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Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week.

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Recent news: Progressive Dinner Deadly is a Myrtle Clover mystery, available for $2.99 on Kindle and Nook. The 3rd book in the Memphis Barbeque series will release November 1—Hickory Smoked Barbeque (available now for preorder).

Things Science Fiction Film Has Ruined for John Scalzi:

3 pitfalls for freelance writers: @MarlaBeck

Dos and don'ts for the climax of your book: @AimeeLSalter

With social media, communication should go both ways: @propagandahouse

"Price Pulsing": the Benefits of Dynamic Pricing on Amazon: @craftycmc

Scheduling Time To Write: @Ribeezie

Amanda Hocking on her epublishing success--& how the books get overlooked: @amanda_hocking

Not sure how to get started writing fiction? A writer with tips (Guardian):

The Purpose of Blogging for Novelists: @JodyHedlund

How Writers Can Conquer Uncertainty: @TiceWrites

Editing your novel: Notes from the frontline: @novelmatters

Some WordPress Plugins Worth Using: @CuriosityQuills

Going Back to College to Sell Your Book: @hopeclark

Is Your Second Line as Good as Your First? Making the Most of Your Paragraphs: @Janice_Hardy

32 Ways to Tweak Your Blog This Afternoon: @MarianSchembari

Better Writing through Cheap Technology ( tools):

Hitting the Wall: 5 Ways to Get Inspired: @writeitsideways

An agent on how long you can delay deciding on an offer: @BookEndsJessica

Narrative Structure Cheat Sheet: @AlexSokoloff

How to Kiss Writing Jitters Goodbye: @jodyhedlund

An agent on author marketing and platform: @RachelleGardner

Don't Confuse 'Quirks' With 'Characterization': @storyfix

3 Things You Need to Know About the New Publishing Industry: @victoriamixon

An agent explains what she looks for in a manuscript: @Kid_Lit

50 Redundant Phrases to Avoid:

If writers were to adopt Wall St. practices: @BTMargins

PUBLICATION: 9 Lessons for the Road: @jhansenwrites

Publication: 9 Lessons for the Road: @jhansenwrites

1 writer's 4 step process after receiving edit requests: @keligwyn

Try the snowflake method for writing a novel: @bubblecow

Structure–Introducing the Opposition: @KristenLambTX

Is a no from 1 agent a no from the entire agency? An agent explains: @literaticat

3 Blunders That Can Kill Your Author Platform: @kristenlambtx

How to speak publisher - D is for Draft: @annerooney

Writing A Financial Thriller: @TheCreativePenn

5 mistakes mystery writers make regarding law: @junglereds

Are You Worried Your Ideas or Work Will Be Stolen? @JaneFriedman

4 Ways to Add Caffeine to Your Story: @JodyHedlund

Self-editing checklist--word choices: @SarahForgrave

4 Steps For Organizing Plot Ideas Into a Novel: @JodyHedlund @jhansenwrites

11 elements of a great proposal:

10 Power Tips for Critique Groups: @jhansenwrites

Don't overdo the literary devices:

Breaking Down Authorial Voice: @TaliaVance

7 Tips for Landing Corporate Writing Jobs: @fuelyourwriting

An agent warns against info dumps: @greyhausagency

Time management--the essence of with children: @Mommy_Authors

Ideas for beating writer's block: @LynnetteLabelle

Get More Out of Google+:

Foreshadowing your story's climax: @KMWeiland

10 tips for writers' conferences: @bookviewcafe

Long Live The Introvert! Why Being "Anti-Social" Is Also A Skill: @lisa_rivero

1 writer's obsession with ellipses: @FantasyFaction

Literary Names: Do Characters Name Themselves? @joannelessner

Tips for surviving a pitch: @deejadams

Beyond Jane Austen: The Real Regency Romance:

Literary Agency Sells 520 Books In One Deal, Raising Questions: @DavidGaughran

Social networking for writers: @AshKrafton

Tightening Your Narrative Focus: @Janice_Hardy

10 Terms for the Common People:

How Amazon Makes Money From The Kindle: @biresearch

10 Surefire Ways to Overcome Blogging Procrastination: @problogger

Nanowrimo: Elements of Act One: @AlexSokoloff

Killing the Mystique: Can You Know Too Much About Your Favorite Authors? @RoniLoren

