Sunday, March 18, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The free Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links (now over 14,000) searchable. The WKB recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. WKB

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Top Ten Pacing Tips: @aliciarasley

How to Resurrect a Stalled Manuscript:

Getting the bookstores stocked for your signing: @behlerpublish

Accenting passages: @LiteraryLab

Break down your story into a logline: @Gary_Fearon_

QR Code Fiction Series Seeks Stories: @ebooknewser

Sympathetic Characters:

What 1 writer learned & the mistakes she made when epublishing: @rachel_abbott

Science Fiction eBook Market Under the Microscope: @KOMcLaughlin

Self-esteem & your online presence: @gripemaster

Top 5 Fake Bookish Twitter Feeds 1 Editor Wishes Existed: @NewDorkReview

Article Writing 101: @juliemusil

An editor explains the different types of editing & how writers could improve their books: @TheresaStevens

The gift of music breathes life into stories: @KMWeiland for @byRozMorris

Types of Numerical Terms: @writing_tips

Your Email Might Be Somebody's Last Straw: @rachellegardner

1 Writer Believes Amazon's KDP Select Is God's Gift to Authors: @TweetTheBook for @thecreativepenn

Formatting your book with OpenOffice: @selfpubreview

How to Use Archetypes in Literature When Creating Characters for Your Novel: @writersdigest

A look at romance writing and romance subgenres: @roniloren for @nicolebasaraba

7 Ways to Brainstorm the Best Title for Your Book: @beth_barany

Writers cons--editor and agent appointments: @bob_mayer

The Tech-Empowered Writer (AWP Panel Resources): @janefriedman

5 Steps to Write an Ending:

With KDP Select, Amazon Gains Authors' Exclusivity—Cheap: @laurahazardowen

Quick Mind Tricks for More Productivity: @RealLifeE

Solidifying Scene Structure: @Mommy_Authors

How to Write an Effective Email Pitch: @alexisgrant

Script frenzy in April:

How To Spot A Reader: @BookishWallace

Let go of the glass slipper dreams: @sarahahoyt

When Your Backstory Becomes Your Story: @KMWeiland

Dragging historical figures into the 21st century: @annerooney for @history_girls

Alliteration in picture books: @Kid_Lit

True Colors: Using Color Theory to Boost Your Writing: @DiyMfa

7 tips for beginning a romance novel: @ruthieknox

Misadventures in publishing:

Brushing up on irony: @readingape

Editing Tips–Tightening Scenes: @jamigold

Outline Failure: @fantasyfaction

Tips for Inventing Names: @writing_tips

Do Writers Get Better the Longer They Write? @jodyhedlund

Writing Job Listing: Is It Legitimate or a Scam? @luannschindler

Creativity Blocked? A Solution:

Can Blogging Help Your Writing Process? @jhansenwrites

Powerful Dialog: Shorter Is Often Sweeter:

Target audience--what it means and tips for finding yours: @mjcache

Commonly Misused Words: @lynnettelabelle

Procrastination Tools for Writers #1: Recycling Your Old Manuscripts: @JoWyton

An editor warns against arguing with a rejection letter: @behlerpublish

12 Dos and Don'ts of Blogging: @writersdigest

How to Give a Character a Personality:

Structure for screenwriters: @jacobkrueger

Stay Independent or Sign on with a Publisher? @goblinwriter

Branding: Where Marketing and Writing Become Friends: @JFBookman

Getting an agent - Mortal Kombat style: @emlynchand

Tips for Turning Online Procrastination Time into Writing Research Time: @lbgale

5 Tips for Publishing Ebooks: @FictionNotes

The Eightfold Way: The 8 Basic Don'ts for Novel Writers: @Bookgal

Digital Self-Publishing: Should Publishers Be Worried? @TheAtlantic

50 ways to get more people to like your Facebook page: @FacebookFlow

Rules vs. Practice—Prescriptive and Descriptive Grammar: @noveleditor

Creativity Is More Like Expertise Than Intelligence:

The Unexpected Ending: @dpeterfreund

An agent says that writers can't buy quality writing: @greyhausagency

When Nostalgia Gets in The Way of Your Writing Career: @Margo_L_Dill

Writers and Charlie Bucket Syndrome: @BooksAreMyBFs

45 Synonyms for "Food":

Protecting our writing time:

The 7 Worst Mistakes Of Indie Authors And How To Fix Them: @thecreativepenn

A refresher on infinitives: @heidiwriter

Transitions & Seeding – Essentials For Plausibility: @BryanThomasS

Worldbuilding with horses--horses in space:

7 Tips for Self-Editing Your Novel: @MelissaKNorris

Establishing Style: @Ravenrequiem13

Tips for writing a synopsis: @writersherry

Writing multiple books a year--in less time than you think:

Can you get away with starting a book with a dream sequence? @Janice_Hardy

How to Think Like an Editor:

Thoughts on writing evil characters: @sarahahoyt

A look at subplots: @TheresaStevens

Anchor Scenes for Story Structure: @WriteAngleBlog

An agent on 13 things writers should know about Pinterest: @rachellegardner

Gradable words: @writing_tips

25 Inspiration Sources for the Discouraged Writer: @cherylrwrites

Author Blogging 101: The Power of Viewpoint: @jfbookman

5 things about traditional publishing that surprised 1 writer:

Turning your author website into a store: @JenTalty

How reading fairy tales can help us with our writing: @rebeccaberto

On The Road: How To Produce Great Work While Traveling The World: @jacobmcook

5 tips for building popularity--not just followers--on Twitter:

Eventually You'll Care Less (...and that's a good thing!): @SaundraMitchell

6 Reasons Authors Should Love Facebook's Timeline: @marcykennedy

Never Run Out of Blog Topics: @MariaZannini

Flip the Script: Tell, Don't Show:

Fire Your Muse: @jillkemerer

How 1 writer decides when to be part of an anthology:

If the coffeehouse is losing its appeal, remember your library: @fuelyourwriting

The Big 6 and Agency Pricing: @Porter_Anderson

The controversy over 4G human hotspots: @Porter_Anderson

Amazon singles--the sales figures: @Porter_Anderson

Tips for developing your short story into a novel:

5 eBook Publishing Experts To Watch: @ebooknewser

Crafting Memorable Scenes in Fiction: @4kidlit

Why the Video Game Industry Needs Writers: @jasonboog

Failure–The Key Ingredient to the Successful Writing Career: @kristenlambTX

How to Climb Out Of Your Blogging Slump:

How to speak publisher - D is for double-page spread: @annerooney

How to Pin Quotes on Pinterest: @galleycat

Entertainment vs. Truth:

Thoughts on writing strong female protagonists: @VioletteMalan

Meaningless motivations:

A Quiz About Tactical Syntactical Revision:

8 things writers should know about Goodreads: @rachellegardner

Tips for writing historical fiction: @sanjidaoconnell

Are Your Promo Efforts Unique? Or Do You Blend In? @jodyhedlund

15 common grammar goofs: @copyblogger

Tips for moderating panels: @mistymassey

When Does Fan Fiction Cross an Ethical Line? @jamigold

Article Writing 101 (Part 2--Organization, Writing, & Markets): @juliemusil

Tips for creating interesting characters:

Are most agents qualified to negotiate contracts with publishers? : @PassiveVoiceBlg

How to End a Novel With a Punch:

Diversity in writing: @YaHighway

10 Favorite Fictional Archers: @tordotcom

Getting the ugly out: @bookemdonna

3 ways your values can help you write your book: @originalimpulse

The Average Book Has 64,500 Words: @PWxyz

Transitions - linking forward through the story: @juliettewade

The secret of epub success: @bob_mayer

How to Use Your Blog to Sell More Books: @goblinwriter

Adding sensory details to our stories:

Finding an Agent--Why You Can't Always Trust the Source: @victoriastrauss

A guide to the Christian publishing market: @rachellegardner

How Your Reading Material Can Influence Your Writing:

Tips for writing with vivid detail: