Sunday, May 27, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Self-tracking--how we're documenting our daily lives online: @nora3000 @Porter_Anderson @sparkcbc

7 Steps to Creating Suspense: @write_practice

20 Tips for Writing Lovable Romance Novel Heroes: @AdriennedeWolfe

How Short Stories and Novels Are Different: @Janice_Hardy

7 POV Basics: @JodyHedlund

Writing a Marketable Children's Short Story: @Margo_L_Dill

New ebooks to libraries--a look at Hachette's pilot program: @Porter_Anderson @laurahazardowen @HachetteBooks

1 writer's process of revising her children's picture book: @MaureenLynas

How digital stalking can get you published: @thefuturebook

Cool Finds for Writing: @cherylrwrites

Writing marketable memoirs: @behlerpublish

AAR Fail: @JAKonrath

e-Publishing Revo: It's a New Electronic Self-Publishing Service, But There's a Catch: @victoriastrauss

Keeping Writers as Pets:

3 Tools To Help You Find The Best Time To Tweet: @authormedia

Top 10 pseudonymous books: @guardianbooks

From Writer to Author to Publisher to Marketer: @jfbookman

The real threat to (big time) book publishing: @ProjectDomino

Going Deeper: A Process Rather Than A Technique: @RLLaFevers

Avoiding Homonym Headaches:

Why Moms Matter in YA and Children's Literature: @diymfa

Characters Need Goals: @noveleditor

Distinguishing Between Straight-Up Advice and Paradigm Shift: @janefriedman

8 Dialogue Mistakes to Avoid: @fictionnotes

Tips for expanding time in our stories: @margielawson

Crime fiction cases where the police know the perp, but can't prove it: @mkinberg

3 Mighty MacGuffin Generators: @speechwriterguy

Writers beware of exclusives: @behlerpublish

3 Tips to Write Like Kurt Vonnegut: @joebunting

How to Record & Share Google+ Hangouts: @mediabistro

Becoming your character: @KMWeiland @ggvandagriff

Why Writers Must Be Observers: @ava_jae

The aloof author is dead: @forbes

An Evening in the Life of a Debut Novelist: @blurbisaverb

The 10 best historical novels: @guardianbooks

Hunger Games: A Slippery First Plot Point: @storyfix

9 Steps to Take When You Loathe Your Own Blog: @ryanbarton

Writing in stolen time: @womenwriters @HazelGaynor

Tips for bookstore events: @literaticat

Keep Readers Close to Action and Emotion: @noveleditor

How to Create a Promotional Trailer for Your Book: @fantasyfaction

33 things to do when you are feeling a bit angry with your novel: @YAHighway

All the writing links I shared last week:

Story structure--fitting in prologues or epilogues, flashbacks, etc.: @KMWeiland

Indie or Traditional Publishing? Don't Take Sides: Take Your Time: @annerallen

Start Your Day More Productively: @authorEMS

The Best E-Publishing Resources: @JaneFriedman

Outlining From A Finished Draft For Pantsers: @BryanThomasS

How To Sell Self-Published Books: One at a Time: @cathryanhoward

Another Take On "Show, Don't Tell" For Writers:

7 Tricks to Write More with Less Willpower: @write_practice

Confessions of a Contest Judge:

Style Sheets: The Writer's Punch List: @MariaZannini

Stories in your pocket: how to write flash fiction: @guardianbooks

7 Terms with the Root "-Vore": @writing_tips

Lessons 1 writer has learned about memoir writing: @jhansenwrites

10 things 1 writer's blog has taught her: @WordDreams

How to Make Your Writing a Priority Again: @krissybrady

5 things writers can learn from Taylor Swift: @writeitsideways

All About Ellipses: @writing_tips

Editing When Your Head is Spinning:

Fear and writing: @AnnieEvett

1 writer's 10 social media pet peeves: @jodyhedlund

Multiple Choice Queries: @behlerpublish

When do you give up or start over? @juliettewade

7 Bad Habits of Successful Authors: @rachellegardner

A tip for more productivity as a writer: @janice_hardy

A look at different types of humor, with examples: @margielawson

Personal alliances in our story: @JulietteWade

7 writers who almost died before penning their masterpieces: @publisherswkly

3 Times You Should Use a Comma: @write_practice

Book design--have you checked your margins? @JFBookman

Mapping Out Your Story: @diymfa

A tale of 2 royalty statements: @courtneymilan via @PassiveVoiceBlg

5 Myths About Published Writers:

Hunger Games — From Concept to Compulsion: @storyfix

3 infographics on how a book is created: @ebookfriendly

7 Ways to Mine Blog Posts into Publishable Gold: @NinaAmir

Pitch paragraph and a critique: @nicolamorgan

A look at when to choose closed-compound or 2-word phrases: @writing_tips

Primary motivation of the protagonist and who or what stands in his way: @HunterFaith

The future of reading and publishing according to Amazon: @peternowak

Writing Scenes: Stepping Forward, Falling Back: @writersdigest

Expressing Thought-Reactions in Fiction: @JodieRennerEd

The Biggest Challenges in the New Era of Publishing: @nathanbransford

Writing interruptions into our stories:

7 Reasons to Kill your Characters: @fuelyourwriting

What a book reviewer looks for: @lauriej170

Protagonist Hook: Unique Job and Lifestyle: @Howtowriteshop

Literary Devices: Foreshadowing: @fantasyfaction @amyjrosedavis

Getting started with author platform: @fictionnotes

Making the Most of Editing "What Not to Use" Lists: @janice_hardy

Endings That Spark Beginnings: @livewritethrive

Using music to inspire emotion in our writing: @laurapauling @byrozmorris

The fairy godmother of writing: @christi_craig

5 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Productivity: @workawesome

Unusual historical settings as story inspiration--tombs and temples: @genelempp

7 conference tips: @writeangleblog

Are You a Genre Flip-Flopper? @KMWeiland

6 Surprising Ways to Find Writing Ideas: @writersdigest

3 tips for assessing self-pub companies: @curiosityquills

Literary cartoons for writers: @pageturner

4 steps to create Mind Rooms: @JeffreyDavis108

Avoid Having Characters Repeat Each Other:

Tips for "making your books Audible": @Porter_Anderson @Bob_Mayer

Dear DIY author: @Porter_Anderson @NathanBransford @ChuckWendig @sarahlapolla

Dialogue, and specificity: How talk depends on the talkers: @JulietteWade

Tips for tightly focused scenes: @theresastevens

Quick review of POV:

Are You Trying to Create an "Impossible" Book? @JFBookman

Writers--the quick test for Are You Being Scammed Or Not: @neilhimself

Marketing Your Way To An Amazon Bestseller: @thecreativepenn @rachelabbott

PW's attempt to fix the Top 100 Novels list: @publisherswkly

Increase Your Book Sales with Anthology Submissions: @beth_barany

More UK Children Under 10 Read eBooks On Laptops & PCs: @mediabistro

Upping the Emotional Level of Your Work with The Emotion Thesaurus: @4YALit @AngelaAckerman

1 writer's revision process:

A real female protagonist:

How a Virtual Book Tour Can Help You Publicize Your Book: @cherylrwrites

Digital publishing outlook & analysis--@Paidcontent con wrap-up: @Porter_Anderson @alokjha @jeffjohnroberts @sdkstl

How does writing 3 or 4 books a year affect a writer?

Everyone Gets Jealous, Even Published Authors: @jodyhedlund

3 Keys to Guest Posting Success: @DannyIny

Are Press Releases a Thing of the Past? 3 Challenges: @fictionnotes

Revealing Character through Details: @JulieEshbaugh

Amazon's Ever-Changing Algorithms: @edwrobertson

Fall Out of Love with Your Main Character: @writeitsideways

5 Literary Beasts that Seem Like Science Fiction Monsters: @tordotcom @ryancbritt

A need for optimism in SF/F? : @creativitypost

The publication process? @fuelyourwriting

The Underground New York Public Library site: @kimthedork @bookriot

What queries are good for: @JulietteWade

How To Sell Your Self-Published Book in Bookstores: @galleycat

How to set up an RSS feed for your blog: @howtowriteshop

Hunger Games — Examining the Part 1 Set-up Scenes: @storyfix

Publishing Choices – A NYT Author Decides: @susansquires

3 Reasons You Should Tell Someone Else's Story: @joebunting

The Craft of Writing Short Stories:

Writing monsters:

Why you should write a treatment before anything else: @jammer0501