Sunday, July 22, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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A publisher with series criteria and whether you should pitch all the books when querying: @behlerpublish

Tips for bookstore events: @kalayna

Creative writing *can* be taught: @GuardianBooks

Penelope Trunk interviewed after choosing self-pub instead of trad.: @penelopetrunk @laurahazardowen @Porter_Anderson

When your book doesn't sell: @79SemiFinalist

Tips for Dealing with Bad Book Reviews: @goblinwriter

The Origins of Creative Insight & Why You Need Grit:

An agent on the new contractual language she's seeing from publishers: @rachellegardner @Porter_Anderson

How to Cultivate Creativity: What Science Teaches Us About Freeing the Mind:

How to Blog a Finished Novel and Land a Traditional Contract: @NinaAmir

DRM, Pricing and How to Help Piracy End Itself: @pubperspectives

An editor looks at memorable titles:

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Turns 150: @galleycat

How Your Day Job Is Preparing You For Your Writing Career: @krissybrady

Reading With An Agenda: @mooderino

Worldbuilding--gender roles: @juliettewade

A literary writer tackles gritty writing and its challenges: @_JoyCastro

How to Build a Platform and Get Noticed in a Noisy World: @smexaminer

Making Money From Paperbacks: @davidgaughran

Writing Series: The Cliffhanger Dilemma: @erin_bowman

10 sites with free images: @amberrisme

Your 1st ideas are probably not your best ones: @nataliewhipple

4 tips for getting more traffic to your author website: @LynnettesBooks @JFBookman

Is your conflict strong enough? Could you have too much? @karalennox

Promote Your Book on a Budget: 20 Thrifty Ways to Get Your Writing Out There: @chrisrobley

3 Steps to Recycling Your Half-Finished Novels: @joebunting

How not to be a successful self-pub author: @ava_jae

Author Bios: Concise, Relevant and Fascinating: @fictionnotes

4 Ways to Discover More About Your Audience With Social Media: @smexaminer

Having it all: Life as a Working Mother and Author: @shawnarhill @womenwriters

Profanity in fantasy fiction:

The 10 Most Bizarre Pieces Of Literary Merch: @kimber_regator

Why We Shy Away from Writing Good Conflict and What We Can Do about It:

Strong Nouns and Verbs: @livewritethrive

If We Remember More, Can We Read Deeper– and Create Better? @mkonnikova

7 Networking Tips for Authors: @thecreativepenn @chrisrobley

3 Steps to Pinpoint Your Readers' Favorite Hangouts: @duolit

15 Stock Characters — and How to Restock Them: @writing_tips

How To Publish Your Book On The Kindle And iPad: @bubblecow

5 Stages of Editing Grief: @LyndaRYoung

Crafting Natural-Sounding Internal Thoughts: @Janice_Hardy

Tips for making a book trailer: @beth_barany

Twitter Cheat Sheet for Writers: @jasonboog @galleycat

How To Write A Successful Book Proposal: @bubblecow

12 Most Fundamentally American Literary Works: @12Most

8 tips for increasing Facebook followers: @KristinNador

Writers pick the best literary sex scenes: @guardianbooks

Learning from "The Dark Knight" (spoilers):

An author's thoughts on writing quickly: @ChuckWendig

Show, Don't Tell, in Your Opening: @janice_hardy

Promoting Your Book At Publishing Events: @thecreativepenn

5 Problems with Parallelism: @writing_tips

Strategies for Overcoming Writer's Block: @ThereseWalsh

The cons of series writing: @JeffSalyards

More to consider when deciding whether to trad. publish or self-pub: @susanspann

How to Use Touch to Pull Your Reader Into Your Novel: @marcykennedy

Talent vs. Learning: Do You Have to Be Born a Writer? @KMWeiland

Blogging – should authors go self-hosted or not? 2 bloggers who don't: @dirtywhitecandy

Learning from Spider-Man (spoilers):

Document Look Good? Back it up: @YAHighway

Benefits of Multi-Genre Writing: @ssvik @womenwriters

11 ways to rekindle your creative spark:

Prologues: Keep or Cut? A critique of one manuscript's prologue: @janice_hardy

POV Choices: @theresastevens

10 of the best wills in literature: @guardianbooks

Create a strong ending with a book jacket structure: @write_practice

The complex link between pride and creative achievement: @sbkaufman

The Key to Descriptive Writing: Specificity: @glencstrathy

Your outline doesn't have to be perfect:

Audience In The E-book Age:

Tips for writing the long synopsis:

Blogging for authors – should you be self-hosted? Two bloggers who self-host: @dirtywhitecandy

Bad Reviews—6 Reasons to Be Glad You Have Them: @annerallen

Peak/peek/pique: @JLeaLopez

Online tools for writers: @AnnieNeugebauer

Indie Epubbed Authors: How Often Do You Check Your Ebook Sales?

Writing Religion And Spirituality: @thecreativepenn @JillCarroll

5 Things A Writer Can Do to Evolve: @LyndaRYoung

Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing–Either or Both? @thecreativepenn @livewritethrive

The balance found in small press publishing: @DavidBCoe

Eliminating Filter Words: @Janice_Hardy

3 Tips for Developing Characters: @annastanisz

Every time something is repeated in your story, it has to be different: @kid_lit

5 basic marketing tips: @KarenCV

Create idiosyncrasies for characters: @lisagailgreen

Tips for staying inspired:

5 Steps to Telling Engaging Stories on Your Blog:

Various ways that authors spam others: @ava_jae

The importance of a realistic promo plan in a query: @behlerpublish

Your villain is there to serve the story: @PaulTobin

What Do The Authors Of Serialized Works Owe To Their Fans? @robwhart

The Great Publishing Wars of 2012: @bob_mayer

The bad query paradox: @literaticat

An agent explains what 'researching an agent' really means & gives tips for your social media accounts: @breeogden

How many hooks are too many?

How To Fight Book Pirates: @jasonboog

Penelope Trunk interviewed after choosing self-pub instead of trad.: @penelopetrunk @laurahazardowen @Porter_Anderson

Is Ignoring The Importance Of Setting Killing Your Novel? @bubblecow

Writing crowd interactions: @juliettewade

A look at Twylah and Topsy Analytics for Twitter users: @woodwardkaren

Qualities of a good book reviewer: @magdalenaball

The trickiness of writing character deaths: @mistymassey

The Spectrum of High School Reality in YA Fiction: @4everYA

YA writer Ellen Hopkins on Fearless Writing: @4YALit

Facebook: Promo vs Privacy: @authorems

The emotional seesaw of being a writer: @KeithCronin

The Reader Must Want to Know What Happens Next: @janefriedman

5 quick tips writers can use to avoid procrastinating:

Subtext in "The Amazing Spider-Man": @jamigold

The New World of Publishing: Editing and Proofing: @deanwesleysmith

The importance of fully-engaged worldbuilding: @juliettewade

The 4 Questions Everyone Asks at Conventions: @tordotcom

Villain archetypes:

An agent lists 3 common dialogue problems: @sarahlapolla

The types of errors that proofreaders catch: @nicolamorgan

What Writer's Block Is, And What to Do About It: @krissybrady

Top 8 Literary References in Seinfeld: @NewDorkReview

A tip for writers who get great ideas while showering: @woodwardkaren

Outlining For a Fast Draft: @denisejaden @janice_hardy

Have You Set the Right Tone for Your Story? @KMWeiland

What Every Writer Ought to Know about Flashbacks in Fiction: @LoriDevoti

10 Things for Writers to Pack When They Travel: @elspethwrites

"Defining moments in...our lives form the basis of our own natural writing rhythms": @genelempp

4 iconic types of freelancers: @michellerafter

Tips for avoiding bloated writing: @catewoods

How to pitch your comic book series to a publisher: @79semifinalist

How Goals and Good Intentions Can Hold Us Back: @Psych_Writer

Creativity: Change the Way You Look at Things and the Things You Look at Change: @MichaelMichalko

Does worldbuilding have value? Or is it a subcultural "disease"? @juliettewade

The need for ebook formatting standardization: @Porter_Anderson @fakebaldur

Balancing different elements in crime fiction-- book length, violence, narrative vs. dialogue: @MKinberg

Reverse engineering your story: @mesummers

Authors, stop spamming--use permission marketing: @JFBookman @EditorJamieC @indieauthor @Porter_Anderson

Your Story Cannot Be Published Just Sitting On Your Computer: @greyhausagency