Sunday, May 20, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Twitter handles are better than names: @Porter_Anderson @RachelleGardner

How to free the genius inside you: @jammer0501

Understanding the Minor Characters' Role: @writersdigest

How to Choreograph Direct Action Scenes:

10 Fantasy Clich├ęs That Should Be Put To Rest: @erchristensen

Ways to take your writing seriously: @authordebraney @novelrocket

Unlikeable protagonists in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Top Ten List of Things to Remember When Publishing in Multiple Genres: @aletheakontis

It Doesn't Matter How You're Published – We're All Self Promoted: @ajackwriting

Discovering characters through music: @byrozmorris @FannyBlake1

Unusual historical settings as inspiration for fiction--2 examples of the Babel principle: @genelempp

All the links I shared last week:

The Starburst Method: The Rough Draft & Narrative Drive: @woodwardkaren

The Reality of the Six-Figure Deal: @cristinterrill

Freelancers--don't write for free: @ChandlerWrites

5 Bits of Wisdom from a New York Times Besteller: @jhansenwrites @susanmallery

4 Steps to Making Your Own Book Trailer: @duolit

Reactions to the editor/agent panel at Desert Dreams con: @bob_mayer

Are Your Scene Breaks Rude? @KMWeiland

10 Weird Things About Edgar Allan Poe: @tordotcom

Big 6 Publishing is Dead–Welcome the Massive 3: @kristenlambTX

Sentence and Paragraph Makeovers: @artzicarol

1 Writer's 6 Pre-Writing Steps: @roniloren

How to Find the Perfect Audience for Your Book, And Sell It to Them: @nickthacker

Step Outside Your Story World: @noveleditor

Are you a writer? One way to find out: @daycathy

Cliffhangers: Not Just for the End of a Book: @jamigold

Working Past Wordiness For Fresher Writing: @serbaughman

Ways to Hook Your Readers & Keep Them Wanting More: @jodyhedlund

5 Ways to Build Suspense Like a Master:

5 Ways to Build Suspense Like a Master:

How to Pitch Your Book: @CherylRWrites

The Hero and Heroine of Your Readers' Dreams: @writerashley

The Wordplay blog--a resource for writers from @KMWeiland . More info on Wordplay/Weiland: #RAOK

Chaos? Tame It So You Can Write: @amyatwell

Sherlock Holmes is the New Justin Bieber: @tordotcom

Treatment of Words That Include "Self": @writing_tips

Why the death of DRM would be good news for readers, writers and publishers: @doctorow

Thoughts on Writing Villains: @Marie_Lu

Plotters vs. Pantsers: @fantasyfaction

Discover The Basic Elements of Setting In a Story: @writersdigest

Telescoping POV: @kcraftwriter

Self-tracking--how we're documenting our daily lives online: @nora3000 @Porter_Anderson @sparkcbc

Mentioning an MFA in your query: @nicolamorgan

A Survival Guide For Writers In Love (And Those Who Love Them):

Vetting an Independent Editor: @victoriastrauss

The real crisis facing publishing? No readers: @brianoleary @Porter_Anderson @rechtsteiner

5 Tips for Holding an Online Contest: @jeanoram

5 Tips to Trap Your Characters: @chihuahuazero @write_practice

Finding hidden treasures in a rejection letter: @behlerpublish

7 Out-of-the-Box Author Blogging Ideas: @ShariJStauch

Can Too Many Pronouns Spoil The Story? @mooderino

Literary Devices: Themes: @AmyJRoseDavis

How to Find & Delegate Tasks to Virtual Assistants:

Interview techniques for writers:

How to Find Your Daily Writing Motivation: @menwithpens

The 10 Commandments of Writing a Thriller: @writersdigest

Check Your Facts: @behlerpublish

Imagination and Being Stuck--New Brain Facts for Writers:

3 Tips for Self-Publishing Success: @goblinwriter

7 Ways to Write a Stand-Alone Book (with Series Potential):

Race in Young Adult Fiction: @howtowriteshop

How to Get Feedback on Your Writing (and Sort the Good from the Bad): @KMWeiland

Low-Hanging Fruit is All Gone–The Future is About Teamwork, Humility & Innovation: @KristenLambTX

Why Downton Abbey is Addictive (and Instructive): @daycathy

4 Steps To Nailing Your Character's Voice: @Kody_Keplinger

The Benefits of Fake Deadlines: @juliemusil

Taking a Writer's Retreat (at a writing friend's home):

Find and replace editing:

Getting the Right Reaction From Your POV: @Janice_Hardy

7 Heavenly Bodies as Sources of Adjectives: @writing_tips

Fan fiction promises to be a rich vein for publishers: @jamesbridle

How To Sell Self-Published Books: @cathryanhoward

Interviews--11 simple steps: @fictionnotes

5 Ways Novelists Can Benefit from Watching Movies and TV Shows: @lydia_sharp

Story Structure: The Resolution: @KMWeiland

50 quotes about books and reading: @ebookfriendly

Protagonists go the extra mile: @Gary_Fearon_

Reading with the Enemy: @literaticat

What If My Agent Doesn't Like My Next Book? @rachellegardner

15 Tips for Guest Bloggers: @annerallen

Setting the mood with your first lines: @PepperBasham

Author Blogging 101: Finding Time for Blogging: @JFBookman

What To Do With Your Darlings (Maybe We Shouldn't Kill Them): @jaelmchenry

In the Beginning: How to Draw in Your Reader: @writeitsideways

Where will self-publishing get quality control? @dirtywhitecandy

19 Ways to Build Relationships With Blog Comments: @TheSalesLion

10 Tips for a DIY Author Website: @PBRWriter

The Dramatic Question and Suspense in Fiction: @write_practice

An example of a beat sheet--for "The Hunger Games": @storyfix

The three worst words in fiction: @p2p_editor

What literary fiction is (and why we shouldn't assume we hate it): @AnnieNeugebauer

How to check our ego around fellow creatives: @BryanThomasS

How do we know if we're good at writing? @sarahahoyt

E-book pricing – what are you worth? @behlerpublish

Villains vs. Antagonists: @diymfa

Triberr, Using the Power of Friends to Promote Your Blog: @howtowriteshop

Literary Groups Defend 'Fifty Shades of Grey': @galleycat

Journalism--3 simple goals for summer interns: @mediabistro

Editing Clauses in Publishing Contracts: How to Protect Yourself: @victoriastrauss

The Pleasures of Being Read To: @pageturner

Two-Typewriter Homes: Famous Literary Roommates: @flavorpill

How to Create a Great Author Tagline: @JeanOram

Influence of classic literature on writers declining, study claims: @alisonflood

17 Ways For Writers To Use Pinterest: @storyadaymay

The 50 SF Books You Must Read: @ForbiddenPlanet

Chipping away at writer's block: @kathytemean

8 Stages of Procrasti-writing: @wendypmiller

Pacing the publishing crisis: time is short: @harkaway @GuardianBooks @Porter_Anderson

The real crisis facing publishing? No readers: @brianoleary @Porter_Anderson @rechtsteiner

How to Sell Your Manuscript Without an Agent: @writersdigest @DianeKellyBooks

5 Steps to Hosting Successful Twitter Chats: @smexaminer

8 Reasons Not to Quit Social Media When You're Burned Out: @jodyhedlund

Does Every Scene Need a Goal? @JamiGold

Pacing the publishing crisis: time is short: @harkaway @GuardianBooks @Porter_Anderson

Weasel Words:

7 ways to become a more confident writer: @aliventure

Examples of raising the stakes in your story (using "Castle" as an example--spoilers): @jeanniecampbell

9 Ways to Outwit Writer's Block: @rachellegardner

An agent gives author website tips: @literaticat

5 Myths About Published Writers:

3 Surefire Ways To Generate Better Inane, Meaningless Jargon: @ChandlerWrites

Worldbuilding: High Culture versus Low Culture: @juliettewade

Widening our marketing efforts to non-writers: @rileymagnus

Quality books take time: @rachellegardner

Using unusual historical settings for inspiration--modern dystopia: @genelempp

The lost art of rhetoric and persuasion: @speechwriterguy

Thoughts on what makes for a professional-looking cover: @rebeccaberto

"Hero's Journey Analysis on Dystopian Classic "Soylent Green": @PAShortt

How Does Your Writing Sound? @emergentpublish

7 ways to become a more confident writer: @aliventure

10 Tips for a DIY Author Website: @PBRWriter

5 Ways Novelists Can Benefit from Watching Movies and TV Shows: @lydia_sharp

Mentioning an MFA in your query: @nicolamorgan

Literary Devices: Motif: @AmyJRoseDavis

The Age of the Artist–Time for a Revolution: @KristenLambTX

Character Flaws: When is Too Far Too Far? (With a nice list of possible flaws): @jeanniecampbell

10 Minutes to the Perfect Elevator Pitch: @duolit

25 ways to earn an audience: {language} @ChuckWendig

What an Agent Does & Doesn't Do: @writersdigest

15 things not to blog about: @artzicarol

Job market for creative professionals: @creativitypost

The Fine Line Between Insulting and Bewildering Readers: @KMWeiland

How to Write When You Don't Know What to Write: @NickThacker

A Writer's Secret Weapon–The Power of Delete:

3 Ways To Strengthen Your Writing: @writersdigest

5 Archetypes for Supporting Characters: @diymfa