Numbers Are Our Friend–Writers and the Wild World of Metrics: @KristenLambTX

Writing Lessons From The Late Great Stephen J Cannell (Creator of The Rockford Files): @Jhansenwrites

How to make your own book trailer for free: @junglereds

When Landing an Agent Lands You Nowhere: @AnneRAllen

Movie Story Type--Chase:

Are You Talking to Yourself or To Your Computer? (Voice Recognition Technology): @PassiveVoiceBlg

Writing for children? 10 Real-World Stresses Faced by Kids: @CherylRWrites

One Key to a Writer's Success: Find Your Community: @ChristiCraig

A flooded book market?Agent/publishers?Author metrics? @Porter_Anderson sorts publishing news/views for @JaneFriedman:

The Setting for Your Story: @chrisbrogan

6 Ways to Reconnect with Your Work-In-Progress: @writeitsideways

The Insanity Behind the Pressure to Have "Numbers": @JamiGold

Getting rejections? An agent reminds us that our writing may not be all that good: @greyhausagency

Don't Avoid Painful Writing: @JeffGoins

Help with sketching out your characters: @Jodie_R_Editing

True Confessions of a Multi-Published Author: @YAHighway

Tips for writing a killer thriller: , , @Jodie_R_Editing

Uncertainty: Turning Fear And Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance: @TheCreativePenn

All eReading apps are not created equal: @bsquaredinoz

Do writers need to worry about SEO? @emacphe

Authors to Get Sales Data Online From 3 Big Publishers (NY Times):

7 Classes of Phrases:

Freelancers: Make an Editor Love You By Offering Solutions, Not Problems: @lformichelli

The Business of Screenwriting: Trailer Moments, Set Pieces and Bits Of Business (BOBs):

The Picasso Guide to Becoming a Social Media Legend: @copyblogger

5 ways to banish drama from your scenes: @jammer0501

What you can learn from the Universal Story: @plotwhisperer

Tips for love triangles: @Sarafurlong

Struggling with your NaNo concept? Some tips: @StoryFix

Setting the Scene for a Productive Day: @the99percent

Why 1 writer fired his cover designer: @Rule17

The "Oh No!" Chapter Ending: @BookEmDonna

An editor reminds us of the importance of character flaws: @TheresaStevens

Why Researching Articles to Death Is A Waste of Time: @zen_habits

Tips for using metaphors & similes: @authorterryo

Tips for keeping your POV consistent: @authorterryo

Why crime fiction writers would make good sleuths: @mkinberg

Best Articles This Week for Writers 10/21/11: @4kidlit

Encouragement for Aspiring Writers: @JosyHedlund

Do all YAs have to be in first person?

Tips for writing deep POV: @camytang

Does your novel use each of the five senses?

The Worst That Can Happen Isn't Always Best for the Story: @Janice_Hardy

Digging Deep to Find the Voice: @BretBallou

5 tips from an editor:

On ordering author copies: @LAGilman

Vanity Press vs Self Publishing vs Print Publishing: @marshacanham

A series on global drug trafficking: @manon_eileen

2 steps for battling procrastination: @JaneFriedman

Writing Superstitions and Rituals: @catewoods

10 Dos and Don'ts for When Someone Else Has Already Written (and Published) Your Novel: @mesummerbooks

The Critique Mindset @bluemaven

Finishing NaNoWriMo: @p2p_editor

3 Characteristics of Successful Modern-Day Press Releases: @sarahskerik

7 easy ways to keep dialogue sharp: @frugalbookpromo

5 Rarely Remembered Rules for Building Your Freelance Brand: @passivepanda

Movie Story Type: Spoof:

Show-Don't-Tell Examples: @CherylRWrites

The agent's view--the thrilling world of pitching: @jennybent

On Writing Well: Repetition:

Am I providing enough information for the reader to get into the story immediately? @Janice_Hardy

Stare Down Your Limiting Beliefs: @storyfix

Why Writers Should Get Over Pop Music: @Porter_Anderson

Publishing--the worst business in the world: @bentarnoff

How Many Copies Is My Book Selling? Now Authors Have More Answers: @laurahazardowen

Amazon, Libraries and Ownership in the Digital Age: @glecharles