Sunday, January 8, 2012


twitter_newbird_boxed_blueonwhiteBelow are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links (now over 12,000) searchable.

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Creativity and dreaming: @FreeTheGenieNow #writing

The rules of a creator's life: @tannerc #writing

Moms, Writing, and Guilt: Do You Get In Your Own Way? @AmySueNathan #writing

Tips for using similes and metaphors: @Artzicarol #writetip

Why Traditional Marketing Doesn't Sell Books: @KristenLambTX #writing

Indie Authors Turn Focus To Quality: @jenniecoughlin #writing

Writing Quickly: A Secret Strategy: @Ava_Jae #writetip

How to Incorporate Backstory That Hooks The Reader: @lkblackburne #writetip

Old contracts are being dusted off and language scrutinized: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Evoking a sense of wonder in readers: @mlmjr1 for @HP4Writers #writing

Why the printed word matters more than ever: @creativitypost

7 Ways to Fake It at Book Club: @readingape

Knowing your sources as a writer: @greyhausagency #writing

Simplify Your New Year's Resolution Process: Reflect, Select, Remove: @jkglei #writing

Oxford Comma Debates & Freelance Editorial Rates: @galleycat #writing

Writers: play both the long and the short game: @LAGilman #writing

2012 Digital Perspectives: The Bookseller and Librarian: @danielsm1 #writing

An author's take on typical New Year Resolutions: @SarahMAnderson1 #writing

3 Ways to Get Out of a Writing Slump: @jannhill for @writeitsideways #writetip

Stop playing to the house. Just write what you want to write: @sarahahoyt #writing

Your Clutter Is Killing Your Creativity (And What to Do About It): @jeffgoins #writetip

What Bad Movies Teach us About Good #Writing: @Jenpens2

Post-Christmas Grind: Getting Back into Your Writing Routine: @icypop #writing

Defining character archetypes: @writersdigest #writetip

Turning Those Writing Resolutions into Reality: @diymfa #writetip

Have email address, will abuse: @behlerpublish #writing

E-Books and Life Without Guilt: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Letter to a young emerging creative who thinks she wants to blog: @justinemusk #writing

Tips for #writing with kids in the house: @Autumn2May

To Prologue Or Not To Prologue - That Is The Question: @greyhausagency #writing

Improve your odds of sticking to your #writing resolutions: @CAMorganti

Is Indie the New Black? @indiekindle #writing

How Renaissance People Think: @sbkaufman #writing

2012 Publishing Predictions: @ThomasUmstattd #writing

Creative writers can be difficult to detect during job interviews: @MaryWWalters @PassiveVoiceBlg #writing

How much should an ebook cost? @ThisIsSethsBlog #epub

Real life diagnosis of a book's beginning: @Janice_Hardy #writing

Creativity and Wasting Time: @on_creativity #writing

The great ebook price swindle: @dangillmor for @GuardianBooks #epub

12 Essential Tips for Revitalising Your Blog in 2012: @GregoryCiotti #promotip

Goals and failures: @deanwesleysmith #writing

Why You Shouldn't Bother with Writing Resolutions this New Year: @jeffgoins #writing

40 Synonyms for "Lie": @writing_tips #writing

1 good #writing resolution--to be disciplined with our grammar & punctuation: @JeanReynolds

Writing: To Carry On: @TracyLStrauss for @BTMargins #writing

Tips for book bloggers for interviewing authors: @GoblinWriter

Why 1 writer won't call herself an author: @amberwest #writing

The Stages of Indie Publishing: @JoannaWeiss for @BTMargins

Using Game Worlds in #Writing: @thomasaknight

The Uncommon Truth About Marketing Your Books: @skellie #writing

Use Plot Motivators to Move Your Fiction: @SteveMettee #writetip

5 Clever Tactics to Get More eBook Sales Per Reader: @skellie #epub

What to do Before Your Book Debuts (Part 1): & 2: @randysusanmeyer #promotip

Spring Cleaning in January: #writing

Time Management for the Organizationally Challenged: @Kathy_Crowley #writing

The Importance of Having Your Work Torn Apart By Strangers: @skellie #writing

7 Best Practices for Building an Online Presence: @ChuckSambuchino #writing

Getting Your Self-Published Book into the Library, Tips from a Librarian: @readingreality @GoblinWriter #writing

4 targets 1 writer is aiming for in 2012: #writing

Predictions for Amazon and Apple for 2012: @passivevoiceblg #writing

Christian Publishers Anticipate Global Growth in 2012: @EdNawotka #writing

Your Name is Your Brand: @JordynRedwood #writing

Thinking Like a Writer: #writing

Gentle Resolutions for a Writer: @starla_kaye #writing

How-to: Add Public Domain Books to Kindle: #writing

Consider teaching #writing: @wordsbywebb

Mastering theme in storytelling: @storyfix @rebeccaberto #writetip

Authors Interacting With Readers Online - Some Things to Think About: @roniloren #writing

Why Setting Writing Goals for 2012 Isn't Enough: @writeitsideways #writing

The Three T's – Tools, Techniques & Time: #writing

The Most Important Character Archetype: @write_practice #writetip

6 Small Changes To Help You Reach Your Writing Goals: @KrissyBrady #writing

7 Ways Meditation Increases Creativity: @JaneFriedman #writetip

Reevaluating Your #Writing Process: @janice_hardy

Taxes and Record Keeping for Writers: @StarlaCriser

New Year's Resolutions for Writers: @cjredwine #writing

A tool to help you hit a 750 word goal each day: #writetip

Conquering Our Inner Demons: #writing

A review of some voice recognition software for writers: @spunkonastick #writing

Crime fiction: when lingering questions about a case spur investigations: @mkinberg #writing

Pitch Prep: How to Write a Pitch: @jamigold #writetip

Apple to launch new Self-Publishing Program later this month: @PassiveVoiceBlg #epub

How to Make a Boring Character Interesting: #writetip

Reboot your writing brain after a break: @dirtywhitecandy #writing

Unexpected Things Make Good Scene Endings: @sierragodfrey #writing

Switching senses: @TheresaStevens #writetip

Where To Begin Your Story: @ollinmorales #writing

The 25 Tip Guide to Boosting Blog Traffic: @writertank #promotip

Goal setting--making it specific: @bob_mayer #writing

Emotional Development of Characters: @becca_leone #writing

How to Format Captions: @writing_tips #writing

Writing realistically about pregnancy: @JulietteWade #writing

A writer's greatest tool: #writing

Sparking Ideas for a Short Story: @ASiCat #writing

What Will Writers Need in 2012 to Survive & Succeed? @jodyhedlund #writing

Internal Dialogue: @lisagailgreen #writetip

How Do You Know If Your Agent Is Any Good? @JaneFriedman #writing

4 tips for being more productive as a writer: @Shawntelle for @Janice_Hardy #writing

40 Questions to Test Your Manuscript: @4kidlit #writetip

Writing lessons learned from "The Help": @JulieMusil #writetip

Evernote – The Application That Becomes an Obsession: @PassiveVoiceBlg #writing

Does Your Writing Lack the Conviction It Deserves? #JeffGoins #writing

What Would Your Characters' Resolutions Be? @AmySueNathan #writing

Writing Category Romance Doesn't Mean Skimping on Depth: @greyhausagency #writing

5 Reasons YOU Need to Link to Other Blogs: @writertank #promotip

The Indie Author's Guide to Sandy Beaches: @TweetTheBook #epub

10 unusual things about writers: @jhansenwrites #writing

J.K. Rowling's Writing Process in Her Own Words: @shelleysouza for @HP4Writers #writing

A voice recognition tool for writers: #writetip

How to Build a Blog Editorial Calendar Even If You Don't Know Where to Start: @pushingsocial #promotip

Editor/Agent Etiquette: @bookendsjessica #writing

Your author blog or website: @theresa_stevens #writing

Why you should battle the proofreading ogre and how to manage the war:

3 Words You Should Eliminate from Your Writing: @MenwithPens #writing

Why You Should Sell Ebooks at Your Own Site: @PYOEbooks #epub

Indies battle Amazon — by becoming publishers: @Salon #publishing

10 Ways to Harness Fear and Fuel Your Writing: @sagecohen for @writersdigest #writetip

Editor-writer disagreements during revisions: @behlerpublish #writing

Plotting--the peak and the fall: @sarahahoyt #writing

The Road to Digital Publication – Part I: Conversion tips & extra pages: #epub

What Makes a Great First Page? @JamiGold #writetip

Top industry news: B&N, publishers striking back, libraries, piracy, agents, more: @Porter_Anderson for @JaneFriedman

A behind-the-scenes look at what goes into setting up a #writing conference: @bookemnc @bookemdonna

1 writer's thoughts on follows and follow backs on Twitter: @authorterryo

How 1 writer's playlist informed the outward journey & inward arc of his character: @MatthewDicks for @byRozMorris

#Writing on the Ether's @Porter_Anderson features @m_delamerced @brianoleary @dbasch @glecharles @jaelmchenry #epub

Tips for getting the most from your #writing: @DIYMFA

Make Your Own Book Trailer: #promotip

3 Signs Of A Publishing Scam: @AuthorMedia #writing

What your character doesn't know can hurt him/her (in dialogue and internalization): @JulietteWade #writetip

The Writer's Diet--How to Balance With #Writing, Food and Exercise:

Drawing the Line Between Skill and Trickery in #Writing: @jenniecoughlin

Definition of a poetry chapbook: @BrianKlems #writing

What To Do When You Don't Have A Clue Where To Go Next: @OllinMorales #writing

Email List Building the Lazy Way: @chrisbrogan #promotip

3 tips for staying abreast of your #writing goals this year: @christi_craig

An agent says: It's Your First Book - Don't Expect Miracles: @greyhausagency #writing

3 Things Die Hard Can Teach us About Seamless Plotting: @Janice_Hardy #writing

7 Advantages Barnes & Noble Has in the Bookseller Wars: @JDGsaid #writing

Critiquers: the builders and the wreckers: @SarahAHoyt #writing

Navigating the Authorial Landmine of Reader Forums: @a_skye for @roniloren #writing

The digital future still is a mystery if you don't publish "immersive reading": @MikeShatzkin #writing

The Road to Success Part 1–What Kind of Author are You? @KristenLambTX #writing

5 ways Twitter can make you a better writer: @catseyewriter #writing

Engage Readers Through Character Reaction: @noveleditor #writetip

Why It's Easier to Love Straightforward Fiction: @LadyGlamis #writing

What Not To Do At A Conference: @HeatherMcCorkle #writing

No excuses: @tannerc #writing

Addicted to Piracy? @danielsm1 @thefuturebook #epub

The Most Neglected #Writing Tip: @jeffgoins

Edit in an Instant? Ain't Gonna Happen: @NovelEditor

Thoughts On Choosing Point Of View: @BryanThomasS #writing