Sunday, May 6, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraigtwitter_newbird_boxed_blueonwhite

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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How to Start Your Novel: @joebunting

A roundup of analysis on the MS/B&N deal: @Porter_Anderson @JPManga @sarahw @maryjofoley @ThadMcIlroy @mikecane

Updating Traditional Motifs to Create Fresh Fiction:

Style Sheets for Consistency: @Artzicarol

Why e-books will soon be obsolete (it’s not just because of DRM): @jpatokal

For writers on the go--a $10 folding whiteboard: @mjburnsy

Mouth-Watering Book Nooks: @BookishWallace

Miniature fairytale for royal dolls' house to be published full size: @alisonflood

Character intelligence: a matter of consistency and context: @JulietteWade

5 Tips for Making Time to Write: @lynnegarner

What Amazon's ebook strategy means:

Sites for Ideas and Inspiration: @cherylrwrites

Precision increases plausibility:

The Danger of Authors Being Too Clique-y on Twitter: @roniloren

Note to publishers: Your addiction to DRM is killing you: @mathewi

The difference between edits and copyedits: @MiriamForster

Discrepancy vs. Disparity: @writing_tips

The Trouble With Tagging and Liking – How an Amazon Tag and Like Aren't Enough: @beth_barany

Writers should broaden their marketing efforts: @KristenLambTX

The Writer's Version Of The Seven Deadly Sins: @ChandlerWrites

Choosing a Historical Fiction Topic, or Any Topic: @msheatherwebb

Literary magazines for new and emerging writers: @rebeccaberto

5 Ways to Reduce the Working-Mom Whine Syndrome: @jodyhedlund

How to use, not abuse, jargon, slang, idioms: @writeitsideways

Consumers Increasingly Choosing Tablets Over E-Readers, Study Says: @DigiBookWorld

A brief history of Microsoft's e-reader efforts: @kevinctofel

How to become an e-book sensation: @Beverly_Akerman

8 tips to get the most out of attending a writers conference: @michellerafter

What years as an agent brought to 1 writer:

15 Ways to Write Tight:

Creative Ways to Kill a Character: @writersdigest

Is Your Work Commercially Viable? @janefriedman

What does the DoJ settlement mean for customers? A summary:

Tips for writers who suffer from repetitive strain injury: @byRozMorris

The relative respectability of various contractions: @writing_tips

Self Publishing on Amazon: Kindle Direct Publishing: @woodwardkaren

A refresher on punctuation and parentheses: @livewritethrive

How to Create Distinctive Character Voices: @KMWeiland

12 Ways to Create a Mailing List that Will Sell Books: @bookgal

What Not To Do or What 1 Writer Learned from Watching Season 4 of Castle: @anna_elliott

An example of line editing: @theresastevens

A capitalization refresher, with an infographic: @grammarnet

Five Resources For Freelance Writing: @howtowriteshop

5 Reasons Other Writers Aren't Showing You The Love: @jeanoram

Know Your Reader, Know Your Setting:

In electronic author collectives, writers band together to promote their books: @robotech_master

Why 1 agent doesn't think New Adult is marketable yet: @sarahlapolla

Back away slowly from 1-star reviews: @sierragodfrey

The problem with Twitter hashtags and automation: @KristenLambTX

Why Do Old Books Smell?

The 7 Bad Habits of Insanely Productive People: @soniasimone

Make-or-Break Verbs: @sinandsyntax

How to Outline (the Easy Way) Like Janet Evanovich: @writersdigest

Social Stereotypes in Worldbuilding: @JulietteWade

10 Ways Free iPhone Apps Supercharge Writers: @jfbookman

1 writer dissects "The Hunger Games" to find 20 things that made it work: @annerooney

8 Tips for Naming Characters: @toucanic

Top 5 reasons why Twitter Crushes Facebook: @speechwriterguy

Self-destructive behavior by writers: @sarahahoyt

Think Like a Publisher: Early Decisions: @deanwesleysmith

20 Words for That Certain Something: @writing_tips

Types of conflict and subtypes of external conflict:

5 tips for a successful book event: @curiosityquills

Story Structure: The Third Act: @KMWeiland

Throughline: Tying Your Story Together: @mooderino

4 tips for writing compelliing erotica:

YA Authors on Pinterest:

Crime fiction--when protagonists from different series join forces to solve cases: @mkinberg

7 things 1 writer learned from working with editors: @BryanThomasS

Do Writing Contests Help or Hurt Creativity? @jeanniecampbell

How to Form Plurals of Compound Nouns: @writing_tips

Train your muse like a puppy: @rachellegardner

Perfecting Your First Page: 3 Tasks or Exercises: @janefriedman

Thinking Through a Strategy for DRM: @JosephJEsposito

Hiring a Freelance Editor: A Step-by-Step Guide:

12 ways Twitter makes you a better writer: @eMergentPublish

Setting the Mood with your First Lines:

Tips for ending chapters with a bang: @AdriennedeWolfe

How (Not) to Write Great Characters: @Ava_Jae

Own the crazy: @ChuckWendig @ThereseWalsh

The YA Genre Is Killing Itself: @fuelyourwriting

The 9 Smartest Things Said about the non-Pulitzer: @readingape

Taking critique like a pro: @behlerpublishing

5 steps for testing your opening scene: @roniloren

Tips for writing better book reviews: @readingape

Ebooks--Pricing, Visibilty & Experimentation: @DavidGaughran

The Key Ingredient for Dramatic Tension–Understanding the Antagonist: @kristenlambTX

Launching a successful blog tour:

The Starburst Method: The Character Grid: @woodwardkaren

Tips for writing villains:

No sympathy for the creative class: @TheMisreadCity

The Introvert Blogger's 5-Step Guide to Acing an Interview: @catseyewriter

15 Tips for Children's Book Authors: @pictsandprint

The Criterion For Evaluating An Agent:

Guest blogger etiquette: @curiosityquills

23 Timeless Quotes About Writing: @writersdigest

10 keys to a great writer's conference: @CherylRWrites

Fantasy characters with disabilities and imperfections: @fantasyfaction

How to be both original and universal: @jammer0501

Do characters really need to be likeable? @JulietteWade

Tips for on-air interviews: @Porter_Anderson @LinLacombe

1 industry insider's acknowledgment of the case for self-pub--with 4 qualifiers: @Porter_Anderson @MikeShatzkin

2 Tests That Can Help Writers Sort Through Feedback: @jodyhedlund

Tips for keeping your writing fresh: @jhansenwrites @MargieLawson

Tenses and Person: @MistyMassey

Six Great Reasons to Write Your Novel: @thecreativepenn

Character stereotypes and archetypes: @AlexSokoloff

5 Reasons to Keep Blogging When You Want to Abandon the Mission: @originalimpulse

Good Writing Isn't Good Enough Anymore, Especially in Queries: @greyhausagency

7 Tools For Pacing A Novel & Keeping Your Story Moving At The Right Pace: @writersdigest

Plot vs Arc: Effecting Change: @behlerpublish

The digital-only model is cool for cats - and even Shakespeare: @thefuturebook

A look at juries in crime fiction: @mkinberg

The secret truth about writing: @speechwriterguy

What are the primary goals of your protagonist & antagonist?

Tips for creating literary fiction:

How to cut thousands of words without shedding a tear: @rachellegardner

20 Middle Grade Fiction Agents: 83 Sales: @fictionnotes

Tips for designing a story using mood collages: @diymfa

Author Blogging 101: Listening: @JFBookman

Write How You Write, Not How You Speak: @writing_tips

Sexual Tension Is Not Just About The Next Morning: @greyhausagency

Writing and receiving book reviews: @beth_barany

Using archaeology to inspire--troglodyte dwellings: @GeneLempp

5 Things 1 Writer Learned About Self-Publishing: @elephantguy68

How 1 writer built her author website: @roniloren

5 Things You Don't Need To Include When Writing Summaries: @writersdigest

Dos and Don'ts for fantasy language: @fantasyfaction

Publishers should focus on the 19% (infographic): @galleycat

Reviewing Your Reviews: How to Absorb Feedback from Writing Contests: @jeanniecampbell

Resist the urge to explain: @TheresaStevens

How to create a remarkable writing voice: @KristenLambTx