Friday, October 28, 2011

Films and Books about Writing and Writers

The ShiningI was really enjoying Masterpiece Mystery Sunday night.

That’s because the episode of Case Histories featured a writer with a big role. And the screenwriters for the episode had clearly been having fun—writing in winks for other writers.

At one part of the show, the writer (portrayed as extremely insecure and hesitant) is a visitor in a hospital. The nurse frowns at him and tells him he looks familiar.

“I’m a writer,” he says, looking anxious.

The nurse studies him. “I’ve always wondered about writers,” she says, “Where do you get your ideas from?”

I’m sure all the writers watching the show were laughing…and that no one else thought it was even supposed to be funny. :)

It reminded me that I’ve enjoyed reading books about writers and watching films about writers, too. Sometimes it’s just nice to watch something written just for you.

I don’t have a great memory for titles of movies and books, although I remember enjoying Stranger than Fiction (although it’s sort of a disturbing movie for a writer to watch) and reading Misery (decidedly troubling!) Oh, and that great moment in The Shining where we see what the writer has been busily typing for so long.

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Have you read books or watched movies about writers? What have you enjoyed?