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Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week.

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Recent news: Progressive Dinner Deadly is a Myrtle Clover mystery, available for $2.99 on Kindle and Nook. The 3rd book in the Memphis Barbeque series will release November 1—Hickory Smoked Barbeque (available now for preorder).

The Wrong & Right Ways to Solicit Book Reviews: @JodyHedlund

6 Fear-Busting Writer Tips: @TiceWrites

Time management for time-strapped writers: @gretchenroberts @hopeclark

An Agent's Advice for Character Creation and Plotting - Keep It Real: @greyhausagency

Pulling yourself out of a funk so you can write: @fearofwriting

The Non-Fictional Sense of Wonder (by Sandra Tayler):

How to get your book noticed by librarians--or not: @BryanThomasS

When your day disappears--thoughts on reclaiming it: @jillkemerer

8 Ways To Be (Artistically) Out Of Step With The Times: by Brian Hodge

Nail Your NaNoWriMo: How to Plan Your Story: @storyfix

Dueling Agent Advice on Writing Blogs: @AnneRAllen

The 80/20 equation for your writing time: @Margo_L_Dill

2 misconceptions of new writers: @dirtywhitecandy

Amazon's Kindle Fire Will Never Kill the iPad: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Enterprise Authors: Rethinking the E-Book Revolution: @selfpubreview

Why and How Your First 12 to 15 Scenes are Different: @storyfix

Rethinking Motivation for Character Arc: @VictoriaMixon

Using Feedback to Better Your Work: @FantasyFaction

4 fears writers face and tips for conquering them: @kalayna

The Middle Grade Voice: @KristinHalbrook

Advice on writing poetry: @write_practice

A Guide to Alienating Editors: by Rebecca Coleman

Why You Need to Write Every Day: @JeffGoins

Nail Your NaNoWriMo: Take a Hike: @storyfix

Creativity is connecting things: @sierragodfrey

How to Grow Your Twitter Followers: @BubbleCow

Learning to Write: The Limitations of Books About Writing: by David Coe

The 4-Hour Novel: How to Balance Work, Life, Blogging and Your Passion: @OllinMorales

How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and everything else): @JFBookman

Tips for writing fight scenes: @FantasyFaction

Journey of a Debut Author: @JoanSwan

Enjoying my interview w/@VictoriaMixon, which runs in 2 weeks.Victoria's latest interview, with @TheCreativePenn:

A warning to writers about pursuing newer publishers: @behlerpublish

Reasons Your Characters Might Not Use Secret Identities: by B. McKenzie

A rating system for books? @WriteAngleBlog

Rewriting Part 1: Dealing with Plot: @AmySueNathan

Why 1 agent goes to writing conferences: @RachelleGardner #pubtip

7 Types of Creative Block (and What to Do About Them): @the99percent

Psychology Of Writing: 5 States Of Success: @thecreativepenn

The Changing Face of Book Rights: @pubperspectives

Book Review Blogs with Massive Followers: @veiledvirtues

The power of opposites in our story:

Everything affects characterization: @p2p_editor

Amazon Launches Sci-Fi & Horror Imprint: @GalleyCat

Writers Against Plagiarism: A Call to Action: @VictoriaStrauss

When to use quotation marks: @write_practice

An analysis of how e-publishing will affect traditional : @JennWebb

If the query isn't working, maybe it's the book: @BookEndsJessica

The Psychology of Attraction: Uncertainty: @lkblackburne

10 Ways to Irritate an Editor: @CherylRWrites

What the eBook Revolution Means and How Copywriters Can Prosper From It: @SeanPlatt

4 Essential Elements to Writing a Great Blog Post: @JeffGoins

Are Writers without Business Sense Doomed? @JamiGold

Character or Plot or Setting? Building Your Story's Universe: @4kidlit

10 Ways to Launch Strong Scenes: @WritersDigest

How 1 Writer Uses her MFA To Cultivate Creativity: @deborahconnolly

5 Great Bits of Wisdom from a New York Times Bestseller: @susanmallery @jhansenwrites

A screenwriter & director provides insight on becoming a novelist: @novelrocket

Book Proposals in the Digital Age: @JaneFriedman

Characters that become real:

Urban Fantasy versus Paranormal Romance: @FantasyFaction

A writer's rant on blogging, platforms, & the pressure on writers: @RoniLoren

5 reasons blogging works for writers: @SierraGodfrey

Don't send your book to an agent before it's finished: @BubbleCow #pubtip

Make your setting a character: @SusanMeissner

Plurals of proper names: by Mark Nichol

5 elements that make a story strong: @storyfix

Books about self-publishing should have gone through a book designer: @JFBookman

Theatrical roots & keeping our readers entertained: @GeneLempp

The Evolving Model of the Entrepreneurial Novelist: @SeanPlatt for @JaneFriedman

1 author's writing process: @MsAnnAguirre

Opposites in crime fiction and how they add to a mystery: @mkinberg

Ramping up the Tension in our Fiction: @keligwyn

eBook Library Check Out Up 200%: @ebooknewser

A Writer's Guide To A Healthy and Happy Marriage: @OllinMorales

Tips on Marketing Your Novel: @Natalie_Lakosil

Writers who refuse to be taught: @pegeditors

10 tips for writers: @LynnetteLabelle

Surviving the Slushpile a dyslexic:

How to read a book contract--litigation: @PassiveVoiceBlg

10 writing lessons from Annie Proulx: @michellerafter

3 reasons to pull the plug on your novel: Marcus Brotherton for @RachelleGardner

On backlists, the future of footnotes, & ebook errors: @Porter_Anderson for @JaneFriedman

20 More Smothered Verbs Set Free: by Mark Nichol

Beat sheets for your NaNoWriMo novel: @storyfix

9 tools for character development: @BryanThomasS

The new world of publishing--cash flow: @DeanWesleySmith

The power of commenting: @Blogussion

How to survey your readers: @Rule17

3 tips for a good relationship with your editor:

Recycle your blog: @chrisbrogan

On 1st and 2nd drafts: @VictoriaMixon

Write your characters larger than life & they'll seem just right on the page: @SarahAHoyt

What It Takes to Pull Off a Great Launch: @alexisgrant

Channeling your inner Word Wizard: @behlerpublish

Using symbolism in our writing (with Harry Potter used as an example): @HP4Writers

Alerts: Lobster Press and Dailey Swan Publishing: @VictoriaStrauss

NaNoWriMo: The Right Rite of Passage for Writers: @GeorgeAngus

How to Write Like a Professional: @aliventures

Building Your Web Presence for Authors: Creating Effective Landing Pages: @LizzyFord2010

An agent urges writers to show confidence during the query process: @BookEndsJessica

Is Amazon the Sauron of Publishing? by Michael A. Stackpole via @PassiveVoiceBlg

Why journalists should avoid analyzing word clouds: @harrisj

Making Sense of Digital Books for Kids: @ddonahoo

Alternatives for Getting Your Screenwriting Projects Off the Ground: @scriptmag

Lessons from the car dealership:

Tell, don't show! @bbeaulieu

On paid book blog tours: @BlurbIsAVerb

NaNoWriMo tip--surrender to the process: @Storyfix

Trying to Promote Your Work? Maybe It's Time To Go Back To School: @darrenpillsbury

3 Questions Every Creative Person Must Ask: @JaneFriedman

Yes, writers can crush it on Kindle this Christmas: @SeanPlatt for @thecreativepenn

A critiqued synopsis: @nicolamorgan #pubtip

Why sweet romances aren't boring: @JodyHedlund for @RoniLoren

Starting A New Book: Why Some Things We Never Learn: @BTMargins

Keeping too much realism out of crime fiction: @mkinberg

Best Articles This Week for Writers 10/14/11: @4kidlit

10 Ways Your Friends Can Help You Sell More Books: @bdunc1

After 5 books, 1 author still questions calling himself a writer: by Rick Gekoski

Wake up early to write: @SimonCLarter

A life in : Terry Pratchett: @alisonflood

Screenwriting--write it funny or they'll cut it: @scriptmag #screenwriting

Putting the A in YA: @sarahlapolla

Why "branding" won't save the creative class: @salon

How to write fiction: Geoff Dyer on freedom:

Three Parts to Every Story: Endings: @fuelyourwriting

Writing through doubt: @carleenbrice

Writing Rules vs. Rules of Thumb: @thomasroche

Perfecting your YA voice: @ingridsundberg

Secrets in Your Story and Why You Should Keep Them Until The Very End: @OllinMorales

Should writers learn fiction writing techniques or dive into writing? @JodyHedlund

The rewards of journaling our lives: @literarymama

"Something a composer 'says' in music can help me 'hear' what I need for a chapter."@Porter_Anderson via @VictoriaMixon

Why 1 writer is happy with her small press publishers: @MarilynMeredith

Tool time: Using Dropbox to back up your work: @caxdj

An agent states that voice *can* change (especially when needed, to suit publisher needs): @greyhausagency

How to speak publisher - C is for Copy editor: @annerooney

On National Novel Writing Month: by Mark Nichol

Is Your Book a Hobby or a Business? Thinking like an entrepreneur: @BookMarketer

Should You Write When You're Tired? @boonieschick

The political possibilities of SF: by Damien Walter

How the National Book Awards made themselves irrelevant: @magiciansbook

8 Expert Tips for Building Effective Email Lists:

Why teens should read adult fiction: by Brian McGreevy @Salon

Writing, Editing and The Cliffs of Despair: @msforster

7 things 1 writer has learned so far: @samrvamos

Making Your "Sing" Like the Beatles: @JeffGoins

Addiction in Historical Romance: @unzadi

Is the Booker Prize really being dumbed down? @alainmas

6 ways for our blog to work for us behind the scenes: @KarenGowen

Barnes & Noble Assumes Control of Borders' Web Presence: @galleycat

Adult Hardcover Sales Rose 33% in July, But That Didn't Help the Year Much: @PassiveVoiceBlg