Sunday, April 1, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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Description vs. Exposition: @DIYMFA

Voice–The Key to Literary Magic: @KristenLambTX

Nook May Be Expanding Internationally, But Barnes & Noble Stores Aren't: @laurahazardowen

How to Read a Book Contract – Agents and the Law: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Writing craft: Romancing remuneration: @Porter_Anderson @rachellegardner @spressfield

Getting a Handle on Your Short Story Queue: @/johnremy

Approaches for brainstorming a scene: @fictionnotes

How to Improve Your Ebook Sales: @goblinwriter

The 1st Steps to Building an Author Platform: @DanBlank for @KathyPooler

How to Plot Without Plotting: @ava_jae

3 deep characteristics of dialogue: @p2p_editor

The Pottermore Uproar: @Porter_Anderson @philipdsjones

Using a pie chart to find a new book? @PublishersWkly

4 Commandments to Writing Funny: @write_practice

Write what you can find out: @fuelyourwriting

Tips from a bookseller on getting your book in stores:

Which Comes First? Character, World, or Plot? @lisagailgreen

Advanced ‘Write Tight’: @PBRWriter

Mind the gaps in your manuscripts:

Simple SEO for Authors: @JFBookman

The Making of a Bestselling eBook Cover:

The first blog comment is the tipping point:

Writing Job Listing: Is It Legitimate or a Scam? @luannschindler

Getting Better vs Being Good: @the99percent

Authors: climbing the walls: @Porter_Anderson

Sometimes revision means rewriting: @TaliaVance

Are You Committing These E-mail Sins? @janefriedman

Does Advertising Work for Authors? @goblinwriter

Profiting Outside Amazon: @SarahWoodbury

7 Steps to a Better Blog: @DIYMfa

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your Memoir: @danasitar

IMPACT: Your Story's Effect: @artzicarol

Religion in Worldbuilding: @JulietteWade

This is Your Brain on Metaphors: @creativitypost

Why You Might Ignore Your Favorite Author's Jerkiness: @readingape

Intriguing adaptations: @Ravenrequiem13

The 5 most common author website mistakes: @authormedia

The Cage, or Why 'No' is Creativity's Greatest Enemy: @cagelessthink

Knowing the requirements for a professionally formatted book: @curiosityquills

Ethics vs. Morals: @writing_tips

Stuck in a Creative Funk? Try These 12 Tricks: @jeffgoins

Questions For Your Beta Readers:

Ready to Submit? Check again…: @fantasyfaction

Thoughts on writing transition and set-up scenes: @mooderino

Writing: The Starburst Method: @woodwardkaren

Know Your Own Writing Journey & Go at Your Own Pace: @jodyhedlund

Writing a Novel: a drama told in three acts, with a prologue and epilogue: @SophieMasson1

A follow's not a book sale: @internspills

How to Read a Book Contract – Can I Ever Get Rid of My Agent? @PassiveVoiceBlg

How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Book: @writersdigest

Social media and stages of your writing career: @kalayna

The evolving writer: @sarahahoyt

Strictly Objective Critique Partner: A Helpful Thing to Have: @YAHighway

How should Shakespeare really sound? @Telegraph

An in-depth example of line-editing: @theresastevens

5 Things The Fiction Query Can Learn From a Nonfiction Query: @writeangleblog

Tension in publishing is from warring scarcity & abundance attitudes: @kristinerusch

How to Create Your Own Luck as a Writer: @deemms for @SouthrnWritrMag

Variety in Character Voices: @noveleditor

1 reason to write a memoir--as a hymn to the past—and a way to go home again: @SaraMTaber

Why Cliches about Translations Hurt Books: @pubperspectives

Seth Godin's Poke the Box, Doubt, and the Will to Publish: @JFBookman

7 steps to publication: @nicolamorgan

Make an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog: @DIYMFA

Why You Should Kill Your Darlings: @AdriennGiordano for @KMWeiland

Tips for creating a compelling narrative voice:

Delivering vicarious experience through your story: @storyfix

The 5 most common author website mistakes: @authormedia

An Agent on Pitch vs The Synopsis:

