for writing subtext:

7 Ways to Use Brain Science to Hook Readers: @LisaCron

Prequels, Sequels, Novellas...The Ebook Deluge:

3 Ways to Mess with Genre: @LBGale

Why Great Ideas Get Rejected: @LDRLB

In The E-Book World, Are Book Covers A Dying Art? @nprbooks

The Most Trying Part of Living a Good Story: @jeffgoins

3 Steps to Making Friends & Enemies at Writers Conferences: @victoriamixon

Elements of Fantasy – Frogs: @fantasyfaction

Using KDP Select as a marketing tool: @copyblogger @jeffgoins

An overlooked essential skill for writers: @Tsuchigari

Writing Tip: Hurt 'Em: @threekingsbooks

Form rejections: @janelebak

5 Keys to Writing Success: @KristenLambTX

7 Benefits Of An Author Collective: @thecreativepenn

An agent on rejections and rude agents: @breeogden

The Dearth-of-Epic-Endings Epidemic: @aimeelsalter

You only get one start – make the most of it: @jaelmchenry

How to Choose a POV Character: @ava_jae

The Self-Contained Narrator:

Big follower numbers don't necessarily equal big sales: @courtneymilan @adrienehill @Porter_Anderson

Private Inspiration Boards (Alternatives to Pinterest): @roniloren

Establishing tone: @mooderino

10 lit devices and where to find them in SF: @annaleen

Killing Your Sales One Shot at a Time: @deanwesleysmith

Infographic of Edgar Allan Poe's grisly death scenes: @guardianbooks

What 1 writer won't do to sell more books: @nicolamorgan

10 best end-of-world novels: @flavorpill

8 Romantic Readings from Contemporary Literature: @bookriot

68 Queries In 60 Minutes:

The internet is not a neighborhood in need of door-to-door salesmen: @SeananMcGuire

What's With Writers and Late Blooming? @debraeve

How To Make Your Own Book Trailers: @bubblecow

Storyboarding 101:

Does the Future of Publishing Need More Imagination? @jeffvandermeer

Putting the "Social" Back in Social Media: @jodyhedlund

5 Ways to Build a Pinterest Following With Facebook: @smexaminer

The New Publishing Paradigm: What Value Do Publishers Add? @jamigold

Goodreads v. LibraryThing: @deadwhiteguys

Mental Health Series for Writers: Panic Attacks: @kristinnador

Audition Your Cast of Characters: @juliemusil

Are you writing a dystopian? A checklist: @sarahlapolla

A look at NetGalley for reviews: @jhansenwrites

Tone in fiction: @theresastevens

Chapter titles? @juliettewade

Which vs. That: @writersdigest

5 ways to increase productivity: @manon_eileen

Jack London's Advice on Honing Your Creative Craft: @mcd_owell

5 Scenes Every Romance Novel Needs: @howtowriteshop

Science Fiction Is Here, It's Just Not Evenly Distributed: @timmaughan @worldsf

5 Tips For Making a Living as a Writer: @rachellegardner

The villain's journey: @diymfa

11 tips for writing a book: @NYTimes @colsonwhitehead

How One Editor Learned to Edit Herself: @emilywenstrom @janice_hardy

What 1 writer won't do to sell more books: @nicolamorgan

Publishers don't realize they already have social media expertise: @dennisyu @porter_anderson

The Dearth-of-Epic-Endings Epidemic: @aimeelsalter

11 top authors with their tips for writing a great novel: @wsj

Can readers trust online book reviews? @ninabadzin

What's Uplifting About Depressing Fiction? @btmargins

When Mainstream Publishers Do SFF: @jdiddyesquire

How to survive the creative life: @chuckwendig {lang}

Tips for collaborative writing: @MsAnnAguirre

10 reasons writers get writer's block: @JulieBMack

Mirror scenes and weak writing:

The Girlfriend's Guide to Being a Debut Author:

Being male is not a prerequisite for hard SF: @guardianbooks

Author FAQs (tips for answering wannabe writer questions):

12 Non-Negotiable Elements of Force in Writing: @writing_tips

Are You Hitting a Bulls Eye With Your Target Audience? @melissaknorris

Point of View in Genre Fiction:

The epidemic of niceness in online book culture: @silvermanjacob

3 reasons more people should focus on their writing: @nickthacker