Sunday, November 13, 2011


by @elizabethscraig

Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links searchable. Sign up for the free monthly WKB newsletter for the web's best links and interviews: . Recent news: the 3rd book in the Memphis Barbeque series released November 1—Hickory Smoked Barbeque.

Ghostwriting: Does It Matter If You Don't Get The Credit? @shurleyhall

Why Bloggers Should Be Stalkable: @charissaweaks

5 Ways to Stay Motivated While Writing a Novel: @nathanbransford

Speaker Tips for Authors: @sparrowgrp for @Bookgal

50 Quick, Dirty, and Cheap Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence: @smartwoman

11 Ways to Improve your Writing: @soulofaword

Correct use of commas: @FantasyFaction

Smashwords to Start Accepting More eBook Formats in 2012: @ebooknewser

10 SEO Optimizations That Make A Difference: @danny_cooper for @seanplatt

Chekhov's Gag Tropes for Brainstorming Humor:

Twitterific--my week in tweets:

1 indie author's October sales report and analysis: @DavidGaughran via @PassiveVoiceBlg

Getting the most from your Facebook fan page: @curiosityquills

How to Write a Cover Letter That Is Both Modest and Confident:

7 things to remember when writing for young adults:

How to Download Ebooks onto an Ereader from Project Gutenberg: @PassiveVoiceBlg

10 reasons why pursuing your creative work is actually highly productive: @justinemusk

Keys to self-pub success: @TweetTheBook

How to Query a Book Review Blogger: @AnneRAllen

Do Readers See Your Characters the Way You Want Them To? @KMWeiland

Tips for readings and signings: @marthawells1

Tips for book promo from @Janice_Hardy:

10 resources for educating yourself on contracts: @/BryanThomasS

Structure-Getting Primal & Staying Simple: @KristenLambTX

5 Mistakes Writers Make When It Comes to Virtual Book Tours:

6 Strategies To Help Get Your Family On Board With Your Passion: @OllinMorales

Barnes & Noble Introduces $249 Nook Tablet; Calls Kindle Fire 'Deficient' : @laurahazardowen

Writing memoirs – meeting the burden of marketability: @behlerpublish

10 Steps to Writing Mindfully for Your Blog: @SeanMMadden

HarperCollins to pay $200 mil for Thomas Nelson: @GalleyCat #publishing

The Art of Performance = Not Wasting Your Audience's Time: @kameronhurley

Why moving on to our next book is a good tactic:

Inspiration vs Perspiration in Writing: @FaeRowen

1 agent's concerns with NaNo: @greyhausagency

5 writers with great Twitter bios: @MarianSchembari

Download Seven Free Writing eBooks from @WritersDigest: @galleycat

The Challenges of Editing an Anthology: @Colin_Barnes

What 1 writer has learned about improving plot: @@Kathy_Crowley

Konrath releases his ebook v. print sales numbers: @jakonrath

Author Blogging 101: The Blogging Mindset: @JFBookman

YA writers--a reminder of the many 1sts that kids face: @CherylRWrites

Tips for Using a Plot Board to Plot:

An agent on Amazon Kindle Owners' Lending Library: @RachelleGardner

Why story beats character: @jammer0501

Create, Publish, Market, and Sell Your Own E-Book: @TheCreativePenn

How to hire the right website designer: @JaneFriedman

The Nook tablet's target audience: @laurahazardowen

Fantasy stories in a non-fantasy world: @DirtyWhiteCandy

Using Character to Fuel Momentum: @VictoriaMixon for @jan_ohara

How to gain perspective on your work: @writersdigest

A Pulitzer-winning biographer with 6 writing lessons: @michellerafter

Good Writing Habits & Motivation:

Authors can't skimp on cover design or editing: @novelpublicity

A Better Way Of Managing Your Author Website:

How to Recognize and Recover When You've Started Believing Your Own PR: @lizstrauss

8 rules for developing a good plot:

5 Ways to Take the Ickiness Out of Marketing Our Books: @JodyHedlund

1 writer explains how his focus and motivation: @RobertSharenow for @Janice_Hardy

Using The 12 Stages of Physical Intimacy To Build Tension In Your Novel: @JHansenWrites

Best self-publishing sites: @rule17

Tips for marketing your novel from @Janice_Hardy for @AngelaAckerman:

Using triggers in our writing: @authorterryo

Publishing in literary journals--an endangered rite of passage:

A Love Affair...With Index Cards: @JulieMusil

True "do-it-yourself" publishing success stories will probably become rare? @PassiveVoiceBlg

An agent with "Submissions 101": @BookEndsJessica

Be a More Confident Writer: 5 Choices That Might Be Hurting Instead of Helping: @AnnieNeugebauer

10 phrases freelancers hate to hear: @michellerafter

How movie money works: #screenwriting

10 Intensifiers You Should Really, Absolutely Avoid:

Attaining the impossible: @HP4Writers

Indie publishing is professional suicide? Authors respond: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Kobo Acquired by Japan's Rakuten for $315 Million: @GalleyCat #publishing

Tips for writing dialogue:

How To Succeed At Screenwriting… By Really Trying, Part 2: Watch Movies:

Thoughts on what pages authors should sign books:

