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Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week.

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Recent news: Progressive Dinner Deadly is a Myrtle Clover mystery, available for $2.99 on Kindle and Nook. The 3rd book in the Memphis Barbeque series will release November 1—Hickory Smoked Barbeque (available now for preorder).

Hope you'll join me here tomorrow when guest Ollin Morales posts on "The 4-Hour Novel: How to Balance Work, Life, Blogging and Your Passion."

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Revision Adventures: Building Strong Characters and Emotional Depth: @lkblackburne #writetip

Creativity Tweets of the Week: @on_creativity

Fear is no way to run a business in publishing or writing:

On voice and timing:

Maurice Sendak: 'I refuse to lie to children' (Guardian):

Why Would You Not Spend the Time to Learn Indie Publishing? @DeanWesleySmith

Authorial Stickiness and Self Publishing: @DearAuthor @epub

Multiple POV or not? Why does it matter? @JulietteWade #writetip

Writing Life: How to Expose Yourself: @GeoffreyCubbage

3 Ways to Write Your Memoir/Personal Story:

The Ultimate 15 point Checklist to Make Your Writing Come Alive:

Real Life Diagnostics: Building a World That Sucks You in: @janice_hardy

How do you start ? Tips for getting those 1st words onto the page: @TheCreativePenn

Critical plot elements--the black moment: @AimeeLSalter

Top 10 things 1 writer has learned from teaching English 101: @annegreenawalt

The dangers of character overload: @KMWeiland #writetip

8 Writing Tricks You Won't Read Anywhere Else: @askatechteacher

An agent on breaking through the slush:

NaNoWriMo tip--keep your character close to home:

Betting the Farm on Self-Publishing: @techsavvywrite

Why Setting IS Important When Writing A Novel: @bubblecow

An agent with 10 tidbits about author platform: @RachelleGardner

Tips for writing your 1st page: @kaykenyon via @JulietteWade #writetip

3 Tips for Professional E-Book Covers: @janefriedman

A Novelist Takes on Short Stories: #writetip

3 Ways to Avoid Repeating Words: @sierragodfrey

On oxymorons:

Niche Publishing and the Power of the Few: @jfbookman

UK Publishers, Agents Find Solidarity in Facing Digital Transition Together:

How to Escalate Conflict in Your Novel: @cjredwine #writetip

On ebook tagging: @WriteAngleBlog

Preparing for NaNoWriMo: Vet and Fertilize Your Story Idea: @storyfix

Changing our book's game plan:

Kickstarter Project to Give Teens Access to Banned Books: @galleycat

Selling books on Amazon? Do you have your Author Page set up there? @BookBuzzr

25 Essential Conference Networking Tips: @debng

Building A Platform: Tips From An Agent: @CuriosityQuills

The most important thing on an author's website: @BookMarketer

How to Read More: A Lover's Guide: @zen_habits

Why Self-Promotion Shouldn't Be a Dirty Word: @RoniLoren

Build Your Personal Brand with These 5 Simple Tools: @MichaelHyatt

Who edits the editors? @sarahahoyt

Pros and Cons of Using Secret Identities in Your Story:

Adding tricksters to your story: @HP4Writers

Using Ebooks to Save on the Price of Review Copies: by FutureBook via @PassiveVoiceBlg

Creative women, own your stories: @justinemusk

Lighting the Narrative: @RavenRequiem13

9 ways to pass the time while waiting to hear from queries:

Why Building a Platform Is Essential & How to Do It:

A New Company Helps Clients of Literary Agents Self-Publish ebooks: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Looking for examples of strong narrative voice? Stand-up comics: @tiffanyreisz

How To Write A Book Proposal: @thecreativepenn

10 ways to make magic real: @CherylRWrites

The structure of your book matters: @KristenLambTX

Is it all right to use words repeatedly? Depends on the word & the context: @JulietteWade

Psychology in Fiction: Brainwashing: @QueryTracker

The most important element in book design: @jfbookman

An agent reminds us not to rush our submissions: @greyhausagency #pubtip

'Thinking Outside the Box' Tips for Creating Your own Book Marketing Video: @HowToWriteShop

3 ways to address any writing setback:

Style checklist for writers: @LynnetteLabelle

Top 5 Most Common Query/Cover Letter Errors: @buriededitor

Tips for speeding through a 1st draft: #writetip

The Nook is Coming to Target:

Writers get 1 freebie when writing a book. Use it wisely: @p2p_editor

Why 1 author writes for children: @AdrienneKress

6 Ways to Fight the Dreaded Doubts: @LyndaRYoung

Nanowrimo Prep: What's Your Premise? @AlexSokoloff

Formatting Word docs for ebooks and print: @kareninglis

How 1 writer revises: @veronicaroth

11 top tips for bloggers:

7 Tips for Accomplishing your Goals in Bite Sized Pieces: @JWhite

4 ways to apply lessons learned from craft books: @inkworknow

How writers can beat tip of tongue syndrome: @inkworknow

Enhanced E-books and the Future of Publishing: (The Atlantic)

25 things you should know about NaNoWriMo: @ChuckWendig

10 early warning signs that you need to decrease (or increase) your time online: @awsamuel

An agent on self-publishing: @sarahlapolla

3 Essential Questions Every Author Must Ask Themselves: @sarahthewriter1

Which Comes First: Conflict or Characterization? @writeitsideways

7 Character Types That Build Your Story: @4KidLit

How To Avoid the Publishing Kool-Aid: @JamiGold

An agent on referrals and recommendations: @rachellegardner #pubtip

Excel…a writer's best friend? @mikemartinez72

Revision and self-editing tips: @pichetsinparis

Book Reviewers: An Author's Best Friend: @jodyhedlund

How to open your book with a bang: @victoriamixon #writetip

Getting Started as a Freelance Copywriter: @urbanmusewriter

A writer reports on 1 year of self-publishing: @jimchines

Top 10 comic book villains: @sciencefiction

15 Frequently Confused Pairs of Verbs:

3 Ruthless Email Responses to Achieve Inbox Zero: @lifehackorg

5 writing tips 1 mom learned from her Down Syndrome daughter: @TiceWrites

See How Easily You Can Format Dialogue: @bubblecow

Don't confuse readers with inconsistent character names: @KMWeiland

For Bloggers--How to Avoid Becoming A "Gap Hunter": @ollinmorales

5 tips for a successful NaNoWriMo (and how Scrivener can help):

Building Your Web Presence For Authors: Link-Building Tips:

11 core WordPress plugins:

Should You Serialize a Novel on Kindle? @dirtywhitecandy

Cleaning Up Your Word Processing File Before You Publish: @PassiveVoiceBlg

An insightful wrap-up of industry news and buzz by @Porter_Anderson for @JaneFriedman: #writetip

Authors: Ideas to Promote Each Other:

Nice rejections count: @JulietteWade

Nail Your NaNoWriMo #6: Filling Out the Big Picture: @storyfix

Software to help organize 1st drafts: @Kathy_Crowley

5 Kindle formatting tips: @TheCreativePenn

Migrating to Digital Publishing? Answers from the Experts: by Karina Mikhli

Tips for capturing character voices: @Dianapfrancis #writetip

Don't be a zombie when you write: @lisagailgreen

Are Writers Entrepreneurs? @JamiGold

The value of being specific when giving a critique: @JoniBCole

The Best Way Ever for SF/Fantasy Fans to Waste Time: @GeoffreyCubbage

Writing an ebook: the pros and cons: @marlataviano

Allusion vs. Illusion vs. Elusion (Daily Writing Tips) :

The importance of accuracy & authenticity in crime fiction--without losing focus on the story: @mkinberg

High profile cases in crime fiction:

The Importance of Writing Unrealistically: @LTWFblog

Why Writers Conferences are Rethinking Pitch Sessions: @amysuenathan

Right ways, wrong ways, & smart ways to build a brand: @KristenLambTX

Why 1 writer is happy to be traditionally published:

When you're unhappy with the way your publisher classified your book: @behlerpublish

Don't Be a Poser: Write What You Love: @RoniLoren

Top 20 Free Book Apps of the Week: @ebooknewser

Nanowrimo Prep: The Index Card Method: @AlexSokoloff #writetip

Give your character a hammer & everything looks like a nail: 57 ways to make your story unique @CherylRWrites #writetip

4 worst sentence constructions: @FictionNotes

Suffragette Steampunk: @catrambo

The Elusive Perfect Reader: @lynneklippel

Nature Vs Nurture: Natural Writers and the Educated: @CathyStucker

On script theft: @jeannevb

The value of our writing: @zoewinters

How to Make Horror and Dark Fantasy Work on TV: @io9 #screenwriting

Writing About Yourself Without Being Arrogant or Apologetic: @thursdayb

Grab Readers' Attention with Your Hook: @mariamurnane

The 10 Types of Writers' Block (and How to Overcome Them): @io9

Portraying protagonists with warmth: @DonMaass #writetip

8 Ideas for Getting to Know Your Character: by Kenda Turner #writetip

Nail Your NaNoWriMo: The Most Important Moment in your Story: @storyfix

Designing a Character: Using Color Schemes: @lesliesullirose

Best articles this week for writers 9/7/11: @4KidLit #writetip

Why Vampire Novels Will Always Be Popular: @/CuriosityQuills

Books provide entertainment value in tough times: @WriteAngleBlog

3 Keys to Sustainable & Successful Indie Authorship: @backmybook

21 Ways to Save Minutes Each Day: @workawesome

There Is No Story Until There Are 2 Stories: by Edmund Schubert #writetip

Contact Tip for Writers: @catwood

How a TV director writes a novel: @novelrocket

Is Character Destiny? @BTMargins

Why readers want to be hooked quickly and how to do it: by Cindy Wilson

Say Bonjour to the Amazon French Kindle Store:

Making time to Write: @GlennGamble

How to edit your manuscript in 30 days or fewer: @elanaj #writetip

Q & A with An Agent's Slush-Pile Reader: @MuseInks

Writer Beware and "The Write Agenda": @newbookin

Re-Examining Digital's 'Saint' McLuhan In His Centenary Year by @robertandrews via @Porter_Anderson

Thoughts on group blogging: