Sunday, January 1, 2012


0677845-R1-007-2_aHappy New Year! Hope everyone has a wonderful 2012 (with lots of writing in it!)

Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links (now over 12,000) searchable. Sign imageup for the free monthly WKB newsletter for the web's best links and interviews: .

Precede vs. Proceed: @writing_tips

3 Ways to Use YouTube to Drive Traffic to Your Website: @smexaminer

Writing tip--write a bad book:

How-to: Gift a Kindle Book:

How to Host Guest Blogs while Building your Credibility: @freshome

How to Squeeze Writing Inspiration from a Stone: @JulieBMack

The Persistence of the Author Brand: @psexton1 for @writersdigest

The 99 cent debate: @selfpubreview

Fear of editors:

Fixing backstory infodumps: @sarahahoyt

Tips for perfecting your writer's voice: @rebeccaberto

4 Key Criteria to Build Your Dream Blog: @problogger

Procrastination: Myth, reality or your best friend in disguise? @annerallen @RuthHarrisBooks

The Great Seductive and Often Fatal Temptation of the New Writer: @storyfix

Tips for showing emotion instead of telling it: @Janice_Hardy

Setting goals for our writing--failure is an option, quitting isn't: @DeanWesleySmith

4 tips for novelists: @enwritened

Should Writers Create Their Own E-Book Covers? @nickdaws

Why writers can't edit themselves: @JeffGoins

How to flunk social media: @justinemusk

25 Synonyms for "Story": @writing_tips

The Pros & Cons of KDP Select: @PYOEbooks

How 1 novelist uses music for inspiration: @jenniecoughlin for @ByRozMorris

Preparing For Book Blog Tour As You Write Your Book: @BryanThomasS

The nuts and bolts of indie publishing: @cjlyonswriter

Put Adverbs in Their Place: @writing_tips

Art of the Genre: What came first, the writer or the artist? @BlackGateDotCom

A writer and tax specialist on epub and taxes (US): @alisonpensy

Character Rants and Breakdowns—Let 'em Rip: @NovelEditor

How to Write a Children's Book Based on Your Personal Struggles: @KarenCV

Deadlines, and PR for Newbies: @HunterFaith

Industry expert @JaneFriedman 's best writing tips for 2011:

Using history to inspire: lessons from festivals: @GeneLempp

Avoiding burnout when working toward writing goals: @PBRWriter

Start your book in the middle: @sarahahoyt

Tips for non-fic writers who write in a crowded category: @behlerpublish

[ Dear Loved One ]: I Am a Writer: @KSElliott_Shark for @krissybrady

Writing illness and medicine into our stories: @JulietteWade

5 Resources for Crime Fiction Writers: @CAMorganti

How to Write Convincing Strong and Silent Types: @KMWeiland

Setting the Scene for a Productive Day: @RealLifeE

The Resume Is Dead, The Bio Is King: @getstoried

Fixing Character Errors: @HeatherMcCorkle

Tips for email promo of books: @selfpubreview

Tips for Scene Beginnings and Endings: @jamesagard

Write Fiction? Why You Should Try a Short Story: @JamiGold

The Secret Life of Late Bloomer Sue Monk Kidd: @DebraEve

Growing Your Book – A Christmas Metaphor: @authorguy

Did that Bad Review Come with a Side of Ulterior Motives? @selfpubreview

Get Back on the Writing Wagon: Here's How: @SusannahFriis for @KrissyBrady

Using guilt as an element in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Series vs. Stand Alone: @authorterryo

What Makes Word-of-Mouth Work? @robeagar for @writersdigest

15 Tricks & Tips to Get the Most of Kindle Store: @ebookfriendly

The Word of the Year 2011: @writing_tips

Give Yourself A Break And Write What You Want: @MsTamarCohen for @/AmySueNathan

Guns in mysteries: How not to get it wrong. @wdchip11 for @junglereds

The Make Or Break Moment in Your Story: @storyfix

Will There Ever Be A Universal, MP3-Like Standard For E-Books? @copyrightandtec for @paidContent

The Point in Your Novel You Realize You Should Be a Baseball Star: @C_Herringshaw

Targeted PR, Cross-Promotion, and Knowing Your Audience: @kalayna

Ways to handle backstory without dumping it: @sarahahoyt

How to Choose the Best Method for Publishing Your Book: @JFBookman

The anatomy of a good hook: @nataliecparker for @4kidlit

Authors: Don't Get Burned By Branding: @ChuckWendig

13 picture book tips: @Artzicarol

Dead Story Walking: @mooderino

Planning a book--reducing a book to a sheet of paper:

