Sunday, March 25, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The free Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links (now over 14,000) searchable. The WKB recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. WKB

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Tips for writing with vivid detail:

Blog Commenting - Is It Going Extinct? @roniloren

3 Things You Must Have in Your Novel's First Paragraph: @LiveWriteThrive

Should Authors Design Their Own Books? @jfbookman

Story Setting: How to Make It Unique and Realistic:

Using The 12 Stages of Physical Intimacy To Build Tension In Your Fiction: @jhansenwrites

Ways to use em-dashes: @janice_hardy

Worldbuilding--religion in fantasy:

12 Writer Woes and the Books to Cure Them: @roniloren

How to Identify Top Websites & Blogs in Your Category: @janefriedman

Are You Giving Readers the Tools to Understand Your Story? @KMWeiland

Your Character's Language: @janelebak

A New Breed of Writer for the Digital Age of Publishing: @KristenLambTX

Characterizing Details: @Kid_Lit

An agent on pitching: @greyhausagency

How to Submit to Literary Magazines: @difmfa

5 Muse Abusers: How To Protect Your Creative Flow: @roniloren

Agent Loses a Suit Against an Author for Commissions: @passivevoiceblg

6 aspects of writing YA that surprised 1 writer: @carrieryan

Heroes Who Fail: (with spoilers--as examples)

When Are You Finished with Your Revision? @fictionnotes

Tips for polishing your manuscript: @msheatherwebb

Understanding the "Show Don't Tell" Rule:

How to start a book project:

The broken van (writers have options): @sarahahoyt

Promoting Your Blog With Twitter – 3 Underutilized Methods: @tomewer

Matching booze with bestsellers: @ebooknewser

3 Lessons for the Traveling Writer: @Christi_Craig

Unusual creatures from myth & legend to use as inspiration: @GeneLempp

How to Win the War Against Grammar Trolls: @seanplatt

Your Book's Palette – Using Color in Your Fiction: @SamanthaHunter for @Ravenrequiem13

Regency romance--the popularity of the highwayman: @bookemdonnna

Adverse vs. Averse: @writing_tips

How to network without being obnoxious: @writerashley

Endurance: whatever happens, just keep writing:

Marketing Fiction vs Non-Fiction: @thecreativepenn

How to Write Like You Can't Fail: @LyndaRYoung

5 things that really matter to search engines: @rule17

Reader to Writer: Write it Clearer:

Why aren't you writing? @fantasyfaction

3 Ways to Find the Perfect Opening for Your Story: @jodyhedlund

Not Just Another Writer's Writing Blog: @writeitsideways

Why writers should care about indie bookstores: @ThereseWalsh

What makes a character unique: @JamiGold

Tips for heightening the suspense: @JodieRennerEd

How to Check Your Grammar Online: @galleycat

1 writer's Feb. sales report for epub: @DavidGaughran

Writing Stress for Freelancers:

Logic: Without It, Your Story May Have A Serious Neurological Disorder:

Book Design Case Study: Two Contemporary Novels: @JFBookman

Writing sentences with rhythm:

"Read What We Publish" - What editors really mean: @greyhausagency

Is There a Self-Publishing Bubble? @NathanBransford

4 Quick-Fix Ways to Improve Your Novel's Opening: @MuseInks

What 1 writer has learned from joining a book club:

Calculation of Royalty Fees In Publishing Contracts (& 2 things writers should remember): @SusanSpann

Your Homepage Isn't As Important As You Think: @WeGrowMedia for @janefriedman

What Makes Fiction Literary? @KMWeiland

Getting Better vs Being Good: @the99percent

Dialog Mistakes (Part 2 – Idle Chatter): @WritingChronicl

When a Writing Contest Has a Hidden Agenda: @victoricastrauss

Facing the blank page:

10 Essential Tools & Apps for Freelancers:

13 Stephen King Quotes on Writing: @writersdigest

Politics, Religion and Our Author Platform: @kristenlambTX

Arsenic and Old Leaves: The Art of Poisoning Your Fantasy Characters: @fantasyfaction

Describing characters through POV: @Janice_Hardy

Top 5 Tools for Writing the Setting of Your Story or Novel:

E-Book Smackdown: Who Should Control Pricing—Publishers Or Amazon? @laurahazardowen

Tips for taking a vacation from technology:

Deepening Your POV: @Janice_Hardy

The Real World and the YA Novel: @zeitlingeist

Three or Four acts to your story's structure:

Story Structure: The First Act: @KMWeiland

Getting Better vs Being Good: @the99percent

Are the Big 6 Publishers Really Dying? @annerallen

How to Handle Criticism: @LyndaRYoung

When Acting Impulsively Can Hurt Your Writing: @catewoods

Techniques for Building Suspense: @JodieRennerE

The midpoint – where your story gets personal: @dirtywhitecandy

Clarifying What Your Characters Do: @Janice_Hardy

8 Key Elements For Capturing The Star Wars Feel In Your Story: @BryanThomasS

4 Rewards from Creative Writing Immersion: @PatrickRwrites

4 cardinal rules for social media: @victoriamixon

An agent says: "It's Not Just About 'Paying Your Dues'": @greyhausagency

Is A "Niche" Or "Non-Niche" Blog Right For You? @serbaughman @writeitsideways

Don't QWERTY, Be Happy? @vwishna

Blog Tours: The Good – The Bad – The Ugly: @CynthiaDAlba

11 of the greatest bromances in Southern Literature: @HunterMurphyYea

Finding Value in Your "Mistakes" @jamieraintree

Libraries as publishers? @Porter_Anderson

Authors: climbing the walls: @Porter_Anderson

Getting Better vs Being Good:

How to Get Your First 1,000 Blog Readers: @pushingsocial

How to be creative: @WSJ

Story Structure With a Hole In It: @write_practice

5 Uses for a Lull in Writing: @fictionnotes

Building a Believable Author Brand through Blogging: @catseyewriter

Why Self-Publish When You Have a Chance to Go Traditional? @goblinwriter

The Problems with Strong Female Characters: @AnnieNeugebauer

What bestsellers have in common: @ava_jae

How publishing auctions work: @rachellegardner

How To Start A Story The Stephen King Way: @mooderino

An argument in favor of outlining:

3 Ways to Keep Social Media from Taking Control of Writing Time: @jodyhedlund

Is Your Favorite Author A Jerk? (Interesting discussion among readers in the comments): @deadwhiteguys

10 Types of Filler Content for Your Blog: @ProBlogger

The importance of writing likeable characters:

Writing lessons from "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn": @juliemusil

Writing Action Sequences: a process of layering and research: @JulietteWade

Several processes for starting a book:

10+ Ways to Find Blog Post Ideas: @CherylRWrites

Your Story's Time Line: Cut It Up: @fictionnotes

Writing on the Ether by @Porter_Anderson features @naypinya @mikecane @philipdsjones @jonnygeller @ByRozMorris

How to Submit Short Stories:

A Quiz About Combining Sentences: @writing_tips

Why 1 writer dislikes outlines: @sarahahoyt

An explanation of author-agent agreement: @rachellegardner

How to Position Your Book To Go Viral: @storyfix

An Agent on Shopping Self-Published Titles: @SaraMegibow

Tips for Conference Planners--The Simple Guide to Caring for an Author: @nicolamorgan

Creating Cover Love: @StinaLL

Comments — The Weakest Part of Blogs: @scholarlykitchn

Hook 'Em on the First Cast: @LiveWriteThrive

Three Keys to Building Your Author Platform: @JFBookman

Sometimes revision means rewriting: @TaliaVance

Are You Committing These E-mail Sins? @janefriedman

Imagery and your story: @KarenCV

Does Publishing Support the Writer-Artist? @KristenLambTX

The Difference between Style and Voice:

Hook Your Reader with Character: @howtowriteshop

3 Myths of Guest Writing for Big Websites …and 6 Tactics for Doing it Well: @copyblogger

The Social Networks of Emily Dickinson, Paul Gauguin & Charlotte Bronte:

Self Publishing: Perils, Pitfalls, and Promise: @lisajanicecohen

The Contract Between Writer and Reader: @MsAnnAguirre

What We Can Learn From The Poets: @greyhausagency

Lessons 1 writer has learned about memoir writing: @jhansenwrites for @nicolebasaraba

Illustrate a Character Through His Possessions: @kmweiland

Writers--the promised land is where you find it: @sarahahoyt

3 Helpful Tools For Writers Who Struggle With ADD: @lformichelli