Sunday, August 5, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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5 Tips on Writing Actions Scenes: Lessons from Chopsocky: @JCMartin_author @AlexJCavanaugh

For literary inspiration follow @AdviceToWriters. Jon Winokur dispenses writerly wisdom of the ages.

A useful resource for describing settings, emotions, shapes, textures, and more: @AngelaAckerman

Writing—It Doesn’t Have To Be Solo (Or Done In Quiet Places): @JoanRylen

A free directory of #ebook pros--for covers, editing, formatting, & more:

Re-Versioning, not Retelling: @SophieMasson1

Agents and self-publishing: @Porter_Anderson @thecreativepenn @ornaross

Family connections that impact plot in crime fiction: @mkinberg

A flowchart which will help you decode dystopia: @ebookfriendly @erin_bowman

Top 10 homes in literature: @guardianbooks

Using Visualization to Write Killer Hooks: @electricblogger

3 Key Ways to Create Characters That Grip Readers' Hearts: @JodyHedlund

7 Tips for Crafting a Believable Fantasy: @4YALIT

Appeal to the Senses—and Emotions: @JodieRennerEd @janice_hardy

No Story Is Original, But That's Okay: @fuelyourwriting

5 Writing Lessons 1 Writer Learned From Fighting: @ajackwriting

Micro Tension: @V_Rossibooks

5 Ways to Go From Blogger to Published Book Author: @NinaAmir

Ugly Covers for Great Books: @publisherswkly

Two Sides To Every Story. At Least. @mooderino

An editor gives a critique of a story's opening pages: @theresastevens

Christopher Paolini Interview: @fantasyfaction

5 Tips to Boost Your Writing Productivity: @jeanoram

How to Use a Screenwriting Trick to Fix Your Broken Story: @write_practice

5 Ways Your Brain Sabotages Your Writing... And What To Do About It: @kimber_regator

The importance of book bloggers to a book's success: @JonathanGunson

Bust 4 Myths to Gain More Writing Time: @LyndaRYoung

5 tips to make your synopsis stronger: @C_Herringshaw

Do self-publishers still need to explain why? @dirtywhitecandy

A self-pubbed writer on selling foreign rights: @indie_jane

Book Promotion: 4 Ways to Provide Value to Your Readers: @beth_barany

How cozy romance sets itself apart:

How to Trust Yourself as a Writer: @lyndaryoung

International Writers And The U.S. 30% Withholding Tax: Getting It Back: @woodwardkaren

Seducing Readers, Publishers and A Spouse at the Same Time: @ninaamir @52Betty

How to Get Your Self-Published Books Noticed: @howtowriteshop

10 Tips For Creating An Audio Book: @thecreativepenn

5 tasks for building a platform: @emergentpublish

Words that we should consider eliminating in our stories (if there are too many of them): @livewritethrive

A Beginner's Guide To Blogging: @ollinmorales

Enough Self-Published Rough Drafts! Why The Self-Publishing Industry Needs Standards: @duolit @GrubStreetReads

Harlequin Lawsuit Offers Valuable Contract Lessons: @authorems

How Self-Publishing has Helped All Writers: @kristenlambTX

Want to help books survive? Promote authors yourself: @guardianbooks

Police Procedure: Making It Believable: @junglereds

External Conflict vs. Internal Conflict: @glencstrathy

10 Character Cliches: @xymarla

A Social Media Survival Guide: @rllafevers

Your greatest asset as a writer: @soniasimone @Porter_Anderson

How to Tap Into Your Experiences for Writing Inspiration: @adoptedreality

Birdhouse-like Mini Libraries: @pubperspectives

The importance of a 5-year plan in creating writing goals: @bob_brooke

Real Life Can Challenge the Writing Life:

No, Kickstarter is Not the #2 Graphic Novel Publisher: @tordotcom

Tips for adapting your book for a screenplay: @GrubWriters @jenna_blum

J.R.R. Tolkien's Top 10 Tips for Writers: @JonathanGunson

Show and tell: Character--

Helping Writers De-Stress: Meditation Apps: @woodwardkaren

Using a characterization worksheet:

Working with freelance editors: @SusanSpann

Rejection Letters - How to Keep them from Ending Your Career:

Is Your Internalization Working? A Crit of One MS: @janice_hardy

Tips on Writing a Superhero Team:

Don't Let Secondary Characters Knock Out Your Muses:

Creative Writing: 7 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way: @beth_barany

How to Breathe New Life into Your Writing: the Magic of Metaphor: @joebunting

The Bookless Library: @tnr

Your writing process doesn't have to look like anyone else's: @chuckwendig {lang.}

Are dream sequences in novels always taboo? @dirtywhitecandy

How to Get Your Spouse to Support Your Dream: @jeffgoins

1 writer's experience as a virtual intern and tools for working remotely: @womenwriters @Victoria_Writes

Surviving a writers' conference with your dreams, sanity, and energy in one piece:

A critique of a manuscript's opening hook: @janice_hardy

An Easy Alternative to Business Cards: Instant Email: @techcrunch

The online writing community and places there to connect: @catewoods

Strong Sentences; Concrete Nouns and Verbs:

How to use your 15 minutes with an agent: @nicolamorgan

15 Steps to Create Great Blog Videos: @jfbookman

7 tips for publicizing and promoting your book: @ChuckSambuchino

Making the Most of Ideas: @davidbcoe

Different publishing paths to consider: @SouthrnWritrMag

How Much Internalization is Too Much? @Janice_Hardy

5 Ways to Make Google Your "Assistant Publicist": @livewritethrive

Put Your Reader in Your POV Character's Skin: @margielawson

Evaluating Ideas for Books: @jillkemerer

How To Market Your Book At Cons: @BryanThomasS @lkblackburne

Can you afford to be fashionably late to the digital party? @jentalty

What to Do When Your Writing's Worst Enemy Is You: @krissybrady

Great writers are great rewriters: @josephputnam

Get Your Story Across The Finish Line: @fuelyourwriting

Why it's important for every aspiring creator to turn pro: @markmcguinness

3 Reasons to Write About Ghosts: @joebunting

5 Mistakes Killing Self-Published Authors: @kristenlambTX

Synthesizing Feedback: @kid_lit

An agent answers questions from writers: @breeogden

Make your writing time matter: @jessicastrawser

After The First Draft: @mooderino

Why 1 writer writes airport books: @nickthacker

Promo--Test Your Cross Markets for Effectiveness: @rileymagnus

Pressure your characters with the law — criminal charges aren't the only option:

3 Blog Post Headline Fails: @JudyLeeDunn

Can Critiques Be Useful Before a Draft Is Complete? @BrianKlems

3 steps for writers interested in self-pubbing: @woodwardkaren

Does Facebook Advertising Work? (One Author's Experience): @goblinwriter

The Moment That Makes or Breaks Your Story: @storyfix

4 Ways to Improve Plot/Climax in Your Writing:

How to create and maintain narrative interest: @jammer0501

Writing your novel with baby steps:

4 tips for discovering your writing voice: @ThreeKingsBooks

Why Your Hero Needs a Yappy Sidekick: @KMWeiland

Afterward vs. Afterword: @write_practice

20 Evocative French Words: @writing_tips

Salvador Dali's Creative Thinking Technique: @MichaelMichalko

Ebook sales aren't a zero sum game: @JAKonrath

4 Ways to Improve Plot/Climax in Your Writing:

Writing About Death And Crime Scenes: @thecreativepenn

Writing YA--themes: @AlexSokoloff

Tips for dealing with writer's block: @SouthrnWritrMag

Does Social Media Really Help With Book Success? @jodyhedlund

Is Your Post Publish Ready? Give it a 24 Hour Test: @WritingH

5 Helpful Writing Prompt & Exercise Books: @janefriedman

Qualities of a Great Critique Group:

3 Sentences with Dangling Modifiers:

How does your publisher make money? @rachellegardner

Dialogue Tag Misconceptions: @lynettelabelle

From Newbie to Published: 12 Tips: @jamigold @TiffanyAllee

A Book Launch is an Investment in a Long-Term Career: @danblank @originalimpulse

Religion, Like Sex, Sells E-Books: @passivevoiceblg

The Unbearable Stiffness of Formal Poetry and Writing for the Page: @glecharles

Trimming the fat from your manuscript: @yahighway

Lessons on Character from ThrillerFest: @diymfa

The physical space of words:

Writing lessons learned from "Sea": @juliemusil

The Lazy Way to Make a Story Sell:

Agents recommending paid-for services? @nicolamorgan

Agatha Christie's lasting appeal and her secret notebooks: @junglereds

Common Pitfalls and Cliches for Superhero Teams:

9 Keys to Blogging Success from A-List Bloggers: @JFBookman

Tips for writing suspenseful scenes: @writersherry

Is self-pub an e-bubble? Does social media promo really sell books? @samatlounge @eoinpurcell @Porter_Anderson

Finding the Unfamiliar Phrase:

In a market crowded with ebooks, discoverability is a problem: @hughmcguire @Porter_Anderson @ljndawson