Sunday, June 24, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Don't wait for your muse: @LisaCron

Introducing your protagonist--the importance of 1st impressions: @Janice_Hardy @dpeterfreund

When You Feel Lost in Creative Work & Business: @JeffreyDavis108

A tax-related post for self-pubbed non-US authors: @nickdaws

Passive Vs. Active Voice: @greyhausagency

1 writer's 10 year vantage point on stinging reviews: @blurbisaverb

The theme of anarchy in crime fiction: @mkinberg

The Writing Part is Easy: A Publishing Story: @karensuebell @womenwriters

Writing Is a War & Your Story Is a Trojan Horse: @fuelyourwriting

An Agent Reports What Editors Have Bought Recently for Women's Fic and Literary:

Reminder to publishers--the product is the story, not the physical book: @Bob_Mayer @JenTalty @Porter_Anderson

3 Reasons to Upgrade to a Premium WordPress Theme: @joebunting

Creativity is never a single act: @CreativityPost

Cavalcade Of Literary Jerks: @litreactor

Tolkien did it better than Jackson--10 things writers can learn in the process: @AlmaAlexander

Worldbuilding for Short Stories: @juliettewade

Your Writing Repertoire: The Long and Short of It: @writeangleblog @JLeaLopez

Getting Published: 5 Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Beating The Odds:

Taking the Mystery Out of Query Letters: @rachellegardner

Theme--the heart of your story: @livewritethrive

Pushing Through the Middle of Your Book: @TaliaVance

E is for Epilogue: @annerooney

2 Most Common Reasons for Hiding Character Motivation: @SharlaWrites

Strategies for writers facing summertime schedule upheaval: @CherylRWrites

Why Writers Should Read-Inner Voice:

103 Synonyms for Anger or Angry: @Vigorio

Notes to the First-Time Novelist: @nbakopoulos

How Much Does It Really Cost to Self-Publish?

Using archaeology, myth, mysteries & history for writing inspiration: enigma and the iron thunderbolt: @genelempp

How to Break Out of a Creative Rut: @copyblogger

Signs Your Story Has Too Many Characters: @KMWeiland

Conquering the Cliche: @AshKrafton

Bringing an old manuscript back to life, and to print: @PeteAbela @Christi_Craig

2 Questions to Develop Plot: What If? and What Next? @FictionNotes

You Have A Request Or You Get "THE CALL" - Now What? @greyhausagency

The Secret to Show, Don't Tell: @joebunting

New Book Buyers are Hiding Inside Your Manuscript: @rileymagnus

How to Influence Editors in a Way That 90% of Other Writers Don't: @janefriedman @rachellegardner

Author Websites, Branding And CopyWriting: @thecreativepenn @menwithpens

Weaving humor into your worldbuilding: @AmyJRoseDavis

How to become an ebook superstar: @patrick_barkham

Making Comparisons—Simile and Metaphor in Fiction: @noveleditor

Bookstores in today's publishing climate: the good, the bad, the ugly: @behlerpublish

Freelancers--10 ways to use Pinterest to find a new job: @MichelleRafter @secondact

Writers: Get Inspired And Motivated By The Classics: @KarenBerner

The Path To Publication: Delusions of Grandeur: @RobWHart

Today's Publishing--The End of The World as We Know It? @KristineRusch

Passive Writing: @NovelRocket

How to have your novel made into an audio book: @thewritingbomb

The Source: A Look At Inspiration: @sandranorval

5 Ways Writers Get Lazy: @jodyhedlund

On Characters and Conflict: @kalayna

Common issues that get in the way of crafting a great short story: @WriterUnboxed

Choose harmony over balance in your writing life: @joebunting

When is your book done? @robwhart

How to Make the Most of a Scene: @jamigold

7 Steps for Plotting and Pacing: @MaureenLynas

Pixar story rules: @lawnrocket

riting At Night: The Top 10 Challenges Writers Experience & How to Overcome Them: @AineGreaney

