Sunday, January 15, 2012


Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links (now over 12,000) searchable.

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Ways to judge whether your character is likeable enough for readers: @lisagailgreen

Surviving the Publishing Industry's Looking Glass: @writerboyESPN

Do you have a marketing plan? @robeagar

10 Types of Hypercorrection: @writing_tips

Making Friends Without Making Them Feel Used: @JodyHedlund

Your Top 12 Author Marketing Moves for 2012: @writersdigest

Do You Know Your Characters? Do You Know Yourself? @curiosityquills

G is for Gerund:

6 Ways to Create Writing Goals That Stick: @msheatherwebb for @krissybrady

Building emotional cues into scenes: @JulieWuAuthor @BTMargins

Your Top 12 Author Marketing Moves for 2012: @robeagar for @writersdigest

J.K. Rowling's Writing Process in Her Own Words, part 2: @shelleysouza for @HP4Writers

Being The Evil Overlord: @katepaulk for @sarahahoyt

How to create mood:

The 7 Components of Book Marketing Strategy: @JenniferAFusco

The Difference Between Dreaming and Starting: @jeffgoins

An Agent on Why The Writing Process Trumps Everything: @greyhausagency

The drive to write: @kalayna

How to Catch More Life in Your Writing: @write_practice

Revision: A Fine Line Between Polish And Overkill:

All my tweets from the past week:

Goal setting for writers: @eMergentPublish

Why perfect endings rankle: @SolomonAnna for @BTMargins

Why books make the best movies:

75 Synonyms for "Talk": @writing_tips

Playbook For Self-Promo: @bigblackcat97 for @WriteAngleBlog

Is Your Website Hurting Your Writing? @menwithpens for @thecreativepenn

Are readers really ready for the self-published author? @tonyakappes11

Writers--Will Work for Cheap: @KristineRusch

When promo gets pushy: @blurbisaverb

Genrefication: Romance, the Novel, and Literary Fiction: @JustBethanne

Giving our characters epiphanies:

Thoughts on setting writing goals: @/andrewgreybooks

Crime fiction--creating ordinary people for readers to pull for: @mkinberg

An Authors' Guide to the Almighty 3% Rule: @TweetTheBook

Approaching Success or Avoiding Failure? @WriteNowCoach

4 Ways To Develop Your Authentic Voice For Book Marketing Success: @Beth_Barany

Using small questions to get past a block with your manuscript: @SusanSquires

Using data to develop a social media strategy: @andrewphelps

9 Villains in Literature & Film--& Making Your Own Better: @joebunting

Making Backstory Work for You: @janice_hardy

Your YA Protagonist–Some Dos and Don'ts: @Kristi_Cook

What stillness reveals: @OllinMorales

For the disorganized writer: How to tackle clutter: @zen_habits

How to Find Your Inner Sadist: @Ava_Jae

Just because they offered you a contract doesn't mean you need to take it: @behlerpublish

Why You Should Add E-mail Subscription Service to Your Blog: @JaneFriedman

When authors are swallowed whole by their books: @FebruaryGrace

Finding time to blog *and* write: @dirtywhitecandy

The author/reviewer relationship: @YAHighway

How to generate a year's worth of content in an hour: @viperchill

5 Ways to Bring Your Blog into the Spotlight: @youngprepro

Don't Drown Your Reader in Explanations: @KMWeiland

Commenting On Reviews: A Different Type of Author Intrusion:

How Images Improve Blog Traffic: @robertleebrewer

Weekend Writing -Writing as a Second Job: @camillelaguire

Possible Problems and Obstacles for Superheroes to Face Besides Supervillains:

The New World of Publishing: Writer vs. Author: @deanwesleysmith

Pros and Cons of Multiple First Person: @Janice_Hardy

Story structure--set-up: @rebeccaberto

Your new writing blog: avoid these faux-pas: @dirtywhitecandy

Use a Rewrite to Add What Your Story Lacks: @noveleditor

12 Ways To Give Your Career A Jump Start For 2012: @lilywolf

How to Develop a Successful Multi-Author Blog: @smexaminer

The Loneliness of the Icelandic Translator: @oliviasnaije for @pubperspectives

What Costco can teach us about writing: @JulieMusil

How to Buy eBooks from an Indie Bookstore: @galleycat

Lord of the Rings: The Revised Edition: @ChrisDolley

How to Make Chapters for a Novel Manuscript in Microsoft Word 2010:

Hooks, Loglines, and Pitches: What Every Writer Needs to Know: @AnneRAllen

Revive Your Creativity by… Not Being Creative: @misfitsmascara

Blogging (or writing) with kids--9 tips: @WritingH

Why Bequeathing Your Intellectual Property is Crucial: @DebraPurdyKong

Unleashing creativity begins with a timeline of your past: @tobywneal

Technical Aspects of Creating A Nontraditional Ebook: @indieauthor for @thecreativepenn

Tips for preparing your doc for epublishing:

1 writer on what she likes about romantic suspense:

10 New Year Resolutions For Writers (that might actually stick): @ajackwriting

Stabilizing Influence: @Ravenrequiem13

An agent's tips for aspiring memoir writers: @rachellegardner

3 Secrets to e-Book Cover Design Success: @jfbookman

Literary Devices to Help Writers Who've Lost the Plot:

The Mirage of Fixity — Selling an Idea Before Understanding the Concept: @scholarlykitchn

6 Dos and Don'ts for Busy Parents Who Blog: @writeitsideways

Getting The Most From A Critique: @marcykennedy

A Tested Social Media Success Formula: Talk as Yourself, Not about Yourself: @danzarrella @copyblogger

Worldbuilding with Horses: Preindustrial Revolution: @dancinghorse

Stop Waiting to Be Picked: @JeffGoins

35 Genres and Other Varieties of Fiction: @writing_tips

Which League Are You Playing In? @bob_brooke

Reasons to give writing poetry a go: @eMergentPublish

How Not To Mutilate A Foreign Language: @StinaLL

5 things 1 writer wishes she'd known before she sold her manuscript: @PBRWriter

When is your manuscript ready to be sent out: @lisagailgreen

10 signs you're not in the writing zone: @elspethwrites

Tips for better book openings: @anasleuth

Tips for writing dialogue tags:

Approaching agents who rejected you...after you've gotten an offer from a publisher: @bookendsjessica

5 Narrative Mistakes You Can Fix Right Now: @EliseRome for @RoniLoren

Tips for creating effective characters:

Making a living writing--1 writer's story: @MeredithEfken for @HowToWriteShop

Show Editors & Agents How You Meet Their Guidelines: @greyhausagency

Knowing Where to Start Your Novel: @Janice_Hardy

Why the internet is a trap - and how 1 writer deals with it: @JulietteWade

How to mine your childhood for story gems and more: @CAMorganti

Subtext: What is this Story Really About?

Story ideas--what they are, what they're not: @SarahAHoyt

Apple v. Amazon,libraries & piracy, authors & e-rights--& more top ind. news from @Porter_Anderson for @JaneFriedman:

Top Ten Made-Up Literary Couples: @deadwhiteguys

Author Rex Pickett on Surviving Rejection: @GalleyCat

Advice for authors from social media guru Seth Godin: @passivevoiceblg

Proper Nouns vs. Pronouns: @KeliGwyn

A Model for Crowdsourced Publishing: @mightyscoo for @JaneFriedman

Thoughts on staying motivated when writing that first novel: @KatieGanshert

Build Your Author Brand in 5 Easy Steps: @scribblinghappy

How to Explore Your Characters' Motivations: @write_practice

How to Make Sense of Critiques: @DiyMia

An Industry for Arts Graduates Who Can Count: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Writing on the Ether's @Porter_Anderson features: @johnemcintyre @DonLinn @lizcastro @michellelegro @naypinya :

Daily writing vs. weekday writing: @camillelaguire

Finding a good balance for crime fiction endings: @mkinberg

Tips for moving forward with your manuscript after getting stuck: @alanorloff

Vocabulary has to be true to our POV character (and familiar to our target reader): @authorterryo

An Author's Guide to NetGalley:

What Star Wars "A New Hope" Can Teach Us About In Medias Res: @KristenLambTX

Fewer copy editors means embarrassing errors in newspapers: @johnemcintyre

The Same River Twice: On Rewriting Your Past:

10 Ways Writing Fiction is Like Performing for a Camera: @victoriamixon

Are New Tablets Slowing The Growth Of E-Readers? @laurahazardowen

5 Things You Have To Think About Before You Self Publish: @Ajackwriting

7 Tools for Tracking Ebook Sales: @PYOEbooks

Games Agents Play: