Sunday, June 3, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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It’s almost here! Tuesday is the release day for my latest book and for my friend, Hart Johnson’s debut!

Crazy_Cozy_Blogfest_v1-2_400pxDon't' forget the new release blogfest that she and I are hosting on June 5th—find more information and sign up here. The best entries get signed copies of our new releases.

Have a great week!

3 Things Writers Should Look For In A Smartphone: @bbgeeks

8 Things You Might Not Know About the New York Times Bestseller List: @YAHighway

5 problem openings: @writersdigest

Untraditional Outline Techniques: @DIYMFA

Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make at a Crime Scene: @novelrocket

4 tips for writing the middle grade novel: @writerscoach

4 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Book Marketing Efforts: @JaneFriedman

How writers can make a better 1st impression: @writeangleblog

Noun/Verb Agreement with "Number": @writing_tips

Crime fiction novels where characters make repeat appearances: @mkinberg

Pricing and markets: agency and libraries: @Publisherswkly

Converting Backstory into Character: @theresastevens

5 Ways To Connect With Other Writers: @thecreativepenn

The importance of detail to our stories:

Editing Clauses in Publishing Contracts: @victoriastrauss @PassiveVoiceBlg

The "Brutal" 2000-Word Day: @KristineRusch

4 Editing & Proofreading Techniques: @writersdigest

Make Quality Connections for Your Writing Career: @krissybrady

Novel length and pricing: @sarahahoyt

6 Ways to Defend Your Blog Copyright: @rondoylewrites

The power of surprise in fiction writing: @nickdaws

A writer with Twitter tips: @dirtywhitecandy

Why Self-Conscious Writers Are Doomed: @KMWeiland

Tips for selling your books on Amazon: @cathryanhoward

Pricing Books and Ebooks: @JAKonrath

Tips for spring cleaning your writing: @ChynnaLaird

2nd Book Syndrome--how putting one book behind you can unleash a brand new world: @JoWyton

Yes, E-mail Still Works for Book Marketing: @JaneFriedman

Covering our bases as writers:

7 Tips for Turning Your Blog into a Book: @BrianKlems @NinaAmir

Odd writerly habits: @DavidBCoe

Writers shouldn't pay for interviews: @BryanThomasS

The 20 Best Poems for Kids: @robertleebrewer

Are all YA Mysteries Genre Busters? @LauraPauling

A romance writer's process for finding the perfect cover for her self-pubbed book: @sdwriter

Turning Pain into Fiction: @icypop

Tips for book signings: @KatieGanshert

Writing Dangers: Shiny New Idea Syndrome: @Ava_Jae

7 reasons you need an editor: @serbaughman

A Word Aspiring Writers Don't Use Enough: @krissybrady

Confusion Is Not the Same As Mystery: @Kid_Lit

Tips for Introducing Characters in a Scene: @Janice_Hardy

Demystifying Dialogue: Perfect Your Punctuation: @DIYMFA

Writing Characters Worth Reading: @mooderino

All About Advances: @rachellegardner

6 Tips For Marketing Your Book On Reader Communities: @PYOEbooks

Cut words? Or add words? @juliettewade

10 publishing blunders to avoid: @mybookshepherd

How Much Interaction Should Authors Have With Readers? @JodyHedlund

The Google Alert: An Author's Friend? Or Frenemy? @blurbisaverb @mmitchmoore

3 tips for assessing self-pub companies: @curiosityquills

10 Reasons You Should Attend a Writing Conference: @cherylrwrites

Are all web browsers created equal? @jentalty

The scariest question: "Why should I care about this story?" @juliettewade

5 habits that make 1 writer more creative: @CatsEyeWriter

Write like the Buddha: @carleenbrice

Flesh it out (how 1 writer adds to her word count): @SashaWhite

Tips for winning a writing competition:

Starving Artist Vs. Slimy Marketer: How to Strike a Balance: @JaneFriedman

4 Ways to Take Your Character from Typical to Terrific:

Inexpensive Ideas For Writing Retreats:

Why the emotion in your story is failing: @fuelyourwriting

10 Tips for Writing a Great Author Bio: @LaurenClark_Bks

You'll Look Like a Spammer If… @JamiGold

Your story's central question:

True Marketing Power for Authors: Looking in a New Direction: @rileymagnus

The Better Book Titles site: @rebeccaschinsky

An Agent's Secrets to Selling Your First Novel: @writersdigest

Hunger Games — The Stealth Power of Sequencing: @storyfix

Are run-ons okay nowadays? @theresastevens

10 Tips for Attending a Writers' Conference: @AnnieNeugebauer

Amazon Select: Is exclusivity worth it? @woodwardkaren

Experiencing Story From the Inside—Feel Your Stories: @noveleditor

The publication process? @fuelyourwriting

Demystifying Dialogue: Perfect Your Punctuation: @DIYMFA

How Much Interaction Should Authors Have With Readers? @JodyHedlund

Writing Characters Worth Reading: @mooderino

7 Tips for Turning Your Blog into a Book: @BrianKlems @NinaAmir

4 Editing & Proofreading Techniques: @writersdigest

5 Ways To Connect With Other Writers: @thecreativepenn

Literary Devices: Foreshadowing: @fantasyfaction @amyjrosedavis

Protagonist Hook: Unique Job and Lifestyle: @Howtowriteshop

Story structure--fitting in prologues or epilogues, flashbacks, etc.: @KMWeiland

Tips for expanding time in our stories: @margielawson

Mentioning an MFA in your query: @nicolamorgan

7 ways to become a more confident writer:

The Human Structure of Song and Narrative: @JulieWuAuthor

The editing process at a publishing house: @rachellegardner

Why Novelists Should Write Flash: @kcraftwriter

The Pros and Cons of Pen-Names for Authors: @nickdaws

Amazon v newspaper: which is the more valuable review? @guardianbooks

Predictable plot in romance: @glencstrathy

10 writing myths and 10 things about being a writer: @writersdigest

Family Manuscripts Found: Now What? @catewoods

Is Science Fiction dying? @graywave

Personal Narrative for Writers and Characters: @ajackwriting

Listen to constructive criticism: @nicolamorgan

Publication Standards--Fragmented Present: and a Standard Future: @nickd

For literary inspiration follow @AdviceToWriters. Jon Winokur dispenses writerly wisdom of the ages.

A useful resource for describing settings, emotions, shapes, textures, and more: @AngelaAckerman

A free directory of #ebook pros--for covers, editing, formatting, & more: #epub

Sign up for the free WKB newsletter for writing tips & the chance to win @AngelaAckerman 's "The Emotion Thesaurus"

Free Internet Tools for Writers:

How to Avoid the 2nd Book Slump: @janalynvoigt

The hero's journey, using Bridget Jones' Diary as an example: @PAShortt

The difference between tension and conflict: @AdelanteArts

7 tips for writing the middle grade novel: @writerscoach

A look at tone: @livewritethrive

Pacing tips:

9 Tips on Plotting a Novel in Verse: @fictionnotes

Trimming Words From a Too-Long Manuscript: @Janice_Hardy

Unconscionability in contract law: @JAKonrath

Tips for buying online ads: @JaneFriedman

Tips for editing subplots: @BeccaPuglisi @LauraPauling

Defeating lazy writer syndrome: @KristenLambTX

A Mantra for Blocked Writers: @JoeBunting

50 creative writing professors on Twitter: via @PassiveVoiceBlg

How to Get Better Results with Your List Posts: @pushingsocial

7 tips for writing good villains: @sarahahoyt

The Legacy of 'Legacy' Publishing: @stephenpub @Porter_Anderson

9 things 1 writer has learned from teaching writing: @readingape

An Agent on the Changing World of Children's Books: @DennisAbrams2

What Will Make An Agent Gong Your Pages: @roniloren

Quotation tips: @writing_tips

5 newbie blogging mistakes: @michellerafter

Putting the Science in Zombie Apocalypse:

Think Like A Publisher: Production and Scheduling: @deanwesleysmith

How to Avoid Head-Hopping: @JodieRennerEd

7 Lessons to Improve Your Author Website: @duolit

Building Book Structure One Scene at a Time: @beth_barany

Tips for getting published in literary magazines: @JoeBunting

How to speak publisher: E is for Earning out: @annerooney

Expand your platform by growing your email subscriber list: @RachelleGardner @MichaelHyatt

9 Don'ts for Dialogue: @DIYMFA

Top 10 YA Books Every Writer Should Read: @fuelyourwriting

Proofreading 101:

Half of self-published authors earn less than $500: @alisonflood

The Importance Of Reaching Beyond Female Stereotypes: @BryanThomasS

Using Tarot for Creative Writing: @JanetBoyer

5 New Twitter Tools to Boost Your Marketing: @smexaminer

Best-Selling Author Has Harsh Words for Amazon: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Why Genre is Synonymous With Pop: @tordotcom

Noveling 101–A snapshot overview of writing: @kalayna

Least-Favorite Book Critic Words and Phrases: @elizabethbastos

Do editors not say no because they can no longer say yes? @thefuturebook

Harnessing The Muse – How To Stay Inspired: @womenwriters @tartantantrum

Writers and exercise--don't let the writing life kill you: @galleycat

How to successfully launch a YA print novel: @laurapauling