Magic Bullet: The WISE Screenwriting Method: @scriptmag

8 Ways Writers Cause Trouble: @dollycas

The Creation of an Agent's TBR Pile: @SaraMegibow

10 tips for getting published: @nicolamorgan

1 writer's experiment with Facebook ads: @LizzyFord2010

Tips from a self-pub success story: @JFBookman

3 Essential Guidelines for NaNoWriMo: @VictoriaMixon

When to Modify Your Name Due to SEO Concerns: @JaneFriedman

7 More Fixes for Dangling Modifiers:

Ebook as artifact: @camillelaguire

Crime fiction writers: 1 way to write sleuths that readers identify with: @Mkinberg

Creepy houses in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Save The Bookstore Day: @NicholeBernier

Why indie authors need to produce professional products: @joebeernink via @p2p_editor

The Brit Writers Awards: Questions and Threats: @VictoriaStrauss

The Art of Receiving Criticism: @storyfix

Understanding Advances And Royalties: @HeatherMcCorkle

Social media--1 size doesn't fit all: @KristenLambTX

The Secret to Writing While Driving: @christi_craig

5 Things To Consider When Turning Real Life into Fiction: @ProcrastWriter

Thanks to @AngelaAckerman & @beccapuglisi for making me a hero! . Ck out their sidebar resource for writers.

How and why 1 writer changed his book's title: @AuthorGuy

Create Visibility Before Getting Published: @KarenCV for @spunkonastick

5 levels of slush pile manuscripts: @camillelaguire

5 Mistakes Virtual Book Tour Mistakes: @Working_Writer

Tips for organizing information: @CherylRWrites

How to Keep Writing When the Honeymoon is Over: @JodyHedlund

Indie pub drama, Amazon's library, book piracy, con-confusion. Great wrap-up by @Porter_Anderson for @JaneFriedman :

An agent on the stages of an edit: @BookEndsJessica

8 Press Kit Elements for Your Author Website: @sandrabeckwith for @FriesenPress

The trouble of calling ourselves writers: @writeitsideways

Keeping your writing interesting to keep yourself engaged: @originalimpulse for @fuelyourwriting

How to speak publisher - D is for Design: @annerooney

Great covers--tips from 4 design pros:

'Every Book is a Leap of Faith': Int'l Lit. Publishing: @pubperspectives #publishing

The different types of plotting writers: @C_Herringshaw

Author platform--it's not about you: @JFBookman

Book Bloggers: The New Publishing Gatekeepers: @jenniecoughlin

Faking It – acting like you know what you're doing: @behlerpublish

A Get Out of Jail Free Card for Some Authors: @PassiveVoiceBlg

What Makes a Story Feel Unrealistic? @JamiGold

Survey of Low Fantasy Subgenres: @FantasyFaction

When Characters Betray Other Characters: @janice_hardy

Tips for using a storyboard for revision: @joanswan

When, in your drafts, to add the details of your worldbuilding: @HP4Writers

Examples of description used in novel openings: @KarenMusings

How to feel miserable as a writer: @JamesScottBell

Writing Adult Vs. YA Titles, one author's experience: @LeannaRenee

Build a questions list to keep writing fresh:

Song structure and plot (what novelists can learn from songwriters): @JLeaLopez

Best articles for writers--11/11/11: @4KidLit

3 tips for giving readings:

10 Phrases to Purge From Your Speech & : @nancyragno for @JaneFriedman

15 Tips for Writing a Murder Mystery: @JHansenWrites

Write the beginning last: @elanaj

Indie v. traditional. Choose according to your project: @LAGilman

Character v. trait: @TheresaStevens

Myth-Busting About Uncertainty: @Later_Bloomer

Backstory: A Lesser Known Reason Not to Dump it Upfront: @jeanniecampbell

1 writer admits to not being totally present with her family: @tessgerritsen

15 Words for Household Rooms, and Their Synonyms:

How to Be a Better Parent AND a Better Writer: @write_practice

Why Would You Ever Want to Outsource Your Voice? @chrisbrogan

Juxtaposition of relationships: @RavenRequiem13

A free directory of #ebook pros--for covers, editing, formatting, & more:

Introducing Writer Beware's Small Presses Page: @VictoriaStrauss

Why 1 writer has been happy with his decision to self-pub: @DavidGaughran for @jakonrath

YouTube Video Marketing Tips for Authors: @curiosityquills

4 Ways to Fix a Stalled Story: @Janice_Hardy

Why an author's early works are usually most original:

Tips for writing book proposals:

An interesting interview with Stephen King: (NY Times): @errolmorris

10 point website checkup: @Bookgal for @KarenCV

Hook your reader from the start: @HowToWriteShop

Generating Story: Develop The 6 Core Parts, Start Anywhere: @authorjohnbrown

How The Kindle Fire Will Attack The iPad: Newsstand: @JonMwords

How to Write Fast and Well: @gatekeeperspost

5 Great Websites for Thriller Writers: @worddreams

The Art And Craft Of Story With @VictoriaMixon for @TheCreativePenn:

How to Style Compounds After the Noun:

3 Hidden Benefits of a Controversial Guest Post: @webtrafficcafe

5 Ways to Make More Time to Read: @robertbruce76 for @michaelhyatt

Writing for Middle Grades: Voice: @magicalwords

1 writer's lessons learned after 20,000 tweets: @JeffGoins

Treating characters as if they were real:

The subconscious shelf: (NY Times)

The Pleasures and Perils of Rereading: @RealLiveCritic

Speed bumps on the road to publication:

5 features to help you grow your ghostwriting business: & @KarenCV

How Independent Bookstores Sell E-Books: @laurahazardowen

Romance in fantasy: @FantasyFaction