Sunday, February 26, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraigtwitter_newbird_boxed_blueonwhite

Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The free Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links (now over 14,000) searchable. The WKB recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. WKB

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7 things 1 writer has learned from Stephen King: @victoriamixon

Go to a Workshop? No Thanks: @geardrops

Tips for a Successful Public Presentation: @WriteAngleBlog

An explanation of speculative fiction: @theskypirate

How Choreography Helps a Scene: @RavenRequiem13

3 Ways Authors Can Use Pinterest Guilt Free:

Crime fiction--ethical considerations for PIs regarding romance: @authorterryo

Tips for Writing Heart-pounding Visceral Responses: @jhansenwrites

Finding the Four B's of Your Character:

Children's Writers: Waiting to Get Published: @Margo_L_Dill

All about the front matter of your ebook: @JFBookman

10 Steps to Writing: @elspethwrites

When critique partners call you out: @JoshilynJackson for @junglereds

Tips for Fearless Writing:

Are You Making Your Characters (and Yourself) Look Stupid? @KMWeiland

Finding Inspiration:

5 Promises You Make to Your Reader: @Diymfa

The What, Why and How of Tagging Books on Amazon: @keligwyn

What to Do When Your Novel's Too Short: @janice_hardy

How to Simplify Marketing Your Book to Save Time and Make More Sales:

The Crucial Question You Must Ask in Your Opening Scene: @LiveWriteThrive

Mining For Character Emotions: @SharlaWrites

Please Don't Blog Your Book: 4 Reasons Why: @JaneFriedman

Deep Worldbuilding and POV Scene Preparation: @JulietteWade

Why You Should Care About Building an Email List:

Pride and Prejudice and the Three Movements in Every Love Story: @write_practice

Tips for writing horror: @nicolebasaraba

Voices of Insecurity:

Quick and Easy Tips for Learning More About Your Readers:

Avoid giving characters similar names: @authorterryo

Tips for promoting in the real world (instead of virtually): @spunkonastick for @StephenTremp

Bloggers--learn assertiveness: @Rule17

Freelancers--how to boost your confidence to increase income: @JulieBMack

Learning your writing style: @mjcache

Bust 4 Myths to Gain More Writing Time: @LyndaRYoung

Stories don't need enhancements:

"The book was great and the typos weren't very bad": @thefuturebook

Ebook Pricing for Short Stories and Novellas? @goblinwriter

Top 10 Songwriting Books:

Writing Dialogue with Purpose: @Ava_Jae

Quitting your day job & following your writing dreams: @thecreativepenn for @ollinmorales

Amazon vs. Big Publishing: 800 lbs vs. 798 lbs:

The 3 Layers of Story Engineering, Architecture, and Art: @storyfix

Is bundling ebooks with print books a good idea?

If you don't exist on the Internet do you exist at all? @JenTalty

How Better Happens:

Making Your Readers Giggle: @writerashley

8 Simple Tips for Editing Your Own Work:

How to Recover From a Social Media Hangover: @biggirlbranding

6 Ways to Beat the Blogging Blahs: @jodyhedlund

Learn to Love the Pitch: @blurbisaverb

3 Steps to Overcoming 'Almost Done' Syndrome: @writeitsideways

Quiet & enigmatic characters in crime fiction: @mkinberg

When sleuths have to step on toes (including ones in their own agency) in crime fiction: @mkinberg

5 Google+ Profile Mistakes to Fix: @galleycat

6 Guest Post Tactics: @tomewer

A Quiz on Parenthetical Punctuation:

How to Use the "Save the Cat" Beat Sheet for Revisions: @jamigold

5 Tips for Great Series Titles:

Writer Beware on Publishers' Desk: @victoriastrauss

On Being A Professional Songwriter: @usasong

Is Perfectionism Stalling Your Productivity? @problogger

How to be creative: @justinemusk

Super Powers: 6 Things To Consider Before You Write Them In: @ajackwriting

Breaking Grammar Rules: Sentence Fragments:

Is your antagonist a problem and not a person? @janice_hardy

5 top tools for promoting your book on Twitter: @Rule17 for @JFBookman

10 Questions to Ask Before Committing to Any E-Publishing Service: @janefriedman

When It's Time to Say Goodbye to Your Manuscript:

What Indie Production Actually Costs: @deanwesleysmith

Promoting Your YA Novel: @Kristi_Cook

How to Draw Your Characters Out: @write_practice

5 basic elements of every good story:

Polyglot vs. Translator: Different Takes on Multilingualism: @michaelerard

A Tale of Two Ebooks: @AlexisGrant for @Problogger

Writing in the Digital Age: Connecting with Readers: The Stephen King Problem: @KellyMcClymer

A refresher--subjunctive mood: @readingape

Better Procrastination as a Writer:

Screenwriting: Is the audience listening to your dialogue? @jacobkrueger

5 Myths About eBooks Debunked: @ebooknewser

Why Page Length for YA or MG Novel Is The Wrong Question:

Fantasy writers--have a Magic System: @thomasaknight

Why Hating Facebook Is Costing You Book Sales: @bubblecow

Dealing with Difficult Blog Visitors: @annerallen

Are We Grounded? Setting the Scene and Engaging the Reader: @janice_hardy

Transform Your Writing Weakness into Strength: @angelaackerman

Revise and Present: updating your ebook:

90 Verbs Starting with "Ex-": @writing_tips

Every Writer's Lament: @bookemdonna

Are you waiting too long to market your book? @WiseLouise

When writing, the trick is to breathe: @jcbaggott

Tips for developing writing voice: @rebeccaberto

Creating the image arc for your book:

21 Ways to Kill Your Creativity: @MichaelMichalko

6 Tips On Writing Plays For Kids: @chucksambuchino

Eliminating Unnecessary Plot Complications:

Key Story Elements: Lessons from Musical Theater: @AlexSokoloff

Should you publish your novel to build your platform? @dirtywhitecandy

A Writer's Guide to Punctuation: @KMWeiland

A Quiz on Expletives: @writing_tips

Smart & savvy look at industry news from the past week (including Amazon's latest dirty deeds): @Porter_Anderson

Writing on the Ether features @jimchines @DonLinn @paulkbiba @nicovreeland @annerallen @LloydJassin @jasonashlock

The rescue motif in crime fiction: @mkinberg

The prodigal's return theme in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Author blogging--linking for traffic: @JFBookman

Twitter etiquette - careful with DMs: @nicolamorgan

Transitions and Chapter Breaks:

What the Publishing Industry Can Learn From Kodak: @rachellegardner

Finding Extraordinary Writing in an Ordinary Life: @writeitsideways

Afraid to Publish Your Work? Here's the Solution: @jeffgoins

Making the Most of Your Writing Time: @calistataylor

Tips for writing slice-of-life essays:

7 Essential Tips for WordPress Bloggers:

An agent on choosing a genre: @bookendsjessica

Figuring out Your Character's True Desire: @katieganshert

Do you have a creative block? Do you know what you're trying to accomplish? @tannerc

The role of dystopian fiction in a changing world:

Why Consistency Isn't Always A Good Thing: @ollinmorales

The Aesthetics of Good and Evil in David Copperfield: @write_practice

5 writing myths: @ava_jae

4 Tools to Make Writers More Productive: @HowToWriteShop

Mixed Feelings About Pinterest: The Latest Shiny New Thing: @NicholeBernier

Who should take the blame for the publishing industry's troubles?

Using Kickstarter to Fund Self-Publishing Projects: @goblinwriter

Focus and the Distracted Writer:

10 Experts Take on the Writer's Rulebook: @writersdigest

The Writer's Ear: Hearing Prose, Poetry and Music: @JomCarroll for @WomenWriters

Do You Really Need to Write Every Day? @writersdigest

10 Ways To Get More Facebook Fans This Week: @authormedia

Tips for becoming an editor: @noveleditor

Why Foreign Rights are a Big Deal for Small Publishers: @pubperspectives

Fixing the holes in our manuscripts:

How to Use Anger to Fuel Your Writing (In a Positive Way): @krissybrady

If we didn't procrastinate, we'd never accomplish anything: @misfitsmascara

Out Of My Comfort Zone: Exposing the Dark Questions: @BTMargins

How to Find Your Writing Voice: @JulieBMack

The Life Cycle of Twitter: @JulietteWade

Do you know your customer? @rachellegardner

Adult vs YA dystopias - A Question of Hope: @Lenoreva

25 Subordinating Conjunctions: @writing_tips

Zealotry in Fiction: @fantasyfaction