Sunday, February 19, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig


Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The free Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links (now over 14,000) searchable. The WKB recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.

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The best structure for your book: @originalimpulse

Storytelling & Literary Techniques: @writersdigest

Facebook danger, smutty & genre e-reading, library ebook lending update, ind. news & views from @Porter_Anderson:

The problem with free: @kristenlambTX

Do Blog Tours Sell Books? @roniloren

Violence and Gore in Fantasy: @AmyJRoseDavis

Tips for good book endings: @TaliaVance

Love Story Elements: @AlexSokoloff

5 ways to bust through your freelance fears: @stephauteri for @MichelleRafter

A notice to publishers from a librarian: @TheLiB

20 Pairs of One-Word and Two-Word Forms: @writing_tips

Why people use ghostwriters: @storykim

How Should Writers Research? All at Once or As Needed? @JodyHedlund

Stay with the agent or the agency when your agent moves? @JordynRedwood

The Role of Editors: A Writer's Viewpoint:

How to Create and Host a Blog Carnival: @problogger

What Makes You Feel Legitimate? @jamigold

Digital textbooks challenge from US government: @JohnP_Education

The Key to Distraction-Free Writing: @jeffgoins

Set Up Your Author Pinterest Profile In 10 Easy Steps: @authormedia

Quick Tips for Improving Your Blog's Navigation: @pushingsocial

Dealing with chronological breaks in your story: @juliettewade

What Non-Fiction Authors Can Teach Novelists: @KMWeiland

Varying sentence length:

7 Truths About Writers: @thecreativepenn

Are online ads a good choice for authors? @Beth_Barany

Editor Alan Rinzler with tips for writing genre crossovers:

Critiques, Another Angle: @HeatherMcCorkle

Are Tablet Computers Right For Writers? @ChandlerWrites

The Nuts and Bolts of: Impressions, Clicks and Free: @JenTalty

Ways writers jolt readers out of the story: @EdieMelson

Artistic Freedom, Fame & Finishing, No Matter What: @Aristonian for @the99percent

A Quiz on the Treatment of 75 Compound Words: @writing_tips

The stories inside our story: @storyfix

Print Books: The New Vanity Publishing? @thecreativepenn for @jfbookman

Non-traditional ways to market: @LauraPauling

Permanence, Capitalists, and Ebooks: @scholarlykitchn

Using the Evil Overlord List to Write More Interesting Villains:

Keeping Track of Character Knowledge: @Janice_Hardy

Writing + baby = ? @thatleila

Making time for : @jodicleghorn

The Ins and Outs of Critique Groups: @loislavrisa

4 Tips to Avoid Blogging Burnout: @krissybrady

10 Ways to Improve Your Online "Likability Quotient": @KristenLambTX

Amazon inheriting the Earth – how does this affect their authors? @behlerpublish

An Agent Explores the Difference Between Young Adult And Middle Grade:

Planting the Hook: Getting Readers Past the Opening Page: @janice_hardy

2 views of video game writing:

How to Effectively Create More Time to Write: @KrissyBrady

A link roundup on and delivering speeches: @speechwriterguy

Hulk Eat Bacon--The Effect of Mood-Altering Substances on the Creative Mind: @gripemaster

75 Synonyms for "Hard": @writing_tips

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing a Book that Doesn't Suck: @jeffgoins

Will Print Books Become Obsolete? @ava_jae

Tips for headline writing: @JulieBMack

Relief for the Writing Rules Obsessed: @keligwyn

How to become a writer who matters: @krissybrady

Tips for dealing with rejection:

Make sure your book's setting isn't missing: @KMWeiland

What should writers blog about? @annerallen

Being a Success, Without Being a Bestseller: @DanBlank

Prologues: please use responsibly: @dirtywhitecandy

Links for locating book reviewers: @DebraPurdyKong

How to Have a Successful KDP Select Campaign: @TweetTheBook

Is Your Author Photo Sending the Right Message? @KMWeiland

Tips for successful scene execution: @rebeccaberto

Descriptions that pack a punch: @PBRWriter

7 Tactics for a Successful Guest Post: @BlogTyrant

When is it all right to call an agent? @rachellegardner

Both Convergent and Divergent Thinking are Necessary for Creativity: @creativitypost

4 Reasons It Pays For Songwriters To Be Patient: @cliffgoldmacher

What's the Right Price for an E-Book?

Make Your Own Luck In Social Media: @AlexisGrant for @thecreativepenn

A quiz about missing connections in our writing: @writing_tips

The importance of keeping in touch with our readers:

Love means never having to say you're sorry (to your characters): @SouthrnWritrMag

A New Approach–The Concept Critique: @KristenLambTX

What a communications workshop can teach you about writing: @CAMorganti

Creativity Tune-up: @bookemdonna

What Moves You The Most Right Now? Go With It. @OllinMorales

A publisher on social media:

The benefits of not planning a world: @Mazarkis_W

Why (not) tell the story in present tense? @juliettewade

Are Sub Genres Digital Publishing's Secret Weapon? @ebooknewser

Knowing What to Capitalize: @janice_hardy

Ebook Pricing: Why 99 Cents Might Be a Mistake for You: @goblinwriter

Promoting your book--what *not* to do: @BryanThomasS

Reasons Why Some Books Never Sell: @robeagar for @writersdigest

Why Being a Jack of All Trades Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be: @jeffgoins

Self-destructive characters in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Happy Valentine's Day, Hogwarts Style: @HP4Writers

10 Ways to Love a Writer: On Valentine's Day and Forever: @ainegreaney for @womenwriters

Why Romances Are Valid Literature: @JodyHedlund

A few tips for writers planning romantic evenings: @MistyMassey

Literary Pick-up Lines for Valentine's Day: @galleycat

10 Lies to Twist a Love Story: @CherylRWrites

How To Write A Kissing Scene...Valentine Edition:

Showing Valentine's Day Love to Writers:

Feeling the Love:

5 things 1 writer learned from Shirley Jackson: @victoriamixon

Answers to writers' legal questions: @DIYmfa

How to Overcome Writer's Block:

Writing and the Ugly Duck Syndrome: @mooderino

Writer Confidence—Too Much or Too Little: @pattyjansen for @BryanThomasS

6 Tips for Creating a Blogged Book Manuscript: @NinaAmir

Book Publishing and ISBNs … Do You Need Them? @mybookshepherd

50 Synonyms for "Idea": @writing_tips

The Most Important Part of the Creative Life: @jeffgoins

7 Free E-Books for Writers: @janefriedman

Writing Lessons from The Hunger Games: Stakes and Characterization: @4kidlit

5 Reasons to Embrace the Brave New World: @rachellegardner

6 Tips To Resuscitate a Dying Author Blog: @ChuckSambuchino

Self-Publishing Is Easy (and Other Myths): @talliroland

A list of great blogs for writers to follow: @robertleebrewer

Making the Most of Endorsements: @MuseInks

Book Covers: Are They Important in the Digital Age? @jodyhedlund

"Speechtags are of the Devil," he said: @janice_hardy

Why Agents Edit: @bookendsjessica

One Size Fits Some: @eMergentPublish

8 Quick Tips for Writing Bullet Points People Actually Want to Read: @copyblogger

Who's Whose: More Help With Pronouns: @write_practice

Confessions of a Newbie Independent Bookseller: @deadwhiteguys

Fuel your writing by penning a manifesto for your book: @originalimpulse

Tips for Finding inspiration:

Suspended Perceptions: @Ravenrequiem13

Fast Drafting: A Word Count Builder: @LynnetteLabelle

9 truths about ebook publishing: @thefuturebook

Comics to relieve writing stress--from @inkyelbows: & &

It's tough for writers to escape from stories: @TamarMek

The role of attorneys in crime fiction: @mkinberg

A different take on copyright from author James Hutchings for @MasonCanyon:

5 Hidden Benefits of Writing Slowly: @ollinmorales for @thecreativepenn

How an agent evaluates book blogs: @SaraMegibow

Crawling Into a Writer's Cave:

How To Jumpstart Your Creative Career in a Bad Economy: @the99percent

16 Misquoted Quotations: @writing_tips

8 Reasons Your Self Published Novel Won't Sell: @ajackwriting

8 Things That Surprised 1 Writer About Book Launches: @Julias__Child for @BlurbisaVerb

Charles Dickens and the Facebook generation: @Salon

6 Ways to Energize Your Writing Naturally: @ChrystleFiedler

5 Tips on Plot Twists:

Interesting discussion in the comments: Fiction and Social Justice ~ Can They Coexist? @PassiveVoiceBlg

Defaulting to the Protagonist:

To Champion Worthwhile Books: @rachellegardner

Music that helps with the dreaming stage of a novel: @reclusivemuse for @byrozmorris

Disdain for authors?, Amazon absence, relevance through SEO, & other thoughts from/on #ToC from @Porter_Anderson:

Writing on the Ether by @Porter_Anderson features @SourceFabienne @KatMeyer @diannadilworth @bsandusky @cjoh @ikert