Monday, December 26, 2011


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

treeHope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I enjoyed my Christmas break. :) Although I wasn’t blogging last week, I was tweeting…and here are the writing links I tweeted (in a special Monday edition of Twitterific!)

Hope you’ll have a chance to relax a little and click over to a few of these blogs…there are some great resources here.

Widen Your Reach - Know Your Audience: @KarenCV

Why Your Book Pitch Matters (Even If You Don't Want an Agent): @JFBookman

A look at holiday parties in crime fiction: @mkinberg

85 Synonyms for "House": @writing_tips

Dos and Don'ts of taking a much needed break while writing for web: @lizstrauss

The Value of Social Media for Writers: Self-Promotion or External-Validation? @wegrowmedia

10 Remarkable Posts That Pull Inspiration From Your Own Blog: @SeanPlatt

Create Creativity Pillars to Boost Your Productivity Level: @krissybrady

Two SF/Fantasy Predictions for 2012:

Open to Interpretation: @soulofaword

Is your novel missing a sense of time and place?

Perfecting our elevator pitch: @JohnKremer

1 writer's rewriting solution:

The appearance of character: @cncbooks

Shutting the Drawer: What Happens When a Book Doesn't Sell? @EdanL

The truth about book publicity: @ChuckSambuchino for @rachellegardner

Encouragement for writers: @byseanferrell

Distractions Can Be Used To Our Advantage: @krissybrady

Clothe Characters Well—Choose Words that Fit: @NovelEditor

Reasons Not to Self-Publish: A Fallacy is Exposed: @gary_author for @Jhansenwrites

Are you playing to your strengths as a writer? @jhansenwrites

Kindle-Proof Your Book in 7 Easy Steps: @The_Millions

5 Timeless Books of Insight on Fear and the Creative Process: @brainpicker

Critiquing: The Naughty and the Nice: @JenBrinn

Beyond the Basics—Push the Story and Push Yourself: @NovelEditor

The E-Reader of Sand: The Kindle and the Inner Conflict Between Consumer and Booklover: @mrkocnnll

Sitting and watching:

What Happens to Your Manuscript in Hollywood? Coverage: @WriteAngleBlog

Baker & Taylor Digital Chief on Reaching Millions of Readers: @digibookworld

Character Development and Staying in Character: @billsonskinner

How to Pick an ereader This Holiday Season: @mashable

Making Room for Readers: @SteveHimmer

5 writing truths: @Ava_Jae

6 Simple Mistakes to Avoid when Creating an Online Video: @jeffbullas

How To Accomplish More By Doing Less: @the99percent

Rewriting: the Genre Pass: @AlexSokoloff

Why Writers Must Make Themselves Easy to Contact: @ChuckSambuchino

Does Blogging Sell Books? — 3 Marketing Strategies for Writers:

Foreign Rights Directors in France: The Advantages of Being Foreign: @pubperspectives

Character Reaction—Make Your Characters Respond: @NovelEditor

Google Plus: 7 Reasons Why You Should Give It A Try: @podjamtv

An agent on publisher rejections: @greyhausagency

The State of the Blogosphere 2011: @briansolis

Tough love and being a writer: @KristenLambTX

Writing Goals: 2012 — The Herald's Call: @gointothestory

Author Tech Review: The Kindle Fire: @authortech

When self-publishing goes wrong:

Does Alcohol Improve Your Writing? @slatest

14 offbeat gifts for writers: @latimesbooks

Why showing, not telling, is so important: @clarissadraper

Weighing the costs of promo: @BevVincent

Commas and clauses: @EPubGuide

Hosting a blog tour successfully: @Margo_L_Dill

Screenwriting: Should you write an ensemble piece? @jacobkrueger

Do Intro Prologues Work? @Janice_Hardy

The call to action in our story: @TheresaStevens

Memoir writing tips: @mroachsmith @jeffgoins

Will publishers kill Amazon's golden goose? @PassiveVoiceBlg

On scene length: @theresastevens

How to write a good sidekick:

The destructive side of the creative community: @MarkChangizi for @CreativityPost

Asking why: @YAHighway

"Hating Amazon Is Not a Strategy" — The World Reacts As Amazon Opens a New Front in the Pricing Wars: @scholarlykitchn

Self-Publishing And Ebook Predictions For 2012: @Rule17 for @thecreativepenn

Tips for making school appearances: @amydominy for @BlurbisaVerb

Rest breaks for writers--feeding the creative artist:

1 writer's free ebook experiment: @season4romance

The writer's voice and its possible intrusion in a story: @annerooney

Celebrations in Story—Marking the Special Days: @noveleditor

How to Use Images in Your Blog Posts: @themefuse

5 Clever Tactics to Get More eBook Sales Per Reader: @skellie

How Do You Decide Which Story You Should Write? @KMWeiland

Ebook pricing and traditional publishers:

