Sunday, November 6, 2011


Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week. The Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links searchable. Sign up for the free monthly WKB newsletter for the web's best links and interviews: . Recent news: the 3rd book in the Memphis Barbeque series released last Tuesday—Hickory Smoked Barbeque.

5 things to know about NaNoWriMo before you start it: @LTWFblog

Why a 1st Draft is Like a Day at the Farm: @JillKemerer

Questions that helped 1 writer during revisions:

A Tortured Path to Writing and Cartooning:

When you feel out of place, write: @write_practice

Try tracking your circadian cycle to see when you should write: @bookviewcafe

Know the difference between meaningful soc. media interaction & spam: @WriteAngleBlog

How often should writers blog? @JodyHedlund

The Secret to Effortless Writing: @JeffGoins

Chick Lit vs. Women's Fiction: @RoniLoren @sierragodfrey

The difference between bad press releases & good publicity requests: @JaneFriedman

How to nip procrastination in the bud: @workawesome

7 habits of successful writers: @BTMargins

Adding Suspense To Your Post-Apocoalyptic (or any!) Novel: @elanaj

Thanks @druannlove ! Book Giveaway: Hickory Smoked Homicide by Riley Adams aka @elizabethscraig /

How to Sell Low-Cost Subscriptions to Short Stories: @JaneFriedman

How to Write Like a Cheesy Halloween Movie: @JeffGoins

Plot Building for the Character Driven Writer: @RoniLoren

Tips for adjusting to critique group changes: @PBRWriter

Are Ambiguous Endings Powerful or Frustrating? @writeitsideways

What Makes a Good Setting: @Janice_Hardy

There are benefits to letting the door swing shut on gore in our books:

Writing fears: @donnacooner

Scary book writing moments--they happen to us all:

The level of truth in our fiction: @AmySueNathan

1 writer has changed the prices on her ebooks: @SelenaKitt

Words of Writing Wisdom from E.B. White: @LindaGray_

The Wall Street Journal To Lauch eBook Best Seller Lists: @ebooknewser

Thanks so much, @InkyElbows ! Inkygirl Golden Cupcake Award: Writer's Knowledge Base:

Creative Ways To Capture Research Notes: @DaxMacGregor

The Changing Model of Publishing: @greyhausagency

Hunting the wild subplot: @sarahahoyt

Beware of Creepy, Lurking Hackers:

10 Demographic Names and Expressions:

Candid Writing: Break Your Own Heart: @BTMargins

Chapter transitions and story drive: @JulietteWade

How to Cut the Fat from Your WIP: @novelrocket

9 Tips on Opening Lines & Opening Chapters:

5 Things Paratrooping Can Teach You About Self-Publishing: @TheCreativePenn

When you need to leave your agent: @RachelleGardner

Nanowrimo: Elements of Act Two, Part 2: @AlexSokoloff

Nanowrimo: Elements of Act Two, Part 2: @AlexSokoloff

8 Things That Can Push a Group Over to the Dark Side: @AnneRAllen

Style Blunders in Fiction: @DPLyleMD

10 Fear Busters for Writers: @KMWeiland

3 Common Comma Conundrums Resolved: @keligwyn

Author Blogging 101: Up With Comments: @JFBookman

How To Get Feedback On Your Novel That Will Actually Help: @BubbleCow

4 Tips for Hiring an Editor:

How to set up an affiliate account with Barnes & Noble thru LinkShare: @HowToWriteShop

Learning to Call It "Good Enough" So You Can Grow As a Writer: @jodycalkins

The heroism of writing: @BookEmDonna

Bolster Your Creative Output by Activating Your "Red Zone": @the99percent

NaNo Prep: Planning Your Novel's Ending: @Janice_Hardy

The key to a synopsis is to forget your book: @nicolamorgan

Self-Publishing: A Tale of Two Cities: Wall St. Journal via @PassiveVoiceBlg

Good and bad repetition in our novels: @JHansenWrites

Why 1 writer doesn't use DRM on ebooks: @avantman42 via @JFBookman

Macro-Revision: Take It One Piece at a Time: @THahnBurkett

NaNoWriMo success tips: @GoblinWriter

How to write when you aren't in the mood: @CherylRWrites

How to Avoid Parenting Your Characters: @WritersDigest

Are There More Writers Than Readers? @JodyHedlund

5 Ways Barnes & Noble's New Nook Could Compete With The Kindle Fire: @paidContent

Author Finds Flaws In Kindle Auto Pricing: @ebooknewser

Websites that review indie authors: @dirtywhitecandy

Where do characters come from? 4 places 1 writer finds them: @JoanSwan

Thanks, @JoanSwan for hosting me today--& for the comment-to-win giveway:

Tips for tight writing: @LynnetteLabelle

Tips for Scoring the Book Review, Guest Post or Interview: @KristenLambTX

Is Your Blog Skimable? 6 Easy Fixes to Help Readers Actually Read: @MarianSchembari

Quick Way To Improve Your Twitter Profile To Sell More Books: @BubbleCow

Common Grammatical Mishaps: @danyelleleafty

It's the digital age. But Amazon Publishing hasn't killed print yet. @laurahazardowen

An agent answers a question about query formatting: @Kid_Lit

Conflict in romance: @pprmint777

Romantic relationships in fantasy: @FantasyFaction

17 tips for writing fiction:

When's the Right Time to Leave Your Big Six Publisher? @JaneFriedman

Blind spots that derail writers: @bob_mayer

Warning Signs For Large Publishers In August AAP Figures: @DavidGaughran

Building conflict in your novel: @NovelRocket

35 Troublesome Irregular Verbs:

How not to end things: @BTMargins

What catches 1 agent's interest in an initial query: @greyhausagency

Interesting wrap-up of the Books in Browsers conference: @EdNawotka #publishing

Writing A Series: 7 Continuation Issues To Avoid: @TheCreativePenn

A writer explains how she organizes her 3 ring writer's notebook: @JulieMusil

NaNoWriMo Tip: Use the Reference Desk: @GalleyCat

Keywording 201-- SEO for writers: @emacphe

Why 1 writer selectively follows on Twitter (& why she weeds some people out): @NinaBadzin

Recording Audiobooks: Tales from the Padded Room:

Examples in crime fiction of authors who struggled to find their character's voice: @Mkinberg

10 tips for author branding: @authorterryo

Catch up with this week's #publishing buzz--conferences, transmedia, & Amazon--with @Porter_Anderson for @JaneFriedman:

Building Your Web Presence for Authors: SEO Blogging Tips for Fun and Profit: @CuriosityQuills

Amazon Lending Library Available To Prime Members: @ebooknewser

The Publishing Biz: Will it Break You?

Profanity in writing:

Your character's actions during dialogue are important to your story: @BryanThomasS

Writing and Editing Skills Critical for Entry-Level Writers:

The Digital Dilemma for Picture Book Publishers: @birtle

Revising Your Novel Part 2: Character Arcs: @LaurHarrington

How to make a 70% royalty on a 99-cent Kindle ebook: @rule17

How do I balance family & writing? Sometimes not very well. :) My interview with @mybookishways today:

9 tips for writing at home:

The $0.99 Book Price -- Is it Making or Breaking You? @billsonskinner

The Future is Indie: @DavidGaughran

A Writer's Number One Enemy: @JodyHedlund

A free directory of ebook pros--for covers, editing, formatting, & more:

Tips for writing in deep POV:

Choosing between independent publishers: @FantasyFaction

Tips for creating your own ebook cover: @calistataylor for @WriteAngleBlog

5 Reasons You Should Write Like a Speed Demon: @pubcoach for @FriesenPress

NaNoWriMo tip: Make a Mind Map: @GalleyCat

How to make a button for your blog: @alchemyofscrawl

Problems and Opportunities with Kindle's Automatic Pricing: @selfpubreview

7 Ways to Fake It at Book Club: @bookriot via @PassiveVoiceBlg

How much worldbuilding should you include in your story? @HP4Writers

The blogging cycle--how do you stay sane? @JamiGold

A life in writing--P.D. James (Guardian):

Rowling admits she considered killing Ron Weasley (Chicago Tribune):

The ups and downs of snowboarding and writing: @Kerrie_Flanagan

Meet the Reader: The (Real) Rules of Screenwriting: @scriptmag

The New Midlist Writers:

Are Social Media Sites the New Slush Pile? @pubperspectives

Tips to help you reverse direction in your story: @DonMaass

Different ways to hook your reader: @Janice_Hardy

Avoiding Common Ebook Errors: @PassiveVoiceBlg

For NaNo--Writing Advice From History's Fastest, Most Prolific Authors: @TheAtlantic

How to Use Psychometric Testing to Create Believable Characters:

Interesting plot generator to brainstorm with:

A variety of tips on the writing craft: @BTMargins

Crafting a great chapter 1:

Adding conflict to your story:

How People-Watching Makes You a Better Writer: @writeitsideways

Writing prompt resources: @CherylRWrites

Anonymous Employees Share Thoughts about Working at Amazon: @galleycat

Why You Should Tell the Ugly Parts of Your Story: @JeffGoins

50 Words with the Most Whimsical Prefix:

The art of the novel: (NY Times)

Writing--before & after technology & before & after baby: @annemazer

Sometimes our stories have seeds of doubt--it's up to us to turn the soil:

Top techniques for ebook promo, pricing, & long term sales: for @TheCreativePenn

How to Get Great Endorsements that Sell Books: @TonyEldridge

The Benefits of Book Reviewing: @lydia_sharp

Tips for developing your writing voice: @KristenLambTX

Ghostwriting: Does It Matter If You Don't Get The Credit? @shurleyhall

Why Bloggers Should Be Stalkable: @charissaweaks

5 Ways to Stay Motivated While Writing a Novel: @nathanbransford

Speaker Tips for Authors: @sparrowgrp for @Bookgal

50 Quick, Dirty, and Cheap Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence: @smartwoman

11 Ways to Improve your Writing: @soulofaword

6 reasons to keep writing: @woodwardkaren