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Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links (now over 12,000) searchable. Sign up for the free monthly WKB newsletter for the web's best links and interviews: .

A Storytelling Life: @canteenmag

There are no guarantees in writing. Be confident anyway: @HopeClark

An agent on authors and book piracy: @RachelleGardner

On avoiding stereotypes in our writing:

Tying the pieces of a chapter together: @JulietteWade

The Benefit of Selling at Craft Fairs:

6 Meta Tips for Book Marketing Success: @JFBookman

20 Synonyms for "Expert":

Ideas For Authors Stuck on Superhero Names:

1 writer's favorite opening lines in SF and Fantasy: @amsmibert

Brontëmania: Why the three sisters are bigger than ever: (The Independent)

Weekly roundup of links for historical writers by @2nerdyhistgirls:

Freelancer's Survival Guide--Giving up on Yourself:

Concise Internet Marketing Basics for Authors: @ianirvineauthor

New entry on the character trait thesaurus: independent: @AngelaAckerman

Go Farther, Faster, By Limiting Your View To Three Steps Ahead:

95% of All Authors Will Never Indie Publish: @DeanWesleySmith

How Do You Know Which Rules to Break? @KMWeiland

Why you should submit your best blog posts as guest posts: @problogger

The Elevator Pitch: A Guide for an Internet without Elevators: @GoodInkInc

11 NaNoWriMo Books That Have Been Published:

5 Ways To Self-Publish Your Way To Your Own "Cottage Industry": @bradvertrees

Making our fiction more authentic: @Janice_Hardy

5 tips for writing what you don't know: @stephbowe

Freelancers: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Job Queries: @freelancewj

An editor states that too many modern novels are assembled for a market: @guardian

The Business of Screenwriting: Weather vanes: @GoIntoTheStory

NaNoWriMo: Resistance:

Losing Control of Your Books: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Treating the Pain of Rejection: @AshKrafton

D-I-Y Publishing—New Tricks for an Old Dog: @LawrenceBlock for @AnneRAllen

Why confidence is so important for writers:

A checklist for deep POV (in 1st or 3rd person): @JulietteWade

A synopsis critique: @nicolamorgan

An Agent on Query Personalization: @Kid_Lit

3 tools for curation: @JaneFriedman

How To Get Published In A Magazine: @mrsionsmith for @BubbleCow

The Value of Professional Copyediting: @magicalwords

Writing Fantasy Gender Stereotypes: Writing the Opposite Gender: @FantasyFaction

Comparing E-Readers And E-Reader/Tablets: Kindles, Nooks, Sony, Kobo: @sdkstl

3 Good Things About Writing Part-Time: @BookEmDonna

The Art of Staying Sane:

Confessions of a NaNo Newbie: @RC_Lewis

A cheat sheet for writers: @peter_halasz @litdrift

Why Developers Are Interested in Kindle Fire and What It Could Mean for Publishers: @JDGreenGrass

10 Famous Literary Characters and Their Real-Life Inspirations (The Atlantic): @flavorpill

A writer rails against a dialogue rule:

3 Vital Steps to Creating Your Protagonist for NaNoWriMo: @VictoriaMixon

Goal Setting For You And Your Characters: @plotwhisperer for @thecreativepenn

What you have to (un)learn to be a writer: @jammer0501

The importance of adjustable writing goals: @DeeScribe

Best 11 Free Online ePub Converters: @FreeNuts

Cover Trends in YA Fiction: Why the Obsession with an Elegant Death? @syntactics

Risky Business: Forces of Nature, Acts of God, and Other Reasons a Book Can Flop: @syntactics

An agent on confusing agent behavior: @RachelleGardner

A reminder to look at cliches in our writing: @GalleyCat

Self-Publishing Strategies in 18 Slides: @JFBookman

Whether to Use "Whether" or "If":

More on Criticism, Confusion and NaNoWriMo Nausea: @storyfix

Searching for the formula to deliver illustrated books as ebooks: @MikeShatzkin

Write the Right Dialogue And Dialect Into Your Women's Fiction: @AmySueNathan

Why readers may hate indie writers: @HickeyWriter

Build or Boost Your Author Platform by Reviewing: @JanetBoyer

Tips for good author blogs and things to avoid: @SharlaWrites

5 Steps for Completing Character Arcs: @keligwyn

Dual monitors-- writing in a parallel universe: @junglereds

20 tips for approaching agents and editors: @nicolamorgan

Using public domain characters in our writing: @fuelyourwriting

Writing Lessons from a Mannequin: Building Character: @catewoods for @WriteAngleBlog

SEO Tips for Your Author Website or Blog: @CuriosityQuills

Signalling Viewpoints (using archaeology & artifacts to design stories): @GeneLempp

Teacher/Writer Interface: @lesliesullirose

Facing Your Fears as a Writer: @danyelleleafty for @QueryTracker

5 Tips for Creating Shareable Blog Content: @smexaminer

Contracts on Fire: Amazon's Lending Library Mess: @PassiveVoiceBlg

5 Things to Know about Publicity Before You're Published: @booksparkspr

Does age matter for writers? @RachelleGardner

Questions that readers ask writers:

Thanks @PassiveVoiceBlg: Writer's Knowledge Base – A Great Resource for Authors:

