Sunday, May 13, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I sharedTwitter3 the previous week.

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Publishers--the window is closing: @harkaway @Porter_Anderson @conville_walsh

You Are Not Your Bookshelf: @readingape

How to finish writing a novel: @ava_jae

The ebook marketplace is a long way from settled: @MikeShatzkin

Strategies For Writing About Loss: @BTMargins

Whose Story Is It? @mooderino

3 Core Elements of Storytelling (And Why You Should Write Them Right Away):

10 synonyms for tacky: @writing_tips

Psychology in Worldbuilding: @juliettewade

Harlequin Fail: @PassiveVoiceBlg @annvosspeterson

Traditional Publishing And Self-Publishing Are Not Mutually Exclusive: @thecreativepenn

13 Reasons the Police Might Oppose a Superhero:

Do Deadlines Hurt Us or Help Us? @jodyhedlund

Why It's So Hard to Become a Writer (and 5 Tips to Break Through): @krissybrady

5 tips for a successful book event: @curiosityquills

A look at in-laws in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Story Structure: The Third Act: @KMWeiland

Writing and receiving book reviews: @beth_barany

Reviewing Your Reviews: How to Absorb Feedback from Writing Contests: @jeanniecampbell

5 Things 1 Writer Learned About Self-Publishing: @elephantguy68

How 1 writer built her author website: @roniloren

5 Things You Don't Need To Include When Writing Summaries: @writersdigest

Dos and Don'ts for fantasy language: @fantasyfaction

Publishers should focus on the 19% (infographic): @galleycat

Resources for finding character diseases:

Tips for getting a publishing internship:

Tips for writing back cover copy: @byrozmorris @jamigold

16 Essential WordPress Plugins for Authors: @JoeBunting

The Beauty is in the Details: @meredithduran

Differences between small and big 6 publishers: @CherylRWrites

The Art and Science of Collaboration: @CreativityPost

Writer Yoga: See the World Through The Right Lens: @jenniecoughlin

Revising vs rewriting: @dpeterfreund

Excessive Detail Can Kill Your Story: @mooderino

How to Get Your Life Back from Your Smartphone (and write): @markmcguinness

Why Floundering Is Good: @anniemurphypaul

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Writing Sessions: @write_practice

A forensics research resource for mystery writers: @DPLyleMD

Tips for connecting with book clubs: @JulieCantrell

Mental Revision Tools: @BretBallou

Can literary fiction survive the ebook age? @alisonflood

13 things writers can learn from America's Next Top Model:

Find Your Characters Through Their Profession: @howtowriteshop

10 Things Agents Don't Want To Hear At Pitches: @greyhausagency

Voice--dare to be uniquely you: @KristenLambTX

The Importance of Reversion Clauses in Book Contracts: @victoriastrauss

Why writers need checklists: @KMWeiland @AllyAnderson

Quick tips for writing scenes: @Wordstrumpet

Tips for adding conflict to our story:

Writing advice from Harper Lee, Steinbeck, and Sandburg: @writersdigest

8 rules of Pinterest etiquette: @jenndancy

Delineate Characters through Dialogue: @passivevoiceblg

Tips for setting up a new series: @noveleditor

Publisher euphemisms: @johnnyd @guardian

1 writer used a journal to find voice and story:

Girl vs Boy: Writing the Opposite Sex: @janice_hardy

What Happens If Your Publisher Hits the Wall?

Are You a Writer Who's Too Busy Not Writing? Here's How to Get Started: @krissybrady

1 writer defends herself on blog typos: @sarahahoyt

1 poet's advice to other poets: @galleycat

36 Adjectives Describing Light: @writing_tips

A synopsis example (using "Ides of March"): @ChuckSambuchino

Interviews with cover designers: @ruthharrisbooks

'Social' Media: Muse Abuse: @porter_anderson

30 Twitter mistakes to avoid: @speechwriterguy

Showing in a Distant Third Person: @janice_hardy

Story Structure: The Climax: @KMWeiland

Fight scene pacing:

Writer Masochism and How to Cure It: @annerallen

Stuck on your novel? Write yourself a five-star review: @dirtywhitecandy

How audio book narration works: @ddscottromcom @C_Padovan

Think Like a Publisher: Projected Income: @deanwesleysmith

The 10 best first lines in fiction: @guardian

You Can't Just Leave Out The Boring Parts: @mooderino

Preventative vs. Preventive: @writing_tips

Step Away From the Keyboard and Improve Your Writing:

When a Metaphor Becomes a Metaphor Cliche: @pegeditors

For writers' significant others: @rachellegardner

Good Stories Start in the Middle: @AdriennedeWolfe

End your writing sessions in the middle of a sentence: @janice_hardy

3 resources to help writers become more comfortable with technology: @janefriedman

The positive side of rejection: @angelaackerman

Character Dynamics: @DavidBCoe

The Return of the Novella, the Original #Longread: @TheAtlantic @JoeFassler

The Reality of the Six-Figure Deal: @cristinterrill

How NOT to write a series, OR, Don't put all your eggs in one basket: @literaticat

Make your characters leap off the page: @behlerpublish

Maximizing Author Appearances in an Increasingly Virtual Age: @Lit_Gal

The innovation we need to see before eBooks can completely replace pBooks: @Boris

Writing and publishing today--what's honest and true? via @WomenWriters

8 Ways to Build a Loyal Readership for Your Blog: @aliventures @catseyewriter

How Writers Can Get Started With Google+: @danblank

7 Ways Doing Your Accounts Can Boost Your Creativity: @the99percent

How to write a romance: @howtowriteshop

Conflict strategies in fiction. @p2p_editor

What's in a "strong female character"? @juliettewade

Navigating a 1st Time Author's Book Launch: @TweetTheBook

Are American YA Covers Too Generic? @galleycat

How to Make Writing into a Dream Job: @bookemdonna

Author collectives signal a new chapter for self-publishing: @theguardian

Man Against Nature–How to Make it Work: @kristenlambTX

Characterizing through appearance: @CAMorganti

The importance of quality control for our novels & tips for vetting editors: @victoriastrauss @dirtywhitecandy

The coming D-Day beyond "books": @naypinya @jpatokal @Porter_Anderson

Publishing--Potter envy: @Porter_Anderson @Forbes

Tips for beginning your story:

10 picture book writing tips: @kidsBookReview

Why short stories matter: @diymfa @skunkorama

The Starburst Method: The Rough Draft & Narrative Drive: @woodwardkaren

What to be aware of if you want to become an editor: @theresastevens

The wrong reasons to publish an ebook (and the right ones): @hopeclark

Surviving a Writers Conference: Dos and Don'ts to Making it Out Alive: @BTMargins

Why Writers Need to Seriously Consider Pinterest: @JodyHedlund

A collection of advice for writing endings:

Aggressive versus Obnoxious in the Land of Publishing: @bob_mayer

The Importance of Pathos: @juliettewade

Non-verbal communication in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Tips for video blogging: @jhansenwrites

Why you can't find self-pubbed books in stores: @tglong

On "Noir" and Genre Pigeonholing: @BTMargins

How to Convert an Adjective to an Adverb: @writing_tips

Life as a published author: @rachellegardner

Do book trailers sell books? @BTMargins

'These Are Your Kids on Books' Poster Goes Viral: @galleycat

Why your book isn't selling: @curiosityquills

The importance of editing:

5 tips for writing wildlife: @gill_lewis

Don't Let Your Inner Critic Hijack Your Book Research: @originalimpulse

Pesky dialogue problems:

The difference between faux and real tension: @carrieryan

Tips for better blog design: @nickthacker

5 Tips to Convince Editors to Say "Yes" to Your Guest Posts: @alexisgrant

Key points of a query letter: @behlerpublish

The hero's journey:

Freelancers--don't write for free: @ChandlerWrites

5 Graphic Novels That Should Have Made the Hugo Awards: @tordotcom @ShoshanaKessock

The Obsessed Writer's Guide To Crawling Your Way Back To Sanity: @ollinmorales @kathypooler

3 tips for writing scenes: @livewritethrive

Self-Publishing Basics: Introduction to Metadata: @jfbookman

Why Writers Need Publishers…Or Do They? @lisapbuchan

3 tips for genre blending: @nicolamorgan

6 Steps to Article Content Properly Formatted and Search Engine Optimized:

Tips for starting a meditation practice (& aid creativity): @the99percent @mcd_owell