Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Type of Promo Should You Try? Whatever Makes You Comfortable.

blog88I’ve had a couple of questions lately from writers who are just starting to dip their toes into social media promoting.

They asked me which social medium I recommended. I think they were hoping that there was one main application that would cover everything that they needed to do for promo.

But I don’t think there is one application or platform that is The One. I think it depends on what each writer feels comfortable with.

If we don’t enjoy something, we’re not going to be in any hurry to use it.

Here are some popular ways to network and build a platform online.

Blogging. Blogging is a great way to become part of the writing community. It’s a good way to find support and information, too. Plus, it’s a way to build a daily writing habit/warm-up into your writing routine. There is definitely some work that goes into it, though. You’ll need to be prepared to post on a regular basis and visit other blogs to build readership and forge online friendships.

Facebook. Many writers find Facebook very addictive (which can be a downside.) But it’s a good way to interact, on a more casual basis, with other writers…and there are plenty of readers on Facebook, too. Consider having 2 accounts—a personal and professional one. That way old high school friends can’t post pictures of you on your professional account’s wall.

Twitter. Twitter, for me, is all about sharing resources and information and links to interesting posts. Some people do use Twitter to hang out and interact—but to me, this isn’t its strong suit, since the conversations are so fragmented there, as opposed to seeing a whole conversation on a ‘wall,’ like Facebook. Some writers have mentioned to me that they found Twitter difficult to learn.

Google Plus. Google+ is a new application that’s a lot like Facebook. One reason I’d recommend that everyone spend at least a little time on Google+ is to claim your name there. Google will make sure that their listing for your name is near the top of any search engine results (an easy way for readers to find you and your books online.)

But please—don’t force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy. There are so many different applications you could try, instead.

Got one type of promo you favor over others?