5 Ways to Get More Involved in the Blogging World:

Enhanced ebooks are bad for children finds US study: @guardianbooks

The Path To Publication: Delusions of Grandeur: @RobWHart

You Have A Request Or You Get "The Call" - Now What? @greyhausagency

5 rules for social media engagement: @duolit

Typography in Kindle: @JFBookman

5 Ways to Find the Right Publisher for Your Book: @cherylrwrites

How One Introverted Author Successfully Markets His Work: @janefriedman

A Short Quiz About Partial Quotations: @writing_tips

1 writer would like fewer social media gimmicks: @jillkemerer

5 Commandments of Creativity: @susannebrent

9 tips for writing a novel: @novelrocket

Characters brought back from the brink: @guardianbooks

The Editorial Phone Call: @writeangleblog @bigblackcat97

Are You Trying to Write a Well-Written Book or Tell a Great Story? @janice_hardy

10 Lessons Writers Can Learn From Fifty Shades Of Grey: @mshannabrooks

Choosing between big and small presses: @behlerpublish

The summer reading flowchart: @galleycat

How Many POVs is Too Many? @eMergentPublish

Elements of fantasy--owls: @fantasyfaction

A Writer's Guide to Starting from Scratch: @krissybrady

Writing from Both Sides of the Brain:

Hunger Games--What the Story Teaches Writers: @storyfix

The importance of editing your book: @rebeccaberto

How to Spot and Fix Non-Reactive and Over-Reactive Characters: @KMWeiland

The agent-author relationship: @literaticat

Hooking and Orienting the Reader in the Opening Scene: @Janice_Hardy

You should free write even if you're not a writer: @tannerc

"Rules" and making them up: @theresastevens

Plot possibilities to get your mind moving through writer's block:

Rewriting the publishing dream:

1 writer's process for creating a 1st draft:

Repetition – a two-ended hammer: @dirtywhitecandy

The Bash-Through Draft: @AlexSokoloff

The problem with putting this in your query: "My book is suitable for children of all ages": @nicolamorgan

Fight Scenes: The Waltz of Death: @fictionnotes

8 Steps Needed Before Submitting Your Manuscript: @karencv

On writers' concerns over plot theft: @annerallen

5 Tips for Turning Real Life into Fiction: @writeitsideways

Avoid Time Sinks: Ways to be a More Productive Writer: @janice_hardy

3 tips for staying focused on your writing: @jeffgoins

Do Your Characters Make Enough Mistakes? @Ava_Jae

3 Unappealing (But Effective) Ways to Make Time to Write: @krissybrady

Why Boredom Is Good for Your Creativity: @markmcguinness

Precise wording can bring your book to the next level: @4YALit

5 Ways to Get Out of the Comfort Zone and Become a Stronger Writer: @kristenlambTX

How To Create A Meaningful (Not Promotional) Book Launch: @JonathanFields @danblank

Waiting For A Story To Get Going: @mooderino

5 YA Marketing Tips from Publishing Professionals: @galleycat

Worldbuilding with Horses: Urban Horsekeeping: @bookviewcafe

5 Book Review Blogs: @woodwardkaren

Story structure of a heist movie in 15 sentences: @laurapauling

The Difference Between Brand and Platform and Why Every Author Needs Both: @TheLitCoach

Good Books Are Worth the Wait: @passivevoiceblg

Your Punctuation Personality Type: @LeahPetersen @BryanThomasS

How to Balance Your Blogging Tasks Without Going Crazy: @Pushingsocial

Plot vs. Character: Leaving Room for Magic: @diymfa @4YALit

Personal interactions reveal character: @juliettewade

Four Elements Of a Solid Story Concept: @writersdigest

Using Pinterest as a Reader, Writer, and Author: @lkblackburne

How a Debut Author Used His Old College to Find New Readers: @galleycat

Setting International Prices for Ebooks: @passivevoiceblg

5 Points To Ponder Before You Self Publish: @woodwardkaren

A look at present participial phrases: @theresastevens

5 ways to keep focused on your writing: @lynnettebonner

What will the global e-book market look like by 2016? @laurahazardowen

How to write comics: @litreactor

Why aren't women more visible in the digital publishing debate? @Porter_Anderson @samatlounge

Agency pricing and the Dept. of Justice: @Jane_L @Porter_Anderson @JayLLevine @JDGsaid

Agents in Transition--Curtis Brown offering writing courses: @Porter_Anderson

Booktango and the Future of DIY E-book Publishing: @pubperspectives

The Secret Myth of Traditional Publishing: @deanwesleysmith

Creating Memorable Secondary Characters: