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Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week.

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I recently released an ebook: Progressive Dinner Deadly is a Myrtle Clover mystery, available for $2.99 on Kindle and Nook. The 3rd book in the Memphis Barbeque series will release November 1—Hickory Smoked Barbeque (available now for preorder).

Hope everyone has a great week! Good luck with your writing.

Meditation for writers: @GrubWriters

Resist the urge to quit: @JWhite

How 1 mother/writer/teacher fits writing into her schedule: @AnneRiley

Writing character sketches the modern way:

AAP Figures for June Show Dramatic Print Slump, Continuing #Ebook Explosion: @DavidGaughran

Writing life--guilt & how 1 writer spent her summer vacation:

Playing to win:

Promoting: A Guerrilla Writer's Approach: @bellastreet

10 ways for writers to network:

What's The Best Genre To Write If You Want To Get Published? @bubblecow

9 Reasons To Use Video to Enhance Your Blog Posts:

How Writing Helped 1 Writer Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Public Speaking: @YAHighway

4 Ways To Get Reviews For Your Book: @woodwardkaren

Trunk Novels Are An Endangered Species: @thecreativepenn

Talking about Talking--Thoughts on Dialogue: @V_Rossibooks

5 Elements of a Riveting 1st Line: @KMWeiland

Do you take yourself seriously as a writer? @CherylRWrites

1 writer's thoughts on dialogue tags:

10 proofreading tips to get distance from your work:

20 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page: @smexaminer

Words count: @BevVincent

Resources for online platform building: @nicolamorgan

Keeping track of characters when they're offstage: @kalayna

Tips for writing a good critique: @FantasyFaction

On obscurity:

Why Chasing a Big 6 Contract is Like Crushing on a Bad Boyfriend: @annerallen

Spoilers – missing the point; a story is more than an ending: @dirtywhitecandy

Which Crimes Do Most Superheroes Commit?

The Children's Authors Who Broke the Rules (NY Times):

Weaving elements through your plot: @author_sullivan

A Theory of the Hero: Agency, Voice, and Sincerity: @KgElfland2ndCuz

A Theory of the Hero: Story Archetypes for Heroic Characters: @KgElfland2ndCuz

What Serious Writers Can Learn from Genre Comrades in Arms: @ereads

The air of bleakness in some crime fiction: @mkinberg

Tips for finding an agent: @bubblecow

3 Steps to Creative Endurance: A Writer's Training Plan:

10 reasons SFF writers should go to conventions: @BryanThomasS

Controlling pace in our stories: @BookEmDonna

How to illustrate the theme of your novel: @TheCreativePenn

Basics of Book Marketing for the Beginning Self-Publisher: @jfbookman

The wrong and right way to promote our books: @romance_book

Romantic Nature and Sub-genres:

Picture Book Revision Takes 25 Years:

Last-minute conference tips:

A Lexicon of Speculative Fiction: @Suzanne_Johnson @roniloren

"The blog ate my book." @WriteAngleBlog

How to Avoid Over-Promoting & Under-Promoting Our Books: @JodyHedlund

Let go of high expectations & make attainable writing goals:

An agent reminds writers of the importance of likeable characters: @greyhausagency

Italy's 40K Books: No Paper, No Attention Span, No Problem: #publishing

How does a quiet book become known in a world dominated by the loud?

Handling editor interest: @BookEndsJessica

5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page: @smexaminer

Does Studying Rejection Letters Hinder Writers? @writeitsideways

On writers' retreats: @donnacooner

Self-publishing: copy edits, tagging, & other odds and ends: @HowToWriteShop

When Self-Publishing A Book Is A Great Marketing Move: @PassiveVoiceBlg

6 story elements that can force your book to evolve: @JamiGold

Borders Employees Vent Frustrations in 'Ode to a Bookstore Death': @GalleyCat

The Grammar Hokey Pokey (With Commas):

On Bosses from Hell, Making Crime Pay, and Walking Around Your Writer's Block: @cleocoyle

External and internal conflict: @JulietteWade

Maintaining an Email List Without Pain (almost): @PassiveVoiceBlg

The Ultimate Writer's Guide to Blogging: @SeanPlatt

How to avoid avoidance as a writer: @JulieMusil

The care & feeding of a good critique group: @sarahahoyt

Publicity Beyond Your Book Launch: @booksparkspr

Hiding tidbits for readers (& when readers think writers planted tidbits that they hadn't): @janice_hardy

An agent on resending queries: @BookEndsJessica

One of Rowling's techniques for planting clues: @HP4Writers

Don't Write a Memoir to Get Revenge: @janefriedman

Creating a Long Distance Relationship With Your Manuscript: @YAHighway

Introducing backstory: @BTMargins

Do You Suffer from "Not-Quite" Paralysis? @on_creativity

Finding the Heart of Your Story: A Tip from Donald Maass: @4kidlit

Basics of Book Marketing for the Beginning Self-Publisher, Part 2: @jfbookman

What Startups Can Teach Publishers: #publishing

Flat Adverbs Are Flat-Out Useful:

Avoiding Despair at a Writer's Conference: @rachellegardner

When book promotion becomes spam: @rule17

Pacing the start of your novel:

Run an Awesome Blog Contest in 5 Steps: @problogger

Setting--adding dimension to your fiction: @KristenLambTX

Why Nouns Matter, part 1: Proper Names: @JulietteWade

6 reasons to conduct an interview--with insights from journalist @Porter_Anderson: @write_practice

10 More Lies You Tell Yourself While Editing: @elspethwrites

How small decisions in crime fiction add tension & realism & can foreshadow events: @mkinberg

Self-editing checklist--setting and description: @SarahForgrave

A Theory of the Hero--Tragic and Anti-tragic Heroes: @KgElfland2ndCuz

Create Your Own Words (and Other Uses Of the Hyphen): @write_practice

Measuring results of marketing & the nuances of long-term book marketing: @jfbookman

A video from @TheCreativePenn shows how to publish your book:

The Rulebreaker's Guide to the Semicolon: @FantasyFaction

A Hidden Aspect of Creative Life That Underpins Great Work: @JaneFriedman

Time Management—Taking Stock of Your Most Precious Commodity: @workawesome

15 Frequently Confused Pairs of Adjectives:

How to Use the Power of Silence to Boost Your Writing Career:

An agent on the importance of character motivation: @greyhausagency

The Writer's Diet Wasteline Test: @manon_eileen

Writing Tough Subjects for Young Readers: @iggiandgabi

The challenge of offering honest criticism: @WriteAngleBlog

3 Keys to a Successful Author Platform: @KristenLambTX

Is blogging dead? @RoniLoren

Benefits of outlining: @KMWeiland

An agent weighs in on prologues:

Building A Sustainable Writing Career: How To Develop Multiple Income Streams: @DavidGaughran

Delaying the answers to our story's questions:

Advice for Family and Friends of Writers: via @DorteHJ

An agent with an observation on character development:

An editorial director with a crash course in book events (including...making sure there are books to sign):

Getting started with ghostwriting: @YAHighway

12 tips for naming characters:

Marketing Your Book: Swag & Bling: @CuriosityQuills

Should Authors Charge for School Visits? @Janice_Hardy

What *not* to do at a reading: @FantasyFaction

Academic Writing Makes You a Better Writer: @jeffgoins

The legend of the movie option: @martharandolph

How Our Relationship With Our Characters Is Like Dating a Vampire: @lisagailgreen

Children's book publishers--foregoing the inherent market advantages of the basic e-book is a big mistake: #publishing

These 3 Typography Websites Will Change How You Took at Type: @jfbookman

What Is The Point Of Writing A Book If You Have No Online Presence? @bubblecow

The truth about editing: @msforster

PublishAmerica and CBA: Rowling Redux: @victoriastrauss

4 revisions 1 writer is making to her story:

Why Self-Publishing Is So Popular Right Now: @GoblinWriter

The Most Powerful Learning Tool A Writer Could Ever Have: @ollinmorales @

Quickly review industry news & views with this thoughtful digest via @Porter_Anderson for @JaneFriedman:

Joe Konrath's response to the argument that the #ebook market is glutted:

Top 5 things to avoid telling agents and editors at conferences:

Publishers Eager for Amazon Tablet: @ThePassiveVoiceBlg #publishing

Kindle Books Now in Libraries via Overdrive: @selfpubreview

Seeking an Agent Is Not Seeking a Job:

An editor with a mini-lesson on exclamation points and question marks: @LynnetteLabelle

Tips for writing a great 2nd draft of your novel: @bubblecow

Writing Integrated Love Scenes:

Become The Hero Of Your Own Publishing Story: @thecreativepenn

Advice to an aspiring writer: @CBR

Tips for dissecting your novel:

Before the Royalty Statement: Finding Out How Many Books You Sold: @BTMargins

The Verbing of the English Language:

Using an Agent to Get on Kindle: @JaneFriedman

How Self-Published Authors Get Their Covers Right:

Writers, be who you are--a process of discovery: @BryanThomasS

Set yourself up to succeed: @Mommy_Authors

You sure you want that movie deal? @bbeaulieu

Superpowers Will Not Make a Boring Character Interesting:

6 Ways to Ask Better Questions in Interviews: @write_practice

Nanowrimo Prep: First, You Need an Idea: @AlexSokoloff

Wandering in Circles – How to Structure a Story: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Why Amazon's New Tablet May Pose A Greater Threat To NetFlix Than To Apple: @PassiveVoiceBlg #publishing

The power of suggestion – what can you leave the reader to fill in? @dirtywhitecandy

Telling Your Own Author Bio Myth: @HP4Writers

5 ways to get into the writing mindset when starting a new book:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 9/23/11: @4kidlit

Building Online Communities for Teen Readers:

Does your main character get all the best lines? @jeanniecampbell

Are your characters crying too much? @lydia_sharp

Avoiding Stop-Action Description: @artzicarol

10 Tips Writers can Learn from Bad Movies: @LyndaRYoung

What makes a novel a page-turner? @jamesscottbell

Weeding or editing: @nicolamorgan

Write. Revise. Rest. Repeat. The 4 cycles of writing and links to help you master them: @bluemaven

Religion in Novels: Terrific or Taboo? @JamiGold