Sunday, January 22, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links (now over 12,000) searchable.

imageSign up for the free monthly WKB newsletter for the web's best links and interviews: . Different approaches to naming characters: @kirstenhubbard How Barnes & Noble Can Take a Bite Out of Amazon: @JosephJEsposito for @scholarlykitchn How "Literary" and "Entrepreneur" Are Becoming Intertwined: @biblioracle for @janefriedman The symbiosis linking SF and mainstream: A look at social media tool Triberr: @Jhansenwrites A Singularly Unpopular View of Adverbs: @KeithCronin Writing daily when you have a day job (written for bloggers, works for novelists): @PushingSocial Your dialogue can do more: @JulietteWade 5 Ways to Draw Readers Into Your Articles: Publishing house procedure for consideration of a manuscript: @bookendsjessica Using Either, Neither, Or, and Nor Correctly: @write_practice You can write daily: @eMergentPublish Dealing with deadlines: @rachellegardner 10 Tips on Guest Blogging and Blog Tours: @pstoltey Evaluating a new publisher? Give yourself the gift of time: @behlerpublish Creative forced association: @changingminds for @SiriusPress 4 Ways to Recycle Dusty Manuscripts: @JulieMusil Thoughts on second books: @KALongshore 6 Simple Ways to Reboot Your Writing Routine: @BrianKlems Some truths about publishing aren't true anymore: @PassiveVoiceBlg 8 Effective Ways To Harness Creativity: Some stories just aren't yours to tell: @sarahahoyt How to Avoid 10 Common Conference Mistakes That Most Writers Make: @BrianAKlems All the links I shared on Twitter last week: Selling & Managing Audio Rights: @SaraMegibow Query letter template: @BubbleCow Pinning down what makes a book high concept: @4kidlit When agents pitch to editors: @rachellegardner Punctuation in Fiction—Are There Prohibitions? @noveleditor Punishing the Peccadillo: @behlerpublish 20 Economical Book Marketing Techniques: @selfpubreview Creating Profitable and Successful Blogs: @problogger Forging Stories: Exploring the Metaphor: How subplots are useful for writers: @Mommy_Authors Twitter: Top 5 Ways to Find Your Tribe: @JFBookman Repurposing Blogs as Books for 'Immediacy': @pubperspectives You must ship: @JeffGoins How To Pick and Choose a Writers Conference: @Bob_Mayer How to Be a Better Blogger, Part 1: @SarahForgrave 7 things to consider when trying to find readers for your ebook: @SuspenseAuthors Why should never be a chore: @eMergentPublish Do You Hold E-Rights to Your Traditionally Published Book? @JaneFriedman 12 Ways to Help Your Friends' Pre-Release Promotion Efforts: @KeliGwyn Learning tension from hoaxes of the past--part of the Designing from the Bones series from @GeneLempp: 6 Steps to Getting Started With Google+: @smexaminer An agent reminds us that trends started years before: @greyhausagency 2 Surefire Symptoms of a Static Character: @KMWeiland 5 productivity tips for writers: @MsAnnAguirre What Is Your Online Avatar Saying About You? @catseyewriter The Counter-Intuitive Benefits of Small Time Blocks: @RealLifeE Culture-building through Holidays: @AmyJRoseDavis New Fight Breaks Out Over Digital Rights to Old Books: @PassiveVoiceBlg Character vs. Plot vs. Language: @BookishWallace Short Stories as Marketing Tools: @howtowriteshop Blog Trolls–How to Spot Them & What To Do: @KristenLambTX How to Write a Novel Based on a True Story: @HarlowCoban The Business of Character Engagement: @jhansenwrites Tips for setting up a blog tour: @spunkonastick Responsible Reviewing: @authorterryo Tips for eliminating echoes in our writing: Examining our ideas to ensure they're genuinely original: @SarahAHoyt Staying True to Your Characters: @AnnetteLyon Konrath's successful last 3 weeks with epub: @jakonrath Worldbuilding--how romantic partners meet, expectations for relationships, etc.: @JulietteWade Freelance Life: The Right Tools: @writertank Guest Blogging Etiquette 101: @roniloren Publishers Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic: @PassiveVoiceBlg Why 1 authors isn't fond of writing groups: @mykecole What Makes a Great First Sentence? @Ava_Jae 1 writer's experiences during the past decade of publishing: @marilynpeake For the Resolute at New Year's: Promises, Process, and Progress: @SarahAveryBooks 6 reasons to write flawed characters: @LyndaRYoung Writing tension--giving readers something to worry about: @JodieRennerEd Should Authors Add a Paypal Donation Button to Their Sites? @GoblinWriter The Question You Should Ask Before You Ask "What if?" @storyfix An Interview with editor Alan Rinzler: @CAMorganti Types of rights for writers: @querytracker You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be: @AKathrynTrombly A post on horror writer R.L. Stine: @writersdigest Beware Spam PR Services: @victoriastrauss How cliches can actually be useful: @storykim Songwriters : 6 Traits of A Badly Written Song: @usasong Songwriters : The Dos and Don'ts of Co-Writing: @edusongwriter Tips for writing emotion: @katepaulk 11 ways to make a memorable impression at a writers' conference: @kirklandatlarge How to make good writing great: @jammer0501 Writing fighting--12 things writers should know: @ajackwriting Why your book needs a sell sheet and how to make one: @BryanThomasS Sensory Tips for the Distracted Writer: @ThereseWalsh How Writing Groups Can Work for You: @2KoP for @writeitsideways How Tightly Do You Control Your Blog? @jamigold Usage tips of common tech terms in our writing: @writing_tips What writers really need: @billycoffey for @rachellegardner 5 Writing Prompts to Overcome Writer's Block: @write_practice What NOT to do With Your Press Release: @FriesenPress Crime fiction--when suspects get off on the wrong foot with investigators: @mkinberg Calendars for organizing writing and life: Social media is not direct sales: @KristenLambTX 5 Literary Devices to Make You a Better Writer: @nickdaws Top 5 Miscast Literary Roles: @NewDorkReview Does EPub Change the 32-Page Illustrated Picture Book? 9 ways to make an idea your own: @sarahahoyt 7 Blog Mistakes That Drive Readers Nuts: @pushingsocial Walls on the Path to Publication: a Necessity or a Nuisance? @JodyHedlund Categorizing your book: @Bookendsjessica 5 hidden elements that help us effectively tell our stories: 10 Ways To Get More Email Subscribers For Your Blog: @problogger A sf/f writer experiments in literary thinking: @JulietteWade Investing in Your Own Future: @deanwesleysmith How much promotion is too much? @nicolamorgan Print and eBook Covers, a Matter of Resolution: @JFBookman 10 Resolutions for Self-Publishers in 2012: @pubperspectives 3 Ways to Handle Time in a Novel: Magic systems: 2 tricky areas for writers--dialogue and description: CreateSpace Ins and Outs: @Desertwriter Live coverage of cons #wdc12 (today/Fri.) and #dbw12 (Mon.) & #dbwsum (Mon.) by @Porter_Anderson with roundup here: Editors under marketing's thumb, poorly digitized trad. titles, scarcity as a biz model, Apple gossip: @Porter_Anderson Writing on the Ether's @Porter_Anderson features @SheilaB01 @namenick @lizcastro @JulieBertagna @jeffjohnroberts : When Loved Ones Don't Love Your Book: @wckdwriter Making writing goals using the S.M.A.R.T. method: @ArtMktgMentor "Write What You Know" Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does: @fuelyourwriting Put Your Reader in Your POV Character's Skin: @jhansenwrites Editing out 'as': The Pros and Cons of Comparing Yourself to Other Writers: @KMWeiland Ebooks Outsell Print For Majority Of Titles On USA Today Bestseller List: @laurahazardowen How to maintain a creative, healthy perspective: @tannerc Know The Business *Before* You Get Too Far In: @greyhausagency Authors, Bad Reviews, and Bad Reactions: @CassandraNeace Pandora's box about to be reopened: Who owns erights to old books? @PassiveVoiceBlg Women and Men, and Cover Art: @ocelott @jimchines Why Use Present Tense? @Ava_Jae 10 Ways to Improve Your Writing While Thinking Like a Comedy Writer: @lajfun What mystery writers should know about the brain: @JungleReds Places to find writers online: