Sunday, June 17, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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It's looking like tomorrow is going to be a catch-up day for me, so I'll be back to posting on my usual schedule on Wednesday. Hope everyone will have a great start to their week!

Remaining true to our own vision, as writers: @writeitsideways

Is your inspiration holding you back? @fuelyourwriting @SWFICreative

How to Test Market Your Book Idea with a Blog: @JFBookman @NinaAmir

A Plot Template to Keep you on Target: @Janice_Hardy

What if self-publishing is only a stepping stone? @Porter_Anderson @Victoria_Noe

Characters need clear-cut goals: @karalennox

Dust Off Your Poetry and Get It In a Book: @magdalenaball

Creating an Emotional Connection With Your Readers: @DianeAlberts

Examples showing how 1 writer engages his reader: @KathrynCraft

5 Tips to Endear Readers to Your Story:

How writing is like a 1st date: @NovelRocket

Transfer Your Confidence to Your Writing:

13 Theatrical Terms in Popular Usage: @writing_tips

Story milestones in the Hunger Games: @storyfix

How to join Twitter chats: @michellerafter

Writers Don't Have to Re-Invent the World: via @BretBallou

What makes a children's book great: @pubperspectives

How (Not) to Be Awesome on Social Media: @ava_jae

Tips for querying your YA manuscript: @howtowriteshop

Grant writing resources for writers: @sarahrcallender

Lasso your book blurbs, put them on LinkedIn: @PublicityHound

David Thorne Earned More With Self-Pub Book Than Traditional Publication: @mediabistro

Tips for Working through Writer's Block:

Publishing…Welcome to Business 101: @behlerpublish

How to Host a Book Giveaway Online: @galleycat

Juggling Archetypes: Heroes, Villains and Shapeshifters: @PassiveVoiceBlg

3 Keys to Building Platforms: @nickthacker

When Bad Books Happen to Good Writers: @sarahlapolla

Writing horror--past, present, and future: @seanhtaylor

Should you put the price on the cover of your POD books? @deanwesleysmith

An Agent on What Editors Have Bought Recently - YA and MG:

Get Specific About Your Writing Goals: @krissybrady

Self-Editing Tips: Structure:

A grammar refresher--"between you and I/me":

10 of the best: dates in titles: @guardianbooks

How to Respond to Negative Reviews: @bethrevis

3 Writing Exercises in Search of a Character: @junglereds

11 ideal times to write: @raventools

10 Famous Authors' Fascinating Alter Egos: @flavorpill

Tips for writing horror: @litreactor

Nonfiction Authors: How Well Do You Know Your Readers? @JFBookman @TheCreativePenn

Your Story in Nine Critical Sentences: @storyfix

What writers can learn from Barry Eisler:

The Amazon effect: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Grammar refresher--lay and lie: @theresastevens

Platform: ticket to creative freedom: @dirtywhitecandy

How front and back matter can stimulate book sales: @SueCollier

9 Delightful Library Cats:

What Is the Story Behind Your Story? @andilit

How a Book Blogger Tackles Conferences:

15 Unfinished Books By Great Authors: @buzzfeed

How To Nail A Successful Author Reading:

How Many Unique Identifies does one eBook need? @jentalty

Taking Care of Your Creative Self:

Tips for deepening your characters:

The Two Conflict-Creating Needs of Every Character: @KMWeiland

8 Reasons Why Slow Blogging Will Help Your Career: @annerallen

4 Reasons For Making Time to Read: @chucksambuchino @DaynaLorentz

Writing is a Business: @novelrocket

Print on Demand–While You Wait: @livewritethrive

5 etiquette tips for writers: @sierragodfrey

5 Good Stock Image Sites for Bloggers: @catseyewriter

The biggest mistake many writers make: @krissybrady

It's not necessary to write every day: @jaelmchenry

Protecting Your Professional Reputation: @CMKaufman

Creative Well Running Dry? Try a Writing Prompt: @writeitsideways

Skip the "suddenlys" in your story: @BryanThomasS

Critique Groups: Why, How and Where: @fictionnotes

When to TELL the Story:

Query Musts & Query Faux Pas: @msheatherwebb

Critique vs. artistic vision: how far should we respond to reader reactions? @juliettewade

Songwriting Tip: Creating Songs That Stand Out:

5 Ways Writing is Gardening: @victoriamixon

The Secret To Making A Living As A Writer: Work For Free: @woodwardkaren

Do Your Read Like a Reader or a Writer? @janice_hardy

Marketing Your Debut Novel:

13 Things You May Not Know About Agents: @rachellegardner

Hustling: How to Spread the Word About Your Work: @Janefriedman @chrisguillebeau

5 Steps towards Making Peace with Criticism:

A Good Scene Isn't Written, It's Dramatized: @mooderino

How To Develop a Story Idea Into a Book: @writersdigest

Quick info on various MFA programs: @4kidlit

Common problems of female characters: @mistymassey

The Importance of Staying Flexible in a Changing Industry: @jodyhedlund

A quick comma quiz: @writing_tips

The Author as Publisher, Author as Fraud: @PassiveVoiceBlg

If you call yourself a writer, how do you label yourself? @AnnieNeugebauer @PatrickRwrites

Things to consider before giving up your day job: @JudeHardin

Free templates and charts to help writers keep organized: @AnnieNeugebauer

The Ultimate Guide to Pitch Writing: @jamigold

Publishing must become user-focused: @bsandusky @Porter_Anderson

An Agent's Art: @Porter_Anderson @jasonashlock @RachelleGardner

What publishers should invest in: @Jane_L @Porter_Anderson