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In big news this week, my writing and computer programming friend Mike Fleming has launched his Hiveword Novel Writing Software! To check out what it’s all about, just click here. For an interview with Mike on Krissy Brady’s blog, just hop over here. Congratulations to Mike!!

Why Writers Must Read: @Ava_Jae

Making Connections: Buses, Weaving and Poetry: @sueorton

5 Reasons to Use Social Bookmarking to Promote Your Blog: @blogherald

How To Focus Amidst Background Static And Ghost Channels: @coachcreative

Layering Complexity,Texture &Theme Using Subplots, Secondary Characters,& Villains: @RobinPerini @MireyahWolfe

Generating Story 4: The Story Setup: @authorjohnbrown

10 tools to keep your writing fresh: @novelpublicity

Writing and age: @HopeClark

How to format your manuscript: @LaurenClark_Bks

Thoughts on Convention Panels: @jimchines

5 Absolute Essentials for Making It as a Copywriter: @TiceWrites

On running gags in our stories: @lydia_sharp

3 Crucial Aspects of Writing Scenes: @VictoriaMixon

How to be professional as a writer: @nicolamorgan

Amazon Reader Reviews: 12 Things Everybody and His Grandmother Needs to Know: @AnneRAllen

6 Steps to Building a Strong Team for your Writing Career: @LyndaRYoung

An agent advises us to make a holiday writing plan: @RachelleGardner

Author Blogging 101: Blog Design: @JFBookman

Volume is important. Pace counts. @StoryFix

NaNoWriMo Tip: Fill Out a Character Chart: @GalleyCat

The refusal of the hero's call to action: @TheresaStevens

3 perfect gifts for writers: @BookEmDonna

Spacing books in a series:

An Open Letter to Simon and Schuster CEO: via @PassiveVoiceBlg

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Plagiarist: @scholarlykitchn

Too much tech? 7 authors respond: @junglereds

Dealing with criticism: @BryanThomasS

Too Many Facebook Friends: Blessing or Curse? @JaneFriedman

50 Handy Expressions About Hands:

Why 1 writer/editor sought certification: @Eliz_Humphrey

4 Reasons to Mimic the Masters—and 3 Reasons Not to: @KMWeiland

Breaking in, Breaking out, Dropping out of Publishing: @sarahahoyt

Setting up the punchline: @TheresaStevens

A Selfpubber's Morning: @gerarddemarigny

5 Scriptwriting Tips that Will Make Any Story Better: @LiaLondon1 for @JeffGoins

5 nontraditional publishing models from around the world: @artsylliu

There Are Suckers Born Every Minute and They Are Writers: @DeanWesleySmith

Indie publishing isn't for people who couldn't get published. It's for people who could. @DirtyWhiteCandy

Self-Published Authors Invited to the Kindle Owners Lending Library: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Hearing Voices? Maybe You're a Writer: @2KoP for @writeitsideways

Ads for ebooks – are they worth it? @HowToWriteShop

Why querying isn't a popularity contest: @sierragodfrey

How to Hold a Google+ Hangout and Why You Should: @smexaminer

Freelancers: 5 ways to sell more articles by being yourself: @lformichelli

100 Questions to Help You Write, Publish, and Sell Your Ebook: @lifehackorg

Why Daydreamers are More Creative: @sbkaufman for @creativitypost

Will Neuroscience Kill the Novel? @bigthink

The going rate for freelancing: @TiceWrites

Google Alerts for Authors: @CuriosityQuills

6 key writing lessons a writer learned from horses:

Defining success in publishing: @fingers_murphy

Living the stuff of novels: the ghostwriter's lot: @dirtywhitecandy

5 Subplot Blunders to Avoid: @LynnetteLabelle

Revising Away From The Computer: @YAHighway

Do you suffer from one of these maladies? @NathanBransford

Your book...2nd and 3rd acts: @AlexSokoloff

A Social Media Survival Guide: @jennreese for @RLLaFevers

For some kids, a book is just an iPad that doesn't work: @ivortossell for @globeandmail

How to Write a Blog Post About Writing: Dell Smith for @BTMargins

Plotting Through "What's Next?" @Janice_Hardy

Applied Description: @author_sullivan

How blogging can help an aspiring writer: @nickdaws

Write with the door closed, edit with the door closed and open: @eMergentPublish

Writing SF&F military: rank and rank systems:

A series on Goodreads promo: , , , @rsullivan9597

When do readers trust you? @HopeClark

Prompts for creating conflict in a scene: @DeeWhiteAuthor

Why 1 writer is keeping his agent: @jimchines

Stephen King, James Frey nominated for Bad Sex awards: @TelegraphBooks

The bus route of a writer: @sherrinda

5 Important Tips for Building a Strong Brand: @JeffGoins

Back up your work: @mistymassey

6 Common Writing Excuses (And How to Overcome Them): @aliventures)

Writing a Selling Query or Pitch in 4 Easy Steps: @elle_strauss for @Janice_Hardy

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers: @JamiGold

So, You Want a Book Blogger to Review Your Ebook…: @topshelfebooks for @GoblinWriter

4 Reasons for writers to be thankful: @JulieMusil

Use the Symbolitron: NaNoWriMo Tip: @GalleyCat

Are Zombies Truly the Harbinger of Genre Crossover? @ryancbritt for @tordotcom

Does Sentence Structure Affect Tone?

Online "Best of 2011" Book Lists: @largeheartedboy #books

Publicity: Soul Crushing or Life Affirming? @thebirdsisters

How to Build a Blog Following From the Ground Up: @JodyHedlund

13 ways to begin a novel: @gripemaster

Serial Fiction With Author Entrepreneur Sean Platt: @SeanPlatt for @TheCreativePenn

A profanity-laden shotgun blast of smart advice from @ChuckWendig: 25 reasons readers stop reading your story:

Tension or frustration? @KatieGanshert

Stimulus and Response: The Writer's Path through Story: @4kidlit

Twitter: "Social Media," not "Pyramid Marketing Scheme for Your eBook": @GeoffreyCubbage

Balancing the Scenes that Make Up Your Novel: @KristenLambTX

1 writer's screenwriting process:

8 Steps to Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat: @hubspot

Screenwriting : ratcheting up the tension using parallel stories: @jacobkrueger

Suspension of disbelief in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Writing Like A Lawyer: @inarascott for @4KidLit

How to Launch a Writers Group: 6 Pieces of Advice: @JeffGoins

Authors are the gatekeepers now, but must do 10 things to succeed: @Bob_Mayer

5 tips for compelling back cover copy: @amywilkins

Affect vs. Effect:

Beware of praise: @nicolamorgan

Literary Agents and Conflicts of Interest – A Compendium: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Filtered perspectives: @RavenRequiem13

Library ebooks, Book Country, dead girls & more--this week's news from @Porter_Anderson for @JaneFriedman:

3 Easy Steps to Critique a Friend's Poem: @write_practice

How to Describe Your Characters—and How Not to: @KMWeiland

How music played into 1 writer's manuscript: @erikamarksauthr for @BYROZMORRIS

Sudoku for Writers: @BTMargins

Should Christian authors write edgy? @slamballonbooks

3 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for Published Authorhood: @RoniLoren

Use a spreadsheet to help organize your writing: @GalleyCat

1 screenwriter's writing process and software: @johnaugust #screenwriting

A good kind of reader manipulation: @jeanniecampbell

Fanfiction can be an eloquent tribute – it deserves more respect: @mathildia

20 Types and Forms of Humor:

Writing a Marketable Superhero Novel:

Platform and Social Media Must Not Be Your Center: @thewritermama for @JaneFriedman

5 Online Distraction-Busters for Writers: @krissybrady for @writeitsideways

Don't sign dumb contracts: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Black Friday: Writing Style:

How to be a genius (or just look like one): @justinemusk

The Critical Aspects of Digital Publishing: @barryeisler

4 Steps For Organizing Plot Ideas Into a Novel: @JodyHedlund

Disney parents--dead mothers & absent fathers: @FantasyFaction

The Dangers of Outsourcing Your Freelance Work: @fuelyourwriting

Top 5 Writing Tips the Grinch Stole:

Habits that Lead to Creative Writing Discoveries: @Musesland

Understanding Heroes: @TheresaStevens

10 Modes of Modifiers:

Hiveword Novel Writing Software Launched: @Hiveword

Can Search Engine Optimization Help You Sell More Books? @TheCreativePenn

How to make your own book trailer: @BubbleCow

40 Synonyms for Praise:

Remember the agent-writer relationship is a business arrangement: @PassiveVoiceBlg

1 Author's Writing Path: @Storyfix

1 writer's scriptwriting process: #screenwriting

The Psychology of Attraction: The Intertwining of Sex and Aggression: @lkblackburne

Real Life Diagnostics: Does This Prologue Work? @Janice_Hardy

An exclusive on slush? 1 agent's response: @literaticat

The 10 Secrets to Making a Spellbinding Video Trailer for Your Next Blog, Book, or Product Launch: @problogger

When do you need an editor?

Best articles this week for writers: @4kidlit

Write with fire: @NovelEditor

Designing our scenes:

Try communal world-building: @galleycat

When Does a Writer Become a Writer? @TheAtlantic

A Creative Space of Your Own: @KateArmsRoberts

Cozy mysteries--what they are, how they fit into crime fiction: @mkinberg

The 50 Greatest Moments in Comics:

Writers and traditional publishers:

Writers and traditional publishers:

The Low Cost of Books: @randysusanmeyer

Hiveword Is Here! An Interview with Creator Mike Fleming: @Hiveword