"Writing away madly, he made this fatal little mistake." : @Storyfix

NaNoWriMo Tip #16: Consult a Plot Doctor: @galleycat

The Undercover Soundtrack – Nick Green: @DirtyWhiteCandy

17 things 1 writer has learned: @artzicarol

The climax of a book is the whole point: @VictoriaMixon for @JamiGold

Making your characters fall in love on the page--avoiding "instabond": @FantasyFaction

Should you translate your ebooks? @rule17

Editing Your Manuscript... After Feedback:

Nanowrimo: The Good & The Bad: @magicalwords

Building a Global Business by Trusting in Translators: @Readuxreads for @PubPerspectives

Why Social Networks are Important for Writers: @Sarafurlong

Helpful tips for interviews: @BevVincent

Why Every Story Needs a Zombie: @JodyHedlund

9 Pieces of Bad Writing Advice it's Best to Ignore: @AnneRAllen

How to Give Meaning to Every Word You Write: @writeitsideways

3 Book Marketing Mantras: @FriesenPress

Your Inner Bad Guy: @JulieWuAuthor for @BTMargins

Research for writers--try getting help from experts: @swan_tower

An explanation of deep POV: @NovelEditor

Become an Expert – Write an eBook:

10 Tips For Writing Better Dialogue: @BryanThomasS

Kindle Fire reviews, Klout doubt, publishing debates--@Porter_Anderson examines industry news/views for @JaneFriedman:

NaNoWriMo Tip: Fix your computer screen color to reduce eye strain: @GalleyCat

How to speak publisher - D is for Delivery: @annerooney

4 crucial steps for hosting a successful write-in: @curtrice

An agent on holiday gifts for agents: @literaticat

An editor's response to a query meant to wow her: @behlerpublish

The publishing type: @JordynRedwood

A list of "-some" adjectives:

30 Writing Ideas for Writing Moms:

Conflicts Aren't all About the Punches: @Janice_Hardy

7 Simple Ways Writers Can Pay It Forward: @simplywriting

7 truths about writers, rarely discussed: by Ann Beattie for @newyorker

Publishers adding value on the marketing side: @MikeShatzkin

8 Ways Freelancers Can Show Gratitude: @urbanmusewriter

How traditional publishers are making money:

Writing in waiting time for an investigation--crime fiction: @mkinberg

Do Indie Writers Need Editors? @camillelaguire

A translation issue in some crime fiction novels: @mkinberg

Examples of behind the scenes sleuthing in crime fiction: @mkinberg

An agent's thoughts on the controversial no response= a no: @greyhausagency

Taking your novel from good to great: @KristenLambTX

Best articles this week for writers--11/18-11: @4kidlit

Marketing for the broke author: @FantastyFaction

Dropbox: A Primer for Writers: @inkpunks

Why Writing Category Romance Is A Huge Gamble: @greyhausagency

10 things 1 writer dislikes about your blog: @thestorysiren

What makes for a good book? @LyndaRYoung

Character Beauty in Imperfection: @Ava_Jae

3 Secrets to Not Getting Discouraged as a Blogger: @jeffgoins

A night of rejection, New York style: @dmcsween

Confessions of a Guy Who Likes Twilight: @write_practice

Join the Typewriter Brigade: @GalleyCat

Paragraph the end: @TheresaStevens

8 Counter-Intuitive Ways to Improve Your Well-Being & Creativity: @the99percent

25 reasons readers will keep reading your story--by the brilliant/profane @ChuckWendig:

Fathoming Amazon: 9 Things You Need to Know: @ebooknewser

An agent talks craft, social media, & branding: @LauraPauling

Promo--tips for finding readers by thinking outside the box: @LAGilman

Twitter---1 size doesn't fit all: @JaneFriedman

11 Famous Writers Who Were Rejected Before Making It Big: @BubbleCow

A Writer's-Conference Experience from a Presenter's POV: @RayRhamey

Aligning characters ambiguously (remember The Princess Bride?): @JulietteWade

Real Life Diagnostics: Writing for Younger Readers: @Janice_Hardy

Revamping a previously-published series: @sharonhinck

The power of freewriting: @annegreenawalt

Writing power-ups: @CherylRwrites

Stop apologizing for your art: @JeffGoins

Principles of Plain English:

Should authors comment on book blogger reviews? A discussion in the comments: @Enna_Isilee

1 writer takes a lifetime, plus a week to write a novel:

Kindle Touch vs. Nook Simple Touch: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Voices: the moment 1 writer realized she was a writer:

Writer Beware Alert: Light Sword Publishing, a.k.a. LSP Digital, Returns: @VictoriaStrauss

Fear of revision: @JulieWuAuthor for @BTMargins

The Personal Story Arc: @StoryFix

10 Things To Help You Bust Through Writer's Block:

6 Elements of Digital Marketing Success for Authors: @FauzisBurke @AuthorCAWilson

A Writer's Guide to Developing an Online Voice: @SeanPlatt

10 Things You Should Never Include in a Crime Novel: @JeanHenryMead

3 Things You Can Leave Out of Your Query, and 3 Things You Should Include: @lydia_sharp

Including hooks in our story:

Famous Authors' Harshest Rejection Letters: @TheRealRomy for @TheAtlantic

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