An author with an Amazon success story: @RobertBidinotto for @jenniecoughlin

A List of 32 Superhero Cliches:

25 Adverbs That Get an "A": @writing_tips

Tips for Writing a Killer Thriller, Part 3: @JodieRennerEd for @DPLyleMD

Traditional publishing--deciding if it's right for you: @roniloren for @annerallen

Get Out of Your Own Way as a Writer: @storyfix

3 Ways to Borrow Kindle Ebooks: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Connecting with readers on Facebook, using photography: @lilywolf

Getting a novel right is trial and error: @dirtywhitecandy

An agent with examples of books at the intersection of literary and mainstream: @rachellegardner

What a blurb needs: @bookemdonna

Taking time to enjoy life: @danyelleleafty

The 3 things one editor is looking for:

3 Steps To Cost Effective Homemade Bookplates: @BryanThomasS

Tips for getting acquainted with our characters: @jemifraser

Tips for successfully navigating self-publishing pitfalls: @cjlyonswriter

Finding Time to Write: the Power of Small Assignments: @CherylRWrites

Age of Amazon, author's passion, #ebook pricing--essential news: @Porter_Anderson for @JaneFriedman:

Why Amazon Is The Best Strategic Player In Tech: @vgr for @Forbes via @Porter_Anderson's

Writing Children's Books: Genre Differences: @KarenCV

Experimenting With Serials for Fun and Profit: @janefriedman for @pubperspectives

Use Your Facebook Profile To Market Your Writing: @lisahallwilson

Career Planning for Writers:

How to Find Community through Writing : @VictoriaMixon

Analysis: Amazon's 100 top-selling Kindle books of 2011: @bufocalvin

Indie Epub : A Beginner's To Do List: @EPubGuide

5 Benefits of a Writing Group: @Eliz_Humphrey

Author Blogging 101: Blog Analytics: @JFBookman

Useful Amazon links: @bufocalvin

Hiveword Novel Writing Software Launched: @Hiveword

For literary inspiration follow @AdviceToWriters. Jon Winokur dispenses writerly wisdom of the ages.

Increasing Your Ebooks' Visibility via Ereader-Centric Blogs:

Does your denouement murder your characters? @p2p_editor

Top books of 2011: @JanetBoyer

Building a Portfolio as a Freelance Writer: @mindywrites for @AlexisGrant

Copy Edits: Curse or Blessing?

A 5-Minute Guide to More Persuasive Copywriting: @MenwithPens for @CopyBlogger

The Design of Authorship: @thebradking for @JaneFriedman

7 Steps to Taming Your NaNoWriMo Manuscript: @merciaslayer

How NOT to Bore the Reader: @LisaGailGreen

What 1 writer did to improve his writing: @TweetTheBook

How Editing Works for Indie Authors: @GoblinWriter

When Telling is Better Than Showing: @Janice_Hardy

4 Ways to Beat Moments of Discouragement: @FriesenPress

Does having a contract offer in hand automatically mean an offer of representation from an agent? @greyhausagency

When close calls change our priorities: @jan_ohara

What Make A Cozy Mystery "Cozy?"

When you're the only one you know who loves a particular book: @bookladysblog

Must every scene must be different? @JulietteWade

Tips for creating a story bible: @Suzanne_Johnson for @RoniLoren

The Only Way to Become a Real Writer: @JeffGoins

1 writer with a game plan for depressive writers: @NovelRocket

How To Speed Through Your Novel's Second Draft Like A Concert Pianist: @OllinMorales

6 Steps to a Loyal Blog Following: @ShariLopatin

4 ways to kill narrative drive: @jammer0501

A Review of Book Recommendation Websites: @bookriot

How 1 Writer's Idea Morphed into a Published Book: @kapkaful

Amazon is (Not) the Devil: @selfpubreview

Screenwriter John August Describes His Writing Universe: @ChandlerWrites #screenwriting

Building buzz for your favorite books and authors: @KristinHalbrook

5 writing truths: @Ava_Jae

eBook Exclusivity — A Good or Bad Idea?

3 types of boring writing and the cures for them: @sarahahoyt

Writer's Digest's 18 most popular posts of 2011: @BrianKlems for @writersdigest

How to break up long stretches of dialogue: @write_practice

An agent explains what he means by real stories and real char's: @greyhausagency

Satire's New Golden Age:

Create a manuscript template: @JHansenwrites

How To Drive Yourself Crazy as a Writer: @JodyHedlund

Dear Book Biz Santa: @MJRose

Can publishers and customers meet on ebook pricing? @PassiveVoiceBlg

3 Things to Consider When Writing Teen Romance: @Kody_Keplinger for @Janice_Hardy

Writing Lessons from a Red-Nosed Reindeer: @DIYMFA

Got a new Kindle? Here's the most important thing to know: @bufocalvin