Sunday, July 29, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Have a great week!

Make Problems Actionable in Your Story: @kid_lit Different types/sizes of publishers with examples of each: @annerallen

How to make a book trailer (video creation websites): @beth_barany

Narrative and the Moving Image: What Film Can Teach Us About Fiction Writing:

An agent on the new contractural language she's seeing from publishers: @rachellegardner @Porter_Anderson

The anatomy of a good website: @danyelleleafty

There is No Elevator to Success. You Have to Take the Stairs: @jodyhedlund

The cons of series writing: @JeffSalyards

How not to be a successful self-pub author: @ava_jae

Writing Series: The Cliffhanger Dilemma: @erin_bowman

Tips for Dealing with Bad Book Reviews: @goblinwriter

A BookStats report of trade sales for 2011 (strong ebook showings): @Porter_Anderson @pkafka

International Thriller Writers--can self-published writers apply? @Porter_Anderson @jamesscottbell @RobertBidinotto

What You Can Learn About Writing By Writing Thrillers: @nickthacker

The Social Life of a Writing Residency: @PatrickRwrites

9 Simple Ways To Be a Better Writer:

Great Reasons to Consider Skipping Over a Superhero Origin Story:

Worldbuilding--social roles of children: @juliettewade

5 helpful writing tips: @mooderino

What's the Future of Publishing? @forbes

Your Publisher Has Folded...Now What? @brandontietz

The need to reinvent ourselves as writers (particularly after a book's failure):

Laying Easter eggs in our stories: @writing_tips

Learning Writing Skills from X-Men: First Class {spoilers}:

Different types/sizes of publishers with examples of each: @annerallen

8 marketing essentials for writers: @writersdigest

What to Do When You Need to Cut a Major Part of Your Novel: @janice_hardy

Bringing your settings to life:

George Orwell's Four Motives for Creation: @brainpicker

4 Steps to Starting a Thriller: @writersdigest

The Amazing Spider-Man Beat Sheet {spoilers}:

A Brief History of American Bookmobiles…in Pictures: @readingape

Publishers should work on relationships with writers: @passivevoiceblg

5 traits of Pulitzer winning books: @joebunting

A critique of a scene that's intended to show desperation: @janice_hardy

4 Personalitiy Types For Characterization:

Why writers need editors: @woodwardkaren

How to write your first cookbook: @guardianbooks @alicecooks

5 tips to avoid distractions while writing: @annelyle

Beyond the Most Common Fiction Mistakes: @thecreativepenn @victoriamixon

Writers and business: @kristinerusch

Beta reading and collaborations: @bookviewcafe

Character building tips: @donnanewtonuk

Tips for Writing a Synopsis: @noveleditor

Social Media vs. a New York Times Book Review Cover: Which Sells More Books? @annerallen

10 Questions Your Readers Shouldn't Have to Ask: @KMWeiland

Nail Your Novel – the DH Lawrence way: @dirtywhitecandy

10 Tips For Creating An Audio Book: @thecreativepenn

What 1 writer has learned about marketing:

The madness of marketing: @AlexSokoloff

Languages In Fantasy: @fantasyfaction

Scandinavia's Crime Lords: Stockholm's Salomonsson Agency: @pubperspectives

Agent touting on Twitter? @nicolamorgan

Secrets of Blog Posts that Get Tons of Comments: @JFBookman

When Your Passion Kills Your Plot: @storyfix

Tips for rekindling your creative spirit:

10 Reasons to Self-Publish–No More Excuses: @livewritethrive

How to make a book trailer (video creation websites): @beth_barany

Is Ignoring The Importance Of Setting Killing Your Novel? @bubblecow

How to Impress the People You Interview (and Be Professional): @thewritermama

Failure Is Good for You: @SF_Novelists

A quick method for creating your own images: @KarenCV

3 tips for editing your own work: @AnselmAudley

Removing Elements to Fix a Problem Scene: @Janice_Hardy

How to Get Your Self-Published Books Noticed: @howtowriteshop

Establishing Ramifications: @kid_lit

A list of 10 helpful books for writers:

Character Names: How Do You Choose? @ava_jae

The gift of feedback:

How a crisis helped a writer learn about the role of stories: @Jan_Ohara

From Caricature to Character: @KatieGanshert

12 Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets: @mashable

The author's (minor) role in cover creation at trad. pubs.: @PaulTobin

5 Ways to Balance Writing and Life: @writersdigest

How to Turn Rejection into a Positive Experience:

Different types/sizes of publishers with examples of each: @annerallen

How to make a book trailer (video creation websites): @beth_barany

19 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Following: @woodwardkaren

The differences between commercial and literary fiction: @AnnieNeugebauer

How Facebook Advertising Works for Authors: @goblinwriter

Writing A Bottle Scene: @mooderino

Ebook sales aren't a zero sum game: @JAKonrath

10 dialogue tips:

Marketing a Screenplay: @writersdigest

Tips to prepare for a TV appearance:

Learning Writing Skills from Green Lantern {spoilers}:

Owning your goals as a writer: @4YALit @MeaganSpooner

6 tips for regaining your writer's voice: @deewhiteauthor

8 Types of Parenthetical Phrases: @writing_tips

Planning for 1099-Misc: @authorems

6 Ways to Drive More Pinterest Engagement: @smexaminer

How to talk about your work with acquaintances:

Why write fantasy? @dan_hanks

J.R.R. Tolkien's Top 10 Tips for Writers: @JonathanGunson

Author Etiquette 101: How To Support Readers: @jodyhedlund

3 Ways Book Publicity is Like a Zip Line: @WriterCrys

23 Ways to Defeat the Sagging Middle: @fictionnotes

Harlequin Fail Part 2: @JAKonrath

My self-pub observations so far:

A family vibe shouldn't be your litmus for signing with a publisher: @behlerpublish

The importance of good cover copy: @deanwesleysmith

Branding for Writers: @diymfa

Do you have a fear of success? 3 tips for conquering it: @threekingsbooks

8 tips for making time to write: @juliettewade

Publishing vs. Authors? @Porter_Anderson @EmilySuess @PeterTurner @MirabilisDave

A writer on being authentic online: @indieauthor

Tips for stronger ebook sales: @woodwardkaren @JAKonrath

Salvador Dali's Creative Thinking Technique: @MichaelMichalko

Afterward vs. Afterword: @write_practice

What should writers do when faced with contradictory reasons for rejection? @nicolamorgan

A BookStats report of trade sales for 2011 (strong ebook showings): @Porter_Anderson @pkafka

Thoughts on chapter length:

A look at theme, using "City Slickers" as an example: @livewritethrive

Some self-publishing sales stats and tips for higher sales:

Beginner's Guide To Hiring A Freelance Editor: @CA_Marshall

What Every Writer Can Learn From Regency Romance: @novelrocket

21 Top Links to Book Fonts for Self-Publishing: @JFBookman

50 Things 1 Writer Learned At Thrillerfest 2012: @thecreativepenn

12 reasons to self-publish: @RachelintheOC

10 steps to fill plot holes: @howtowriteshop

Tips for starting out with a platform: @janefriedman

The Romantic Tension Recipe: @TaliaVance

Try not to overthink your stories: @jamietr @janice_hardy

Sen. Schumer's WSJ op-ed piece? 'Maddening': @brianoleary @ChuckSchumer @Porter_Anderson

20 Words with More Than One Spelling:

International Thriller Writers--can self-published writers apply? @Porter_Anderson @jamesscottbell @RobertBidinotto

Book trailers--tips for finding viewers: @beth_barany

Why Your Hero Needs a Yappy Sidekick: @KMWeiland

The One Thing That Will Make Your Query Letter Stand Out: @krissybrady

7 Deadly Sins of Querying:

Removing the YA Label: @pubperspectives

Using the realities of the past to unearth the fiction of tomorrow: seeking Lemuria: @genelempp

7 Key Things You Need for Your Blog: @NickThacker

Hard work is the key to success in both trad. pub and self-pub: @behlerpublish

Help for pacing problems: @roniloren

Top 10 homes in literature: @guardianbooks

Sen. Schumer's WSJ op-ed piece? 'Maddening': @brianoleary @ChuckSchumer @Porter_Anderson

The Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Writing Fiction: @BTMargins @lgreffenius

Forget the self-pub stigma and go for it: @JanetBoyer

Even editors need a book designer: @P2P_editor

Prologues--A Cautionary Tale? @Kathy_Crowley

Voice: the elusive but critical ingredient of powerful fiction: @JodieRennerEd

Rounding out characters by adding subplot problems for them to iron out: @mkinberg

The Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Writing Fiction: @BTMargins @lgreffenius

Tips for adapting your book for a screenplay: @GrubWriters @jenna_blum