Sunday, March 11, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitter3Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The free Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links (now over 14,000) searchable. The WKB recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. WKB

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Mixed Feelings About Pinterest: The Latest Shiny New Thing: @NicholeBernier

In Support of "New Adult Fiction": @WriteAngleBlog

3 Character Archetypes in Fiction: @write_practice for @KMWeiland

How to Manipulate Your Audience Like Downton Abbey: @write_practice

Each book is a thriller: @Ravenrequiem13

What to write first: @noveleditor

Do traditional publishers treat authors badly? @JAKonrath

11 Google Analytics Tricks to Use for Your Website: @SEOmoz

Tips for autographing books: @HopeClark

5 Stages of Writer's Block: @DiyMfa

Turning Point or Reversal? @TaliaVance

Once-a-Year Blog Maintenace–Are You Up to Date?

How to Tell if Your Story Begins Too Soon: @KMWeiland

Great Covers Begin with Art Fact Sheets: @keligwyn

Writing by the Seat of Your Pants:

Shady characters: @GroovyMystery

Using KDP Select to become an Amazon bestseller: @Beth_Barany

Vampires--The New Prince Charmings: @BookishWallace

On writing fast: @sarahahoyt

Create Your Own Ebook Cover, Step By Step, With Pictures: @WilliamKing9

Worldbuilding--The Culture of Oppression: @JulietteWade

The Women's Fiction Mystique: @AmySueNathan for @nicolebasaraba

Is Head Hopping a Myth? @write_practice

Devilish Details: @bentonstein

Elevate Your Story Through the Sublime-& Subliminal-Use of Subtext: @storyfix

Brand Reminder: Connect Yourself: @catewoods

How to Find Your Narrative Voice:

The Problem with Love Triangles: @Ava_Jae

How to Balance Your Social Networking Time: @LyndaRYoung

A Deep POV Refresher Course: @ElisabethStaab

4 characterization tips: @mjcache

The 7 deadly sins of a self-published writer: @banana_the_poet

4 industry insiders weigh in on the future of publishing and agents:

How to make your own book trailer: @rachellegardner

A Step-by-Step Approach to Persuasive Writing: @davidmasters

Why point of view matters:

The Busy Writer's Guide to Time Management: @JodyHedlund

E-Publishing and the Short Story Writer:

Distracted? It Could Help Your Writing: @writeitsideways

Finding your YA voice: @Janice_Hardy for @Suzanne_Writer

Marketing advice for the indie author:

Keep moving forward on your first draft, despite mistakes: @SarahAHoyt

These 7 Simple Tweaks Will Get You More Blog Retweets:

Editing Tips–How to Use Color-Coding: @JamiGold

Revelations and Reveals--how to surprise your reader: @jammer0501

Elements of Fantasy: Ogres and Ogresses: @fantasyfaction

Emotional Timing in Our Stories:

The Secret to Schmooze Book Marketing: @JFBookman

5 Keys to Writing for an Online Audience: @JaneFriedman

What to do When Your Antagonist is Nature: @janice_hardy

6 Tips to Make the Most Out of Writing Workshops:

Tips for working with a co-writer:

Tips for Getting Your Book Reviewed: @Rachel__Abbott

Set up Your Story in the First Paragraphs: @JodieRennerEd

How to Use Motif to Enhance Your Writing: @write_practice

Don't Tie Off Your Scenes With a Ribbon: @KMWeiland

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression-Queries: @greyhausagency

Keeping A Creativity Diary: @simonwhaley

A recipe for making time: @jesswitkins for @jhansenwrites

Non-compete clauses: @KristineRusch

Don't Be Afraid of Failure: @Ava_Jae

An Organized Schedule Leads to Success: @novelrocket

How to Build a Group Book Tour: @galleycat

Why Poets Should Not Seek Literary Agents: @victoriastrauss

Libraries and publishers don't have symmetrical interest in a conversation:

Embrace your Early Drafts: @behlerpublish

1 Writer Says that Giving Away Thousands Of Free Books Is A Good Thing: @DavidGaughran

Entry Level Writing Jobs – 5 Top Resources: @tomewer

Action and dialogue replacing deep POV:

How Authors Can Effectively Use Goodreads: @rachellegardner

12 Things That Will Kill Your Blog Post Every Time:

Crossing the line, as an online author: @literaticat

Tips for tweeting: @dianapazwrites

How to speak publisher - D is for double-page spread: @annerooney

Setting Weekly Writing Goals: @jamieraintree

5 keys to conducting great blog Q-and-As: @RepCapital

The Stages of Drafting a Book: @MsAnnAguirre

A Time Travel Rant: @ClarionUCSD

A profane but smart look at the importance of word choice by @ChuckWendig :

Show, Don't Tell: @WritingChronicl

How the Writer's Knowledge Base search engine started & how it helps writers: @rachel_abbott

The problem with revising and republishing your backlist titles:

The importance of word choice & "wordspace":

9 Things You Must Do After Signing a Book Contract:

8 Tips for Turning "Real Life" into Bestselling Fiction: @annerallen

8 Ways to Make a Blogger Blog Look and Act Like a Website: @artsylliu

Are You Writing MG or YA? @sally_apokedak

89 Book Marketing Ideas:

Finding ideas for short stories: @kenscholes

In a Superhero Story, How to Keep the Police From Getting Involved:

Pricing Indie Books…Some 2012 Thoughts: @deanwesleysmith

Writing Groups and Writers, a Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

85 Synonyms for "Help":

Magical Realism, Mythic Fiction, and Mythpunk: @fantasyfaction

Real Life Diagnostics: Living in a Dream World - And Writing About it: @janice_hardy

Jesus & Julia: A Tribute to Real Books: @WendyRussell

Magic Systems: 25 Tips For Writers: @ajackwriting

Drama comes from making us care: @dirtywhitecandy

Late blooming writer Dick King-Smith: @DebraEve

Appositive Epithets: @writing_tips

The Joy of Research:

5 Tips for Writing a Novel/Memoir Synopsis: @chucksambuchino

Can you "know" a character if you're not in his/her head? @juliettewade

Know your competition: @rachellegardner

On ending sentences with prepositions:

A developmental editing checklist for writers: @BryanThomasS

Build a More Effective Author Website: @JaneFriedman

6 Ways to Develop Your Voice: @MarcyKennedy

Refining Your Elevator Pitch:

7 Ways to Cut Back on Social Media Without Losing Out: @LyndaRYoung

Character Questions: How To Dig Deep:

Alternate Publishing: POD to Finish a Series: @FictionNotes

Self pub bubble,libraries & ebooks,ebook pricing, ind. news/views by @Porter_Anderson:

Writing on the Ether by @Porter_Anderson features: @SPressfield @alisonflood @sposth @gluejar @bklynanne @emmadaian

The Future of the Book Business: A Classicist's View: @emmadaian

Is Marketing Your Book with Online Ads a Good Idea? @FriesenPress

A Reader's Bill of Rights: @booksquare via @Porter_Anderson

An agent's response to someone interested in working in publishing: @bookendsjessica

Just write it: @SarahAHoyt

Random House's eBook Price Hikes are GOOD for Libraries. IF...: @gluejar via @Porter_Anderson

All Dystopian Novels Are Realistic Fiction: @Mike_Mullin

Pros and cons of being a writer: @lisagailgreen

4 Ways to Update an Old (And Familiar) Stories: @Janice_Hardy

What "Finding Nemo" Can Teach Us About Story Action: @KristenLambTX

Why 1 writer doesn't speak: @SPressfield via @Porter_Anderson

How to Fall Back in Love with Writing: @jeffgoins

What makes for a good character obstacle: @Kid_Lit

Set the Mood for Your Story With a Mood Collage: @diymfa

Self-Publishing - A Delicate Balance Between "Control & Quality": @greyhausagency

What does choice of point of view (POV) mean? How does it challenge a writer? @JulietteWade

Didn't make it to last month's ToC con? The archived presentations in slides & video:

Why Self-Published Authors Need Editors: @galleycat

2 Things to Consider about Blogging & Books: @victoriamixon

Using Pinterest to Pump Your Platform: @LucilleZ

11 Ways Writers Annoy Readers: @cherylrwrites

The Chicken-Egg Paradox of Storytelling: @storyfix

The Productivity Secret of Professional Writers: @jeffgoins

How Closely Should Writers Stick to the Facts? @jodyhedlund

How to Open a Memoir: @SaraMTaber for @PatrickRwrites

Finish your story: @SarahAHoyt

Top Ten Pacing Tips: @aliciarasley