Sunday, April 29, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitter3Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Tips for writing about mental illness in your novel: @fantasyfaction

1 writer's process for final edits: @byrozmorris

3 important questions to ask your characters: @livewritethrive

Writing vs. marketing: Those 10,000 hours: @Porter_Anderson

Tips for writing better fiction: @mooderino

6 reasons writers still want publishers: @rachellegardner

Tips for writing a synopsis: @nicolamorgan

The Importance of Persistence: @thecreativepenn

Most Frequently Challenged Library Books of 2011: @galleycat

Study Shows that More People are Reading:

A look at common suffixes: @writing_tips

The 10 Bestselling Fiction Authors of All Time: @PassiveVoiceBlg

A Strong Take Off? Opening Pages That Hook: @janice_hardy

The basics of POV: @VirginiaKantra

Sonnet writing tips: @AnnieNeugebauer

Dial DRM for endless debate: @Porter_Anderson @doctorow @glecharles

Blog tours--tips for finding and querying hosts: @NickThacker

5 Tips For Writers on Planning Their Con Season: @BryanThomasS

When the Dream of Being Published Doesn't Materialize: @livewritethrive

3 Things to Know About Exposition & Telling: @victoriamixon

10 ways to spark creative connections: @cherylrwrites

When to Mail Short Fiction To Traditional Publishers: @deanwesleysmith

Groundbreaking Tools for Creating eBooks: @janefriedman

Being Subtle With Subtext: @StinaLL

5 ways to pace your story: @KMWeiland

Pushing our manuscript to the next level--1 writer's process: @aswinn

How Committed Are You, Really?

Shape Up Flabby Writing with Stronger Words: @2KoP

5 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Timeline Page With Images: @smexaminer

Questions to ask yourself when reading your book's 1st 5 pages: @4kidlit

Characters Must Grow: @AdriennedeWolfe

Crime fiction--when to produce the body: @mkinberg

How To Dish Out Backstory In Digestible Bites: @roniloren

How to Get More Blog Traffic from Pinterest: @catseyewriter

The Importance of Persistence: @thecreativepenn

Jodi Picoult and the Myth of the Segregated Marketplace: @DavidGaughran

The Writing Life: Fear, Want, Dissatisfaction, Defiance: @DavidBCoe

Portraying a multiple individual: @JulietteWade

2 kinds of new agents: @behlerpublish

The wordplay and music of poetry: @diymfa

Avoid Overactive or Inactive Characters & Subplots: @writersdigest

Self-Publishing and Paperbacks — Is Print Still Worth It? @goblinwriter

10 Ways to Spark Creative Connections: @cherylrwrites

Ways to amplify your writer's voice:

Are Self-Published Authors Happier Than Traditionally Published Authors? @thecreativepenn

The 3 top monster stories and what keeps them popular in the 21st century: @tordotcom

Book Design: Choosing Your Paragraphing Style: @jfbookman

Daring to be an original--voice: @kristenlambTX

What to Do When You Offend or Disappoint a Reader: @jodyhedlund

Better Bend Than Break: On Staying Flexible: @DelilahSDawson @janice_hardy

5 Ways to Fix a Boring Bio: @KeithCronin

The artistic product: @Ravenrequiem13

The Secret to Your Next Creative Breakthrough: @jeffgoins

5 rules 1 writer lives by: @mooderino

How Amazon is redefining the book market: @InsideRetailau

The Atlantic's List of Greatest Girl Characters in Literature: Really? @tordotcom @mari_ness

An agent discusses the learning experience of being an intern: @bookendsjessica

Writing lessons learned from "Shatter Me": @juliemusil @TaherehMafi

How Authors Should Use Tumblr, A 5-Step Guide: @galleycat @RachelFersh

Listing and Quoting on GoodReads: @blurbisaverb

Does your story have something new under the hood? @behlerpublish

Worldbuilding--manners: @JulietteWade

Tips for pacing your novel: @Mommy_Authors

Retail DRM Is an Apple. Library DRM Is an Orange. @ShiftTheDigital

Why you should have comments, even when they're bad: @mathewi

Finding People to Read, Review and Recommend Your Book: @JFBookman

6 reasons authors self-publish: @rachellegardner

Dual duties of chapter endings: @noveleditor

5 Words Caught in Semantic Drift: @writing_tips

True Fans and Indie Publishing: @jenniecoughlin

Sorting Out the Mess of a Chaotic Book Draft: @originalimpulse

The Rejection Generator – Pay Your Dues Fast: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Post-Publication Depression? The Months after a Book Release: @womenwriters @authormonica

Are eBooks Really Good For The Environment? @ebooknewser

When Literary Opposites Attract: @NewDorkReview

25 reasons 1 writer might hate your main character: @ChuckWendig

Lee Child: Legendary Late Bloomer: @DebraEve

10 Lies You Might Tell Yourself While Editing: @elspethwrites

Publicity or spam? @nicolamorgan

Freelance Success Is About Process, Not Personality: @JaneFriedman @wellfedwriter

The process of agents submitting manuscripts: @SaraMegibow

Dualing with words--action & dialogue: @kaath09

10 ways to spark creative connections: @cherylrwrites

Tips for writing & receiving testimonials: @beth_barany

The Art of Collaboration in Writing: @mistymassey

Conferences--Where The Editors and Agents Are: @jhansenwrites

Start with Failure: The Advice No Aspiring Writer Ever Wants to Hear: @HilaryGraham @4kidlit

What 1 SF writer learned from watching Star Trek: @piperbayard @NicoleBasaraba

Unusual historical settings as story inspiration--Isle of Dystopia: @GeneLempp

Research--why you should start at the library: @EV_Mag

Plotting is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle: @fictionnotes

Creative Writing vs Professional Writing: @greyhausagency

Exploding Myths & Destroying Minds: @davidgaughran

Biographical Information in a Query: @Kid_Lit

Top 1,000 Best Romance Novels:

Writing is an illusion: @megmims @Ravenrequiem13

Are eBook Authors Unwittingly Losing Sales?

Some reactions to Tor's DRM-free announcement: @robotech_master

3 tips for developing and using a media kit: @duolit Returns: @victoriastrauss

Facebook or Twitter, Which Is Better for Book Promotion? @goblinwriter

The Poetic Process: @diymfa

How freelancers and other writers can use Pinterest: @michellerafter

Why The Elements of Style Breaks Its Own Rules…and Why You Should Too: @readingape

Professional Editors: The Smart Writer's #1 Competitive Advantage: @thecreativepenn @mattgartland

Believable fantasy character design: @BenGalley

5 Things Songwriters Can Do To Move Their Careers Forward: @cliffgoldmacher

8 Tips to Keep From Going Batty as You Launch Your Writing Career: @SamuelPark_ @annerallen

The Role(s) of Reversal in Fiction: @BTMargins @lgreffenius

Blog touring--write great guest posts by keeping your stories about your stories: @byRozMorris

Story Structure--2nd Half of the 2nd Act: @KMWeiland

What 1 writer has learned about writing a novel: @sarahpekkanen

Inside Amazon's Idea Machine: How Bezos Decodes The Customer: @GeorgeAnders

A Bit of Controversy in Your Platform? @THahnBurkett

A Quiz About Hyphenating Phrasal Adjectives: @writing_tips

Writing is a crazy profession. But you can take control over your stress: @sarahahoyt

The New World of Publishing: No Balance: @deanwesleysmith

Using archaeology, myth, & mysteries for writing inspiration--fairy chimneys: @genelempp

3 things you should know about your story:

Defining a scene and its length: @livewritethrive

Writing & Publishing Terminology 101: @janefriedman

Stretching emotions in category romance: @Louisa_George

Show Your Setting through the POV Character's Eyes: @JodieRennerEd

Tips for genre blending: @storyfix

Springtime for Amazon? Positive stories on the retailer: @ljndawson @Porter_Anderson @jwikert @brianoleary @gluejar

Writing vs. marketing: Those 10,000 hours: @Porter_Anderson

Freelance Success Is About Process, Not Personality: @JaneFriedman @wellfedwriter

Does your story have something new under the hood? @behlerpublish

The process of agents submitting manuscripts: @SaraMegibow

The Rejection Generator – Pay Your Dues Fast: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Plotting is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle: @fictionnotes

3 Dos and 3 Don'ts of Requesting Book Reviews: @duolit

How to Cure your Comma Overuse: @fantasyfaction

Why every man MUST read a romance – and every woman a thriller: @speechwriterguy

Worldbuilding--manners: @JulietteWade

How to Give Your Book Cover a Better First Impression: @TweetTheBook

A look at Young Adult Fiction: @NicoleBasaraba @julie_glover

Believable fantasy character design: @BenGalley

An Agent on Adjusting Expectations for Conferences and Critiques: @Kid_Lit

Is Your Character Talking the Talk Instead of Walking the Walk? @KMWeiland

The "It" Factor for your Protagonist:

Figuring Out Your Writing Style: @danyelleleafty