Sunday, June 10, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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3 tips to stay focused through a long-term project: @toddhenry @Porter_Anderson

Writer Confronts Alleged Plagiarist on Video: @galleycat

Stalkers in crime fiction:

What Every Author Needs to Know About Search Engine Optimization: @authormedia

Writers' Conferences–Valuable for an Indie Author? @goblinwriter

Climbing Mount Revision 1 Step At A Time: @DIYMFA @storyadaymay Authors Have Earned $36M: @mediabistro

Literary Revolution in the Supermarket Aisle: Genre Fiction Is Disruptive Technology: @leverus

Marketing Non-Fiction Vs Fiction: @johnnybtruant @thecreativepenn

6 Reasons Editors Will Reject You: @writersdigest

Writing happy endings for romance: @traci_bell

Realistically portraying relationship between male and female protagonists:

14 Ways to Simplify Your Blogging and Get More Done: @NickThacker

Survey of Authors Reveals Widespread Dissastisfaction with Publishing Industry: @PassiveVoiceBlg

How to Plot by the Numbers:

How Amazon is changing the rules for books and movies: how-amazon-is-changing-the-rules-for-books-and-movies @iamjaygreene

4 infographics about self-publishing: @ebookfriendly

Silencing Your Inner Editor: @noveleditor

Dangling and misplaced modifiers: @livewritethrive

A writer's most important characteristic:

6 Habits to Help You Write When You Don't Have the Time: @jeffgoins @tylerbraun

Hack the cover: @craigmod @PassiveVoiceBlg

Tips for effective dialogue: @NakedEditor

6 Ways Copyeditors Make Your Book Better: @jfbookman

Are Books Becoming Too Long to Read? @thedailybeast

Literary Devices: Allusion: @fantasyfaction @ AmyJRoseDavis

Conflict In Story Is Like Finding Gold: @mooderino

Writing a bestseller according to formula:

10-Second Story Ideas - Adapt Familiar Titles and Phrases: @DebGallardo

Creating a Book Series: Great Idea or Think Again? @FionaRobyn @KMWeiland

What Authors Seem to Forget About Marketing—Especially Those Who Dislike It: @JaneFriedman

Romance structure and romantic moments: @dpeterfreund

5 Super Villain Schemes So Crazy They Might Just Be Crazy (some spoilers): @tordotcom

Too many great writing blogs to read? Beating the anxiety of online reading:

How to Get a Book Deal When You Suck at Pitching: @museinks

2 surveys on the business of writing: @victoriastrauss

"If I can query you, then why do I need an agent?" @behlerpublishing

Tips for better dialogue: @SF_Novelists

Tips for better descriptions: @write_practice

Supervillain Tactics You Might Not Have Heard Of:

The Pros and Cons of Pen-Names for Authors: @nickdaws

Literary Devices: Foreshadowing: @fantasyfaction @amyjrosedavis

Setting emotions aside on the emotional topic of self-publishing: @Porter_Anderson

Hunger Games — Revision Lessons From the Film Adaptation: @storyfix

10 quick tips for better fiction: @bob_mayer

Become a more productive writer by avoiding your email inbox: @krissybrady

1 writer's process for finding a freelance editor: @IndiaDrummond

Demonstrate Your Author Brand With A Professional Headshot: @thecreativepenn

3 Tips for Authors on Networking: @NickThacker

Ways to be a More Productive Writer--Leave Yourself Notes: @Janice_Hardy

Making the Most of Writers' Workshops: @stinall

Book Link Tools for Authors: @authorems

Secure Your WordPress Blog Without Touching Any Code: @problogger

Tips for Tackling Big Tasks--Like Writing A Book: @JulieMusil

Pacing and Hooking Readers in the Opening Scene: @Janice_Hardy

A look at Kobo's new self-pub platform:

Writer Beware: Undead Press & Editing Clauses: @woodwardkaren

Why You Should Be Secretive About Your Writing Goals: @krissybrady

What's the Reading Level of Your Writing? @writing_tips

3 Rules for Writing Endings: @jblearnstowrite

5 Time Savers for Writers:

15 Minute Writing Tasks: @fictionnotes

Consistent craft in POV:

A list of upcoming US writing cons and how to decide between conferences: @chucksambuchino

Easy Ways To Keep The Reader Interested: @mooderino

An agent explains what a publishing contract covers: @rachellegardner

Tips for your short bio: @Margo_L_Dill

Why Skimping on Macro Editing Could Cost You Readers: @JodyHedlund

Fifty Shades and Profiting Off Fanfic: @jenniecoughlin

Free and Low-Cost Resources for Kindle Authors: @nickdaws

Picture Book Tips from Abrams Books for Young Readers: @4kidlit

Does editing damage editors? @sarahahoyt

Pinterest: an Opportunity for Creators – or a Threat? @markmcguinness

6 Things 1 Writer Learned About Hooks and Marketing from a Minstrel: @jeanniecampbell

Thoughts on bundling different book formats: @thefuturebook

How to Use Pinterest to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog: @smexaminer

The SCAMPER method of brainstorming: @creativitypost

Don't fall between the cracks; finish the dang book: @behlerpublish

Publishers Weekly Moves Into Self-Publishing: @victoriastrauss

How to Promote Your eBook for Free: @JasonBoog

Who's Going To Survive The Switch To Digital Books? @ChandlerWrites

Ebooks: winners in the generation game: @guardianbooks @AnnaBaddeley

What Does It Take to Become a Full-Time Indie Author? @goblinwriter

Manipulating the Feeling Conveyed by Character Names: @JulietteWade

The Editor's Dozen: Common Mistakes Writers Make: @LynnetteLabelle

The Future of Book Cover Design in the Digital Age: @jme_c

Start Your Summer Right: 5 Creative Writing Tips: @jessicastrawser

Turning Lurking Themes into Short Stories:

Top 10 Blog Traffic Killers: @michaelhyatt @JaneFriedman

Self-publishing and the burden of proof: @chuckwendig

An agent reports that some self-pubbed authors want agents: @rachellegardner

Productive stupidity can lure us to extraordinary productivity: @JeffreyDavis108

It's okay for kids' books to be fantasy – why not adults' books?

Principal vs. Principle: @writing_tips

Using Archaeology, Myth, & History for Inspiration: Royal Mountains Majesty: @genelempp

Terrifying French children's books - in pictures:

48 Elements of Persuasive Written Content: @copyblogger

4 types of dramatic tension: @karenschrav

Literary Devices: Plot Devices: @fantasyfaction @amyjrosedavis

Keeping Readers Hooked Through Story Revelations: @Janice_Hardy

Would Your Story Benefit From a Distant Narrator? @KMWeiland

How to Remain Sane While Writing: @Ava_Jae

An agent on the dream cliche and beginnings: @Kid_Lit

"Had" isn't automatically bad: @howtowriteshop

The Most Common Reasons Good Manuscripts Get Rejected:

Self-Publishing: Are You Ready? @AnnetteLyon

Is Perfectionism Killing Your Career? @KristenLambTX

Balancing Dialogue and Narrative: @christi_craig

Resist Query Tweakage: @behlerpublish

What your flap copy has already given away: @carrieryan