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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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Pew Research's numbers on the rise of ereading: @Porter_Anderson @PewInternet

6 Core Storytelling Competencies: Good… Better… Best. @storyfix

How to successfully launch a YA print novel: @laurapauling

Making a living as a writer--challenges: @rachellegardner

How To Get Book Reviews Without Spending (Too Much) Money: @KenBrosky @thecreativepenn

Farther vs. Further: @writing_tips

The Long Distance Landscape of a Writing Career: @barbaraoneal

The Power of What If: @bookemdonna

Crime fiction--killers who don't take responsibility: @mkinberg

Amazon book reviews--democracy in action, ignorance, or bullying? @Bob_Mayer

7 Military Ranks Common in Popular Culture: @writing_tips

There Are No Writers Without Readers: @JLeaLopez

The True Essence of Character: @livewritethrive

Piracy and Rowling--a few questions: @thefuturebook @agentpete

Important elements for a riveting story: @PAShortt

Different types of paranormal elements in fiction: @kaitnolan @nicolebasaraba

6 fiction writing tips when planning a novel: @AdriennedeWolfe

The hybrid author: @eMergentPublish

The qualities and the effects of despair for writers: @sarahahoyt

Ebooks going global: @thefuturebook

Writers are doing everything backwards: @speechwriterguy

Kindle Fire & the Nook Tablet's popularity prevents Android from real competition with the iPad: @PCMag

The Lady Or The Tiger – Publishing Choices: @SusanSpann

Using archaeology and myth to unearth the stories of tomorrow--dead reckoning: @GeneLempp

Agent shopping while still under contract? @bookendsjessica

When Not to Tell Your Character's Backstory: @KMWeiland

Maps: Why to use them, and how to create them in Excel: @juliettewade

Tips for crying characters: @Artzicarol

Writing Fantasy Songs: Part 2: @fantasyfaction

7 Reasons Your Muse Isn't Talking to You: @write_practice

Creativity is the Key Skill for the 21st Century: @markbatey

Understanding Author Platform–All the World Wide Web's a Stage: @kristenlambTX

3 Steps to Reading With Purpose: @diymfa

1 writer's plotting process: @beth_barany

Plotting and The Premise:

Free Your Inner Process Slave: @JulieAnnePeters

Blogging, Splogging, & Syndication: @cherylrwrites

5 reasons to keep writing: @jammer0501

Tips for dealing with backstory in your novel: @Janice_hardy

Formatting tips for authors: @curiosityquills

A closer look at first lines and what makes them work:

Writing Tools: Cool Finds: @cherylrwrites

How Amazon made self-pub cool:

Is Fan Fiction Ready to Go Mainstream Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey? @tordotcom

What's the greater fear for publishers? Amazon or piracy? @MikeShatzkin

Character Archetypes: @woodwardkaren

Exploiting Our Brand: Is There a "Right" Way? @jamigold

How to Create a Cover Photo for Your Facebook Timeline: @copyblogger

Amanda Hocking: 'A lot of authors tend to over market': @galleycat

Lost Sight of the Game? Find it Again. @victoriamixon

Open Letter to An Author: @kimthedork

Different types of editors and various editing responsibilities:

10 Misconceptions About Writing Books For Children: @writersdigest

How 1 writer failed his way into a book deal:

Beware of name dropping: @behlerpublish

An explanation of the starbust method of writing: @woodwardkaren

7 Reasons You May Be Losing International Readers: @PYOEbooks

105 Author Blog Prompts: @duolit

Goals: Does Every Character Need the Same One? @Janice_Hardy

What to do if your book has been rejected by everyone: @greyhausagency

How to save your MS Word italics when formatting an ebook: @howtowriteshop

Write truthfully in imaginary circumstances: @NakedEditor

When Arguments Are a Good Thing: Conflict in Dialogue: @KMWeiland

Too Many Subplots? 3 Tips for Cutting: @fictionnotes

When To Bring Backstory Out of the Shadows: @noveleditor

Sex in fantasy: @fantasyfaction

Cover Art: Tips for the Do-It-Yourselfer: @IndiaDrummond

Publishers Struggle with iBooks vs. App Problem: @galleycat

Writers--Ditching the Dread…of Success: @RealLifeE

Different methods to apply discipline to your writing life: @bob_brooke

(A Writer's) Age Is Just A Number: @mincontro

5 Classic Creative Challenges: @the99percent

19 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Blog: @problogger

How to get ideas for stories – be gullible: @byrozmorris

The Secrets of Story Structure--The First Half of the Second Act: @KMWeiland

Tips for approaching a short story draft:

Placement of cliffhangers: @glencstrathy

What 1 writer learned from writing a 2nd book:

Showing–and Telling–Emotion in Fiction:

Write for Your Audience--Not Your English Teacher: @Eliz_Humphrey

Why We Should All Be Writing Short Fiction: @annerallen

How to Read a Book Contract – For Avoidance of Doubt: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Are Short Story Openings Different From Novels? (A diagnosis of an opening): @Janice_Hardy

6 Ways Bloggers Can Avoid a Visit from The Grammar Police: @writeitsideways @thecreativepenn

4 Key Elements Every Pitch Needs:

8 Copyediting Tips For Writers: @BryanThomasS

Backstory Delayed Gratification: @mooderino

Wandering eyes... and other body parts:

Writing is a Muscle, Flex it: @WordServeLit

Sonnet Building--Step 1= Ideas: @AnnieNeugebauer

Writers should struggle against style:

Writing for an Audience Can Be Dangerous: @livewritethrive

What 1 writer wishes she'd known before reading her first bad review: @wisebird2009

Characterization & Location: What 1 Writer Learned Watching Reruns:

5 Favorite Fonts with Hidden Type Ornaments: @JFBookman

Kurt Vonnegut's letter to a book-banning school board chairman: @LettersOfNote

How do you keep elements fresh in your fiction? 1 writer uses her hometown for inspiration: @cleocoyle

Everything you need to know about the e-book lawsuit: @LauraHazardOwen

Women's fiction--poor packaging leads to the genre's devaluation? @porter_anderson @MegWolitzer @ruth_franklin

The monsters we create--agency pricing: @Porter_Anderson @ljndawson @jeffjohnroberts

Elves In Mythology and Fantasy: @fantasyfaction

Ways to be a More Productive Writer: @janice_hardy

Tips for writing back cover copy: @SharlaWrites

Emotion Sells Books: @AdriennedeWolfe

Agents and queries: compiled DOs: @rebeccaberto

How to Make Your Readers Believe Anything: @ava_jae

Distinguishing between Plot and Premise:

Are More Authors Than You Think Making a Living Self-Publishing? @goblinwriter

Facing a Critique or Editorial Letter: 2 Destructive Attitudes: @fictionnotes

When to hit send?

How Copyright Protection Makes Books Vanish: @passivevoiceblg

Ideas for YA author visits:

1 writer's draft system: @JillKemerer

Is There Such a Thing as an American Novel? @EddMcCracken

Write What You Don't Know: @jaelmchenry

Writers and taxes: @rachellegardner

3 Things to Know About Exposition & Telling: @victoriamixon

8 Things 1 Writer Learned About Public Reading from Playing Violin: @diymfa

1 self-published writer shares his March sales results: @davidgaughran

Self-Publishers: Don't Think Content, Think Problem-Solving: @jfbookman

French Editor's Jump to Agenting "Akin to Treachery": @pubperspectives

Support Other Writers: 10 Great Ways: @cherylrwrites

E-Book Formatting For Beginners: @talliroland

5 Principles for Using Facebook: @janefriedman

Coincidence Is Part Of Storytelling: @mooderino

Writing Animal Fantasy: @janice_hardy

3 Reminders about eBooks Versus Paper Books: @jodyhedlund

Is making books social a good thing or a bad thing? @mathewi

Mixing the 36 Dramatic Situations to Create Something Fresh: @4kidlit

The authorial smirk: @sarahahoyt

7 Similar but Distinct Word Pairs: @writing_tips

The 7 virtues: @mistymassey

The Headline Breath Test:

Should I Add [fill in the blank] To My Story? @greyhausagency

9 ways to use in a publicity campaign: @PublicityHound

2 Hours to Write (And Why it Works): @serbaughman

Teacher's Guide for your Children's Books:

Using setting to create mood:

Making Readers Turn the Page: @novelrocket

The Action / Tension / Emotion Ratio: @michellediener

Another reason why experience is important for writers:

The Funds for Writers resource of grants, markets, and contest listings for writers: @hopeclark

This week's Writing on the Ether from @Porter_Anderson features @ljndawson @mathewi @draccah @MegWolitzer @nickbilton:

For literary inspiration follow @AdviceToWriters. Jon Winokur dispenses writerly wisdom of the ages.

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