Writing novellas: @davidwoodauthor for @thecreativepenn

The Ugly Side of SEO: @Blogussion

How to Format Reader-Friendly Headlines: @writing_tips

The Elementary Life of a Sidekick: @AlexBledsoe for @tordotcom

Ebook pricing, golden age for writing, Amazon vs. the world: essential news from @Porter_Anderson for @JaneFriedman:

Writing on the Ether's @Porter_Anderson features @Melissa_Foster @jenniecoughlin @naypinya @danielsm1 @scalzi @LeenaRao

The 99-Cent Debate: How Do We Value Our Writing? @Melissa_Foster

"Dear Readers: Publishers Think of You as Customers, I SWEAR": @Scalzi

2011 digital publishing timeline: @samatlounge for @thefuturebook

The ugly truth about consumer book reviews: part 1: and 2: @tglong for @IndieReader

The Dreaded Writer's Break:

How to Entertain Readers with Your Words: @Gaylordcat for @writeitsideways

10 Daring Predictions for 2012 from the Indie Author Trenches: @bob_mayer

Tropes covering the origins of evil: @tabeechey

How to Find the Meaning of Life through : @VictoriaMixon

Eliminating flabby book middles: @sarahahoyt

Publishers vs. Libraries: An E-Book Tug of War: @nytimes @PassiveVoiceBlg

5 Common Writing Hazards: @kristenlambTX

A story of rejection from @jakonrath:

Strong language in our writing: @ashkrafton

Compound Words: 2 words, 3 choices: @HowToWriteShop

It's All About Accuracy: @writing_tips

When it comes to writing, "Done" is better than "Good": @Jhansenwrites

8 questions for writers:

Top5 signs you're reading too much young adult literature: @mittenstrings

12 Google+ Marketing Tips From the Pros: @CindyKing

Memes for Writers: @Amanda_Hannah

Moving From Traditional Publishing To Indie: @ornaross @thecreativepenn

Who Will Be the Next Generation of E-Readers? @TalliRoland

Start your New Year off on the right foot, and finish your literary puzzle with a promo plan: @behlerpublish

How using denial can improve our stories: @NovelEditor

Tension: A Valuable Tool: @Ava_Jae

Essential components of your 1st 100 pages: @storyfix

The "Why" of Character Worksheets: @TheresaStevens

5 Audacious Goals Every Blogger Should Have for 2012: @AlexisGrant

How to mindmap your story: @DeeWhiteAuthor

How to Force a Story to Evolve: 6 Revision Tips: @JamiGold

What makes a debut novel different: @nicolamorgan for @cathryanhoward

Your Blogging Goals: What Are They? @Blogussion

After the Glitter, Get Inspired: @plaingirlwriter

15 Top New Year's Reads For Writers: @BryanThomasS

Evoke vs. Invoke: @writing_tips

Setting a Yearly Writing Craft Goal: @jamieraintree

Does your story's plot go in circles? A few fixes for loop-de-loop syndrome: @sarahahoyt

Making Writing Resolutions that Stick: @diymfa

Don't fib to publishers about your platform: @behlerpublish

The Writer's Journey:

Mr. Darcy's Guide to Wooing Women: @readingape

'Unstuck,' An App For Setting Writing Goals: @ebooknewser

5 Alternatives to Hyphenating Phrasal Adjectives: @writing_tips

How memoir writer turned to music to help her recreate her feelings for her book: @cathryanhoward for @byRozMorris

Shifting Goals in This New World of Publishing: @deanwesleysmith

The 10 Commandments of a Successful Author: @roniloren

Are You Choosing the Right Words for Your Story's Tone? @KMWeiland

Good and bad foreshadowing: @SarahHoyt

7 ways 1 author got on the Amazon bestsellers lists: @beth_barany

Mapmaking for fantasy authors: @tabeechey

Moms, Writing, and Guilt: Do You Get In Your Own Way? @AmySueNathan

Tips for using similes and metaphors: @Artzicarol

Why Traditional Marketing Doesn't Sell Books: @KristenLambTX

Writing Quickly: A Secret Strategy: @Ava_Jae

How to Incorporate Backstory That Hooks The Reader: @lkblackburne

Old contracts are being dusted off and language scrutinized: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Evoking a sense of wonder in readers: @mlmjr1 for @HP4Writers

Using mirrored scenes in books and series: @HP4Writers

Wordsmithing: Go For It: @WomenWriters

How to Use Holidays in Our Writing: @JamiGold

When do you trunk a story? @JulietteWade

1 writer/illustrator's plan for regaining control of the clock: @inkyelbows

4 ways your protagonist can learn the truth: @jammer0501

Book Marketing Tips From Amazon's Bestselling Self-Published Ebooks Of 2011: @thecreativepenn