Sunday, December 11, 2011


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links (now over 12,000) searchable. Sign up for the free monthly WKB newsletter for the web's best links and interviews: . Hiveword

In recent news, my writing and computer programming friend Mike Fleming has launched his Hiveword Novel Writing Software. To check out what it’s all about,just click here.

Craig A DYEING SHAME copy (2)I’ve also released another backlist Myrtle Clover title to ebook. A Dyeing Shame is available on Kindle and Nook for $2.99.

Controversies Surrounding Ebooks in Libraries: @PassiveVoiceBlg

How Nook could lose 1 writer as a customer: @shaunduke

Teen-Lit Queen Takes Up Book Packaging: @dianebrady

Character Trait Entry: Responsible: @AngelaAckerman

Are your characters 'beginning' or 'starting' activities too frequently?

A weekly roundup of links for historical writers: @2nerdyhistgirls

Tips for the sick writer: @NoraBPeevy

Tips for the sick writer: @NoraBPeevy

Want to be a screenwriter? Don't waste time on gimmicks: @scriptmag

Writing for Middle Grades: Being age appropriate: @authorajhartley

Choosing publications to query: @robertleebrewer

Keeping It Real in Sci-Fi: @zonal

The Myths of the Overworked Creative(video): @tonyschwartz

4 Ways to Move Beyond Discouragement in Your Author Career: @bethbookcoach

What's different about crime fiction marketing: @erinfaye

For literary inspiration follow @AdviceToWriters. Jon Winokur dispenses writerly wisdom of the ages.

A useful resource for describing settings, emotions, shapes, textures, and more: @AngelaAckerman

The structure of a short story: @sarahahoyt

How to Use Uncertainty to Fuel Your Writing: @krissybrady

5 SF&F Novel Series That Should Come to TV: @gammasquad

40 Inspiring Quotes About Reading From Writers: @flavorpill

Considerations when deciding between writing a memoir, novel, or fictionalized memoir: @DirtyWhiteCandy

The long road to a surprise best seller: @AlexJCavanaugh

How dialogue can help readers know our characters: & @mkinberg

How to blog: A Beginner's Guide for Authors: @AnneRAllen

How to Create Another Day a Week Just for Blogging: @problogger

Your Book Trailer as Calling Card: @dataylor1

Character Development — Secret, Wall, Loss, Desire:

What To Do When Your WIP Turns Against You: @cjredwine

Making choices between fight or flight: @victoriamixon

An agent's tips for breaking into publishing: @RachelleGardner

The New World of Publishing: Why Bad Agent Information Gets Taught: @DeanWesleySmith

Know your netiquette: @roniekendig

5 Prompt Websites to Fill Your Creative Writing Well: @krissybrady

50 Diminutive Suffixes (and a Cute Little Prefix): @writing_tips

Turning Self-Publishing Into Self-Employed: @TweetTheBook

Build Your Platform Tip #2 Get Other Authors to Work for You: @kathilipp

10 Holiday Themed Science Fiction And Fantasy Stories: @BryanThomasS

5 tips for your LinkedIn profile: @fuelyourwriting

Faltering Dialogue Punctuated: @KeliGwyn

Organize Your Writing Life: Ask Santa for a 2012 Planner: @KrissyBrady

Want to have a LinkedIn profile as a writer? A guide: @jhansenwrites

5 Major Turning Points on the Road to Finishing a Book: @writeabook

Enduring through writing's slow growth periods: @ollinmorales

'Clean Slate' Blogging: How to Write a Post Your Readers Will Remember: @catseyewriter

3 Ways to Work Through a Difficult First Draft: @writeitsideways

4 steps for untangling plot threads: @bluemaven

Is Your Novel a Spineless Weakling? @KristenLambTX

How to Make a Secret Door in Your Bookcase: @GalleyCat

3 post-NaNo articles on revision: , , @p2p_editor

5 Secrets “Miracle on 34th Street” Can Teach You About Persuasive Writing: @Copyblogger

A complete guide to Word's Track Changes for writers: @Jhansenwrites

What Good Salespeople Know That Writers Should: @joannetombrakos for @janefriedman

Tightening your plot by layering: @JulietteWade

The Ugly Truth About Consumer Book Reviews: @tglong for @IndieReader

Publishing, from a bookseller's perspective:

5 Reasons Not to Criticize First Drafts: @mgherron

How to Network Without Networking: @nathanbransford

Tips on writing about another culture: @Holly_S_Warah

What to Do With Contradictory Feedback (And 2 Star Reviews): @JodyHedlund

Who, Which, That—or, How Not to Ruin a Sentence: @write_practice

How to Make Your Writing More Visible Online: @galleycat

Into vs. In To: @BrianKlems

Get help: @writenowcoach

Should You Write Your Second Book First? @RedTashBooks for @DavidGaughran

How to Get the Most out of a Writers' Conference: @CAMorganti

12 Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking: @MichaelMichalko

Writing to genre: @TheresaStevens

How to Make the Most of a Scene: @JamiGold

The Self-Published Author as the Self-Employed Author: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Active versus Static Backstory and Description: @4kidlit

Write with authenticity: @JulieMusil

Will Packaging Save Print Books? @diannadilworth

Bookstore terms, shelf location, signings---from a bookseller's POV:

A dramatic change in backlist for authors: @bob_mayer

How to confront the fear of public speaking: @Janefriedman @antiquityoaks

The new publisher: @pubperspectives

5 Reasons to Shed the Genius Within: @LyndaRYoung

An analysis on 1 writer's ebook pricing experiment: @ElleLothlorien for @JAKonrath

Music's influence on @nicolamorgan 's writing: @byrozmorris

Confidence Matters Just as Much as Ability: @creativitypost

Writing Predators: @WriteAngleBlog

5 More Tips for Cleaning Up Your Writing Right Now: @writing_tips

Writers, are you making these 25 financial mistakes? Advice from the profane & brilliant @ChuckWendig:

3 Ways to Get Out of a Blogging Slump: @urbanmusewriter

What Hunter S. Thompson Can Teach You About Powerful : @junhax

Are publishers putting the squeeze on book bloggers? @alisonflood

6 Questions NOT to Ask a Writer: @elspethwrites

30 Holiday Gifts For Journalists: @10000words

The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Writing Scenes:

Why Only Focusing On Your "Target" Audience May Hurt You: @RoniLoren

5 things new self-publishers should know: @cathryanhoward

How Much Time Should Writers Devote to Social Media? @JodyHedlund

5 reasons the queries received by 1 editor have been disappointing:

Online resources for finding character names: @tn_tobias

When the Reader Becomes the Enemy: Lessons from Pottermore: @JamiGold for @HP4Writers

Mobile Barcode Advice for Writers: @GalleyCat

2012 Events for the Screenwriter: @scriptmag

How Much Should You Explain in a Story's Beginning? @KMWeiland

Formulae for Success in Publishing:

Charles Dickens' Plan Sheets: @wolferiver

How to Bring Your Characters Into Focus: @2KoP for @Writeitsideways

Creating a Facebook Fan Page for Marketing — 1 Author's Experience: @GoblinWriter

Tips for Dividing Your Novel for Serialization: @dirtywhitecandy for @TuesdaySerial

How To Make Traditional Publishing Writer Friendly: @KristineRusch

UK Publishers Seek 'Most Thrilling Outcome for Readers and Writers': @pubperspectives

On writing programs and processes: @kalayna

Tips for keeping your writing sanity: @YAHighway

Amazon Creates $6M Fund For Books Available In Lending Library: @GalleyCat

The emotional cycle for writing: @CherylRWrites

Independent Children's Publishing in France: Inspired, International, Ingenious: @oliviasnaije for @pubperspectives

Sharing our work:

FutureBook con,kids & Kindles, ebook pricing & more industry news from @Porter_Anderson for @JaneFriedman:

What it means to be an artisan writer: @camillelaguire

Your Writing Goals: DARE to Reach Them: @KWrites2

What Happens to Your Manuscript in Hollywood? Part One: Solicitation: @RSMellette

Why 1 writer is joining Amazon's KDP Select: @TweetTheBook

9 things about writing: @tobywneal

Developing a business plan for our writing: @rileymagnus for @JFBookman

The Big Mistake of Author Websites and Blogs: @JaneFriedman

Self-Publishing And The Definition Of An Indie Author: @TheCreativePenn

Writer Beware: The Fine Print of Amazon's New KDP Select Program: @Victoria Strauss

Explore different platforms as a writer: @thewritermama

How to Write an Irresistible Blog Bio: @catseyewriter

A Couple of Notes About "Couple": @writing_tips

All Work and No Play Makes A Dull Writer: @gillespiekarin

Guilt Free Writing Time: @BretBallou

A Quick-Start Guide to Teaching Yourself Creative Software: @the99percent

On critiques: @CSLakin for @KMWeiland

The Friendship of Arthur Conan Doyle & Harry Houdini (& its influence on Doyle): @brainpicker via @Porter_Anderson

Amazon Book Review Policy Explained: @GalleyCat

Understanding POV: @C_Herringshaw

Why an editor might decline an editing job:

How to create great content for your blog: @jammer0501

Barnes & Noble Has Shipped One Million Nook Tablets, Industry Report States: @mjburnsy

St. Martin's Press Defends Lenore Hart Against Plagiarism Charges: @GalleyCat

Write Your Screenplay: Don't Run From Cliché: @jacobkrueger

Know the goal of your marketing plan:

Fighting an Invisible Enemy: Accepting Feedback: @EDFsChronicles

9 Habits of Extraordinary Blogs: @fluencymedia

Invest in yourself: @sharonbially

Real life diagnostics on character likeability: @Janice_Hardy

Tips for hosting guest bloggers on your blog: @KSElliott_Shark

What 1 poet has learned about self-publishing: @robertleebrewer

The Latest Best Argument Against Perfectionism:

The romantic fantasy and fantasy romance subgenres: @FantasyFaction

Top 10 ways to promote your virtual book tour: @BookMarketer

An introduction to fan fiction: @Kerrie_Flanagan