How To Handle A Scathing Review: @KrisMcMorris

How to Deal with Writers Effectively in One Easy Lesson: @RayGarton

Does Solitude Enhance Creativity? @creativitypost

Thoughts on character naming: @catewoods

Authors, What to Do When You're Feeling Stuck: @beth_barany

25 Russian Words Used in English (and 25 More That Should Be): @writing_tips

"How to Write a Great Scene, or How Tolstoy Broke My Eyes": @JulieWuAuthor

Writing Lessons From Downton Abbey: @MichelleGriep

Adding Tension to a Scene: @Janice_Hardy

Setting the Scene: Weather: @fantasyfaction

Characters and (the not so) Lonely Writer: @sarahahoyt

A look at the standard warranty clause in contracts: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Title comps (for book proposals)--make them count:

Why You Should Kill Your Darlings: @AdriennGiordano for @KMWeiland

Seth Godin's Poke the Box, Doubt, and the Will to Publish: @JFBookman

Hiring an Editor: When, Who, and How to Avoid Scams: @AnneRAllen

Writing: The Starburst Method (part 3): @woodwardkaren

Past Participial Modifiers:

Why do authors get treated so badly? @dirtywhitecandy

3 Ways to Improve Writing During Revision: @sierragodfrey

Success In Writing, Publishing And Marketing Takes Time: @janefriedman for @thecreativepenn

What Makes A Story Persuasive? @lkblackburne

Do We Need Maps in Fantasy Books?

A closer look at book contracts: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Challenging witnesses in crime fiction: @mkinberg

How to Read a Book Contract – Agents and the Law: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Nook May Be Expanding Internationally, But Barnes & Noble Stores Aren't: @laurahazardowen

Voice–The Key to Literary Magic: @KristenLambTX

Description vs. Exposition: @DIYMFA

5 Children's Book App Publishing Experts To Watch: @ebooknewser

Can You Self-Publish Your Way to a Big Deal? @goblinwriter

Call to action examples:

A Character-driven Approach to Kissing and Sex Scenes: @juliettewade

Agent Nouns: @writing_tips

The Learning Curve That Keeps On Curving: @storyfix

Branding for Writers: An Essential Step to Building Your Author Platform: @thecreativepenn

10 Questions to Ask When Beginning a Book: @cherylrwrites

10 Ways Writers Can Use Word More Effectively @CherylRWrites

Online writing tools & downloadable resources for writers: @CherylRWrites

How to Get Media Coverage for Your Book: @kenbrosky

Writing 50,000 Inimitable Smiles: @MargieLawson

So Much Marketing, So Little Time: @TalliRoland

How Can Modern Writers Become & Stay Visible? @JodyHedlund

4 tips for writing humor: @write_practice

The Way We Read Now: @DwightGarner for @nytimesbooks

Advice for writers on GoodReads: @WriterCrys

Believability & Bending The Law: @juliemusil

Stand up for good self-publishers: @byRozMorris

Using Google Search Terms for Fun and Education: @JamiGold

How to Find Writing Workshops, Seminars and Conferences in Smaller Markets:

Bringing back the wonder to SF: @sarahahoyt

Ghostwriters Respond to Celebrity Cookbook Expose: @galleycat

Twitter Tips: How to Get Followed Back: @AnnieNeugebauer

10 Tips to Launch a Regional Writing Conference: @writersdigest

Publishing Industry Terms and Contracts: Some Resources, and Some Advice: @victoriastrauss

An agent on typical advances: @rachellegardner

Including faith and religion in fiction: @noveleditor

Target the Heart of Your Book to Write More Easily: @originalimpulse

An agent on pitching: @greyhausagency

Are Fictional Characters Copyrightable? @DearAuthor

Creating Characters that Pop Off the Page...With Verbs:

What's an Author's Marketing Responsibility With a Traditional Publisher? @averymonsen @joryjohn

Writing songs for fantasy: @fantasyfaction

When writers feel like frauds: @bob_mayer

2 things you should know about your book:

3 Unique Ways to Incorporate Holidays Into a Novel: @SarahForgrave

"Average and Ordinary" Is Just Plain Boring: @livewritethrive

Book Design: Points and Picas Primer: @jfbookman

2 Ingredients in a Perfect Ending: @KMWeiland

Hitting The New York Times Bestselling List:

Keeping It Real in YA: @bookendsjessica

Get Your Book in Libraries with a One-Sheet: @beth_barany

A closer look at steampunk: @LenaCorazon for @nicolebasaraba

Craft an Exceptional Elevator Pitch: @bookgal

Five Tips on Describing Setting (and tips for not going overboard): @Janice_Hardy

Attack Of The Blog: @taralain

5 Ways to Get Past that Writer's Block: @fictionnotes