Sunday, April 8, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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Is creativity going the way of the collective? @creativitypost

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Startup Costs Of Freelancing: @writertank

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Turning your ebook into a free ad: @curiosityquills

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Read Your Way to Better Writing: @writeitsideways

Should You Write the Whole Trilogy Before You Query? @Janice_Hardy

An Agent Defines "Unsolicited Manuscripts": @bookendsjessica

What If Our Story Idea Has Already Been Done? @JamiGold

Precise story summaries are key to queries: @greyhausagency

How to do Social Media Right: @AskATechTeacher

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Goodreads' guide to dystopian novels (infographic):

Outside the box marketing:

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The New iPad Reviewed For Authors:

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Scene endings and sub-genres:

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PublishAmerica, Literary Agent: An Inside Look: @victoriastrauss

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Writer @ChuckWendig on rejection:

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Does Your Character Wear Purple Converses?

Humor Writing for People Who Aren't Funny: @jeffgoins for @write_practice

12 Steps to Blog Tour Success:

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Worldbuilding--measurements: @JulietteWade

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How Much Should You Write Every Day?

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Finding the Story in Nonfiction:

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The Chicago Manual of Style isn't the only guide, reminds one editor:

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5 SEO Blog Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Site: @karencv

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The Seattle Times--no fan of Amazon: @Porter_Anderson @LauraHazardOwen

Writers--self-pub moonlighting is serious business: @Porter_Anderson @CFSaller @jamesscottbell

Completion, and Resonance: why the first chapter is like the last: @juliettewade

3 ideas for developing voice: @KristenLambTX

Farther vs. Further: @writing_tips

13 Ways to Develop a Story That's Too Short:

Life is Short. Read with Purpose. @diymfa

Story structure tips:

Story endings and resolution of conflicts:

How To Pitch Your Book to Online Outlets: @galleycat

Simple tips for keeping a journal:

Training The Writer: @sarahahoyt

Do-It-Yourself Publishing: @passivevoiceblg @Occupy_Pub

5 Ways to Get Your Book into Bookstores: @jkairys for @JFBookman

Defining literary fiction: @janefriedman @sanjidaoconnell

7 Dialog Basics That Can Help Tighten Our Stories: @jodyhedlund

You Must Engage Your Creative Side: @jeffgoins

7 deadly sins:

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Selling Ebooks Direct: How To Set Up A Simple E-Bookstore: @DavidGaughran

Who to Trust When Writing Your Book? @originalimpulse

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Microsoft OneNote – An Author's Best Friend: @selfpubreview

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8 Reasons Your Story Might Not Be Selling:

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6 Core Storytelling Competencies: Good… Better… Best. @storyfix

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