Sunday, August 12, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Using details for setting - insider details and audience details: @juliettewade

Comparing pitches and queries:

Help for Burnt Out Bloggers: @writeitsideways

Tips for producing podcasts/other interviews with multiple guests: @Porter_Anderson @philipdsjones @samatlounge

An agent on publishing uncertainties: @rachellegardner

Tips for Dealing With Rejection + Other Success Strategies: @janefriedman

What's your motif? @livewritethrive

On writing diversity: @sjaejones

Marketing and writing--the balance between strategy and creativity: @thecreativepenn @turndog_million

5 Everyday Life Ways to Spark Article Ideas: @JulieBMack

Disable Comments for a Better Blog? @problogger

15 word games: @writing_tips

The mechanics behind some ebooks' success: @laurahazardowen @Porter_Anderson

Birdhouse-like Mini Libraries: @pubperspectives

Why Your Hero Needs a Yappy Sidekick: @KMWeiland

Afterward vs. Afterword: @write_practice

Revising with Anticipation: @4YALit @marissaburt

Is Your Character Stagnating? @KMWeiland

3 Book Marketing FAILs and Lessons Learned: @duolit

Should you stop writing? @ronvitale

The Courage To Launch: @originalimpulse @ollinmorales

Writing Creative Non-Fiction: @TimHillegonds @janice_hardy

Is Your Writing Any Good? 7 Ways to Tell:

20 Tips for Writing Strong Heroines: @adriennedewolfe

Do Books Need A Beta Version? Analytics For Books Pave The Way: @fastcompany

Lightning Source Best for Self-Publishers? @bengalley

Ways to make money that go beyond ebook sales: @goblinwriter

Why Boredom Is Good for Your Creativity: @markmcguinness

How Batman Can Teach You To Be a Better Writer: @fuelyourwriting

How To Harness Your Creative Temperament and Stay Sane, Married and Sober: @kristinnador

A History of Sisters in Fiction: @theatlantic

How and Why to Guest Post: @karencv

Building an Online Platform: @TheLitCoach

7 Free and Legal Places to Find Photos: @marcykennedy

The New World of Publishing: Fear: @deanwesleysmith

Pros and cons of POD:

Finding writing quotations on Goodreads:

Preparing the perfect pitch: @writerashley

An agent and author discuss the romance genre: @RoniLoren @SaraMegibow @janice_hardy

All about medical writing: @womenonwriting

How a Traditional Publisher Could Harm a Writer's Career: @passivevoiceblg

5 lessons from a book tour newbie: @jamigold

Writers--be careful what you pay for: @nicolamorgan

5 Ways to Keep Your Writing Submissions Organized: @krissybrady

How to Know When to Go to a Writing Conference: @jodyhedlund

How to create and maintain narrative interest: @jammer0501

Research Guides For Every Subject: @litreactor

The 7-Step Write a Book Fast Program: @zen_habits

Jack London's Advice on Honing Your Creative Craft: @mcd_owell

25 Helpful Websites for Writers: @JulieBMack

30 Dr. Seuss quotations:

When authors apply a signature touch to a crime fiction novel: @mkinberg

Tips for perfecting your pitch: @behlerpublish

Too old to debut? @nicolamorgan

The Discard Pile. Or, Learning by Doing:

How to Control a Media Interview: @writersdigest

6 tips for increasing ebook sales: @woodwardkaren

Structure--why it might be the missing element to make your writing sing:

A series on POV: , , @noveleditor

The Development and Popularity of "Gritty Fantasy": @The_Idlewilder

Handy hyphenation chart: @livewritethrive

Take Your Author Website to the Next Level: @writersdigest

When you have too many 'looks' in your manuscript: @janice_hardy

How 1 writer (who says she has less talent than her peers) had a successful trad. publishing career: @threekingsbooks

The villain's journey: @diymfa

Snappy Answers To Awkward Questions About Characters: @EeleenLee

Printing up your book for submission purposes? @behlerpublish

Writers...Weathering the Transition – Keeping the Faith: @passivevoiceblg

Writing the skeptic: @glencstrathy

Why Readers Pirate eBooks: @jasonboog

A Blog Series that Look at Great Characters: Marge Gunderson ("Fargo"):

How Being Lazy Can Fuel Your Writing: @krissybrady

10 Recent Science Fiction Books That Are About Big Ideas: @io9

In Praise of Ripening:

Understanding Screenwriting: Snow White and the Huntsman, Brave, Bernie, and more: @House_Next_Door

Lightning Source Best for Self-Publishers? @bengalley

An agent on publishing uncertainties: @rachellegardner

Help for screenwriters--resources on drama:

A Small-Budget Advertising Experiment: @DeeDeTarsio

7 Prompt Websites to Fill Your Creative Writing Well: @KrissyBrady

Tips for writing action scenes: @thomasaknight

Creating Flawed but Enjoyable Characters: @yahighway

20 Synonyms for "Type":

5 Reasons to Write Your Scenes in Order (and 3 Not to): @KMWeiland

How Indie Authors Can Work With Trade Publishers: @ornaross

The Use of Drugs In Fantasy: @BenGalley

The Principle of Fair Use and Image Usage for Bloggers: @jane_l

Is "Show, Don't Tell" Overrated? @jamesscottbell

The 10 best closing lines of books: @guardianbooks

Weird O'Clock: On the Mainstream Success of "Fifty Shades of Grey" : @wordforteens

Self-Publishing Audiobooks: Is it Worth it?

Plan a Book Launch Party for an Ebook: @BookMarketer

Do former journalists make good novelists?

What Makes A Mystery Cozy? @NancyMehl

Why You Need to Harness Your Sorrow to Write Well: @write_practice

What TV Taught 1 Writer About Writing Epic Fiction: @yahighway

How to choose an excerpt to showcase your novel: @dirtywhitecandy

A Former Big 6 Editor Gives 5 Tips for Sure-Fire Rejection: @RuthHarrisBooks @annerallen

Professional screenwriters analyze "The Social Network":

Which Type of Opening Works Best? @Janice_Hardy

Making the most of ideas--dealing with our fear: @davidbcoe

5 Tips For Making a Living as a Writer: @rachellegardner

How to speak publisher: E is for e-books: @annerooney

Why Counting Words May Be Hazardous to Your Health: @livewritethrive

Which is Right for You - Lightning Source, CreateSpace, or Both? @MorganMandel

5 Scenes Every Romance Novel Needs: @howtowriteshop

On the term 'aspiring writer': @avajae

The importance of sabbaticals for writers: @threekingsbooks

Publishers need to speak their readers' language. Recommendations: @Porter_Anderson @DigiBookWorld

3 Misplaced Modifiers:

Writing to the Market: @JustineLavaworm

Writers should create a journey for their readers: @TurndogMillionaire

Why Are We Wired for Story? @lisacron

5 Simple Steps to Let Your Writing Back In: @krissybrady

1 writer's goal--25 words a day: @Tsuchigari

Are You a Good Writer? @Porter_Anderson @silvermanjacob @JaneFriedman

The perks and pitfalls of signing books: @guardianbooks

Reporting Sexual Harassment in SF/F: @jimhines

Common manuscript problems: @novelrocket

Differences between rookies and pro writers: @Peter_DeHaan

5 Emotional Stages of a Book Launch: @roniloren

Publishers need to speak their readers' language. Recommendations: @Porter_Anderson @DigiBookWorld

The future of bookstores? @Porter_Anderson @peterturner

Dialogue Attribution Tips:

Add layers to your plot: @DeeWhiteauthor

Hotels as Escape in Romance Novels: @meganf

After The First Draft--Approaching Revision: @mooderino

Offsite book events: @behlerpublish

Social media isn't the magic bullet for self-epublished authors? @passivevoiceblg

Upgrade Your Superlatives: @writersdigest

A Writer's Audience: Important or Not? @susanjmorris

Genre prejudice:

Top 10 query mistakes: @rachellegardner

Time Management For Writers or How to Herd Cats: @SarahAHoyt

Character Mind-Reading:

The particular perils of historical fantasy: @Gollancz

After the pitch, cover your bases by sending in requested materials:

The future of bookstores? @Porter_Anderson @peterturner

Crime fiction research--knot analysis and use of luminol by police: , @clarissadraper

Tips for naming your characters: @JodieRennerEd

Why there is no epub bubble, & how to market ebooks responsibly: @DavidGaughran

List of 170+ authors who have sold 50,000+ self-published ebooks to date: via @JaneFriedman

The path to survival for the illustrated book biz? @MikeShatzkin

How to put more emotion into your writing: @JoannaSlan