Sunday, July 15, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Keepsakes as clues to character and murder in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Amazon--not just a book company: @Porter_Anderson @jamesbridle @philipdsjones

Is it OK to conduct interviews via email? @MichelleRafter

The 4 Faces of Facebook's Timeline for Authors Explained: @authormedia

Give Characters Interesting Anecdotes: @mooderino

Whatever Happened to Horror? @tordotcom @FrankTallis

Winning The Hearts And Minds Of Your Readers Through Editing: @thecreativepenn

DRM denies fundamental book function--sharing: @bsandusky @Porter_Anderson

5 Common Mistakes New Writers Make: @novelrocket

How Should Writers Handle Facebook Frustrations? @jodyhedlund

Comparing Lightning Source to CreateSpace: @jentalty

8 Tips for Waking Up Early & Conquering the Alarm Clock: @jeffgoins

8 Tips for Creating an Anthology:

7 things 1 writer has learned so far: @KM_Ruiz

We can't shoot for perfection for our books: @KristineRusch

Thoughts on ebook pricing: @bubblecow

"I'll have the 10 oz. writer's life with a side of self-promotion":

The First Sale: Expectation vs. Reality: @YAHighway

How to Use Subtext in Your Writing: @joebunting

Authors: say yes to libraries: @PWxyz

Some real perspective on pricing our books: @deanwesleysmith

Punctuation in dialogue: @noveleditor

Should you pitch an unfinished book to an agent? @nicolamorgan

Prepare for conferences early:

4 Writing Crutches that Insult the Reader's Intelligence: @kristenlambTX

Stuck on character? Use a simile: @fictionnotes

When to write dialogue, and what it's for: @SF_Novelists

What is the scene ABOUT? @theresastevens

A phrase you should consider revising:

5 online marketing tips:

How to Write Characters Your Readers Love: @Ava_Jae

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Self-Publish:

The Top 10 Archers In Fiction: @fantasyfaction

Does Killing Off Characters Make Readers Care Less? @janice_hardy

Editorial phone calls:

52 Reasons to Hate My Father Beat Sheet:

A historical's beginning diagnosed: @janice_hardy

A Freelance Editor Talks About Authors' "Habits" & Predictable Writing: @EditNinja

eBook Design Today and Tomorrow: @JFBookman

How to Stop Dreaming about Your Writing and Actually Do It:

iTunes University for Writers: @JulieMusil

How to Get the Most Out of a Writing Workshop: @DIYMFA

Protecting Your Writing Time – And Yourself: @ClaireCookwrite

Three Reasons Why Prologues Don't Work:

Approaches for writing a wrap-up scene: @dirtywhitecandy

Pros and cons of writing a series: @KenScholes

The vanished writer phenomenon:

Free Sites to Promote Your eBook: @galleycat

20 Tips for Writing Lovable Romance Novel Heroes: @thecreativepenn

Why Do Bad Books Get Published? @KMWeiland

1 traditionally published author makes a move to self-pub: @AlexSokoloff

When publishers drop the promo ball: @AlmaAlexander

How to raise creative kids: @tobywneal

How to Write a Synopsis of Your Novel: @glencstrathy

Pain and Stress Inform the Work, But Not Always Right Away, and Only If You Survive: @indieauthor

Quick tips to avoid being a bad writer: @writing_tips

Writing the emotional body blow: @chrstnabrooke

Encouragement from this rejection? @nicolamorgan

8 Blogging Styles You Can Use Today: @JFBookman

3 writing maxims to ignore or tweak:

Unleash Your Writing With This Trick From the Movies:

Ten challenges to innovation: @thefuturebook

Kiersey Temperament Survey Identifies Who Reads What Genres; Says Reading "Still Strong": @LindaGray_

Is the Stigma of Self-Publishing Finally Gone? @bengalley

Showing C.A.R.E. in Your First Chapter:

How to Polish Your Writing Until It Shines: @StinaLL

7 ways you give away your power--and how to avoid it: @rachellegardner

What to Do when Hollywood Rewrites Your Book--How to Survive a Writer's Most Desirable Problem: @annerallen @cryanhyde

A Study in Opposites: @ThereseWalsh

Outlines for Plot, Pantser for Character: @janice_hardy

The 10 Essential Grammar Rules Of Life: @ollinmorales

6 Easy Steps to Stop the Chaos in Your Life: @lyndaryoung

Fear and writing:

Copyright for Writers: @eMergentPublish

Tips for juggling a busy schedule and writing: @writeitsideways

5 Signs You're Having a Blog Identity Crisis & 8 Ways To Fix It: @roniloren

Point of View: Common Types and 5 Tips for Strengthening: @howtowriteshop

Adverb Advice: Use Carefully: @fictionnotes

The (Not So) Surprising Key to Writing Quickly: @ava_jae

Flip the Script: Use Adverbs Fearlessly: @JaelMchenry

A few brainstorming suggestions: @lisagailgreen

Are You Proud to be a Writer? @fuelforwriting

When you hate your book: @sarahahoyt

Leonardo da Vinci's 8 tips for modern creators: @SimonBrushfield via @Porter_Anderson

Does the Authors Guild really serve writers? @DavidGaughran

Using signature phrases to distinguish between characters: @juliettewade

5 Common Writing Blunders that Can Annoy or Bore Our Readers: @KristenLambTX

Not All Characters Deserve To Be In The Story: @mooderino

Top 10 Tips for Writing Historical Fiction: @DIYMFA

Thoughts on ebook exclusivity and free books: @JAKonrath

Short Tip on Irreversible Plot Points: @Kid_Lit

A Guide to GATSBY and Alcohol: @bookriot

Simon & Schuster is adding QR codes to all its print books. Will readers bite? @laurahazardowen

Easter eggs in a story (using Harry Potter as an example): @HP4Writers

6 Tips for a Friendly Author Website: @sierragodfrey

6 things to learn from Hemingway: @rachellegardner

Tips for making up your own words: @noveleditor

Rights vs. Copyright: @victoriastrauss

Is It Harder Today for Self-Published Authors to "Break in" at Amazon? @goblinwriter

Signs of a Promising Superhero Origin Story:

Sexuality in fantasy:

Tips for writing a direct sequel: @junglereds @jeffabbott

What can publishers do to face challenges in a new marketplace? A publisher with 6 suggestions:

10 Traits That Are More Important Than Talent: @jodyhedlund

Create Powerful Imagery in Your Writing: @writersdigest

Just being on Amazon doesn't sell your book: @hopeclark

Ebooks Gone in 5 Years? @Porter_Anderson @hughmcguire

25 practical, productive things freelancers can do when everyone else is on vacation: @michellerafter

Indie or traditional publishing: what's right for you? @rebeccaberto @melissa_foster

8 Lessons for Modern Creators from Leonardo da Vinci: @markmcguinness

What should you expect from a developmental editor?

The Fantasy Feminist: @AmyJRoseDavis

Music and characterization: @byrozmorris @pilyara

88 Books that Shaped America:

Using the Right Scene Glue: Transitions and Sequels: @beth_barany

If Selling Used Software is Legal Then Why Not Used eBooks? @thDigitalReader

Discovering the story question: @novelrocket

Maximizing Research: @Ravenrequiem13 @KMWeiland

Query Tracker: Keep Track Of Your Stories: @woodwardkaren

Why Empathy is the Key to Story: @joe_bunting

Don't rush out the book? @forbes @passivevoiceblg

10 Tips to Clean Up Your Writing: @WritingFineLine

The Business of (Successful) Writing:

Ways to develop your inciting incident: @donmaass

How Much Does Self-Publishing Cost? A Guide: @duolit

Links to images, image editors, and music for your book trailer: @beth_barany

Draw Out Your Story's Tension—But Not Too Far: @KMWeiland

Defining Success: @janelebak

The Social Life of a Writing Residency: @PatrickRwrites

2 methods of getting feedback for our writing:

Books for boys--thoughts on winning the reading war: @Porter_Anderson @thejeffnorton

Interviewing Expert Sources:

Writing: Where Less Can Be More: @jamigold

The Realities of Publishing (And What Rejection Has Taught 1 Writer): @MeredithMcP

How to Get Those Creative Juices Flowing: @jeffgoins

Tips for writing effective tweets: @rebeccaberto

The 5 bricks of story and life: @maureenlynas

The Curse of the Middle Book:

How to Create a Twitter List in 4 Easy Steps: @authormedia

What You Can Learn About Writing By Writing Thrillers: @nickthacker

Further Proof that Print Books are Disappearing, Literally: @pubperspectives

A look at witches and their popularity in fiction: @guardianbooks

Could mentoring put the brakes on poorly-written self-pubbed books? @threekingsbooks

Modern books frequently=easy reads.Will complexity return w/ self-pub's popularity? @nathanbransford @Porter_Anderson

What Agents Are Not Doing: @Porter_Anderson @LizaDawsonAssoc @sum_mary @DeahlsDeals

Tips for staying safe on Pinterest